Saturday, December 22, 2012




Holding your fingers in my palm

Your eyes never look into mine.

You aint thinkin' about me

but I can't get you out of my mind.


Last night we made love

Kissing with eyes closed.

But the sun rose on emptiness

I'm not the one you chose.


His photography

decorates your walls

You jump out of bed

The second he calls


Why am I here?

Shedding a tear

When I'm just a job

No where near a career.


I scream your full name

Love you never exclaim

But my delusions

Believe that sex is the same.

I've been here before

Self appointed whore

Reading too much

into lust and war.


We've made it this far

Dating others

who we hurt

I tried to play it cool

But you took off your shirt


Now I'm down on your rugs

No pillow talk in the bed

I'm strung out on drugs

Hallucinogenic newly wed


And in darkness of motels

Sometimes in your room

Drunk from the cocktails

Arousing adrenaline turns to gloom

I deserve so much more than this

Leaning over my body

Like I'm what's next on the list


Between love and lust

there's an eighty foot fence

I feel I can jump it

God please grant me common sense,

To leave this behind

Find something that's mine

I'm tired of fraudulent feelings

arresting me like a crime.

Love isn’t in store
I’ve been here before
Reading too much…
Lust and War.

-Isayaah Parker


Saturday, December 8, 2012

WHITE IS RIGHT: Real Housewives of Atlanta

Obama will be sworn in for his second term in a few weeks and Black people are finally more than butlers and maids in movies and TV shows, but it doesn't mean we aren't still exploited.
Andy Cohen's Bravo channel has done a lot for the careers of Black people as well as gays. But what I find fascinating is the need for the Real Houswives franchise to be segregated. Now that Kim Zolciak is gone from Real Houswives of Atlanta, that show is "the black one" and the 5 million other housewives shows are white, or "NORMAL" I say normal because ever since I can remember, I'd go to the toy stores and what did I see? White Barbies and White action figures on FULL DISPLAY in the front;
But behind them or somewhere on the bottom shelf, hidden from view was the dusty black versions. Toys are often segregated by race and kids are indoctrinated into the notion that the white doll is the normal doll but more than that, THE PRETTY DOLL. This hasn't ended. Nicki Minaj is touring the world promoting her WHITE IS RIGHT agenda. Calling her fans "Barbz" and making herself look as white as possible. Oh come on Barbz, stop being delusional, have you ever seen a BLACK Barbie at the store with blonde hair, blue eyes and hanging out with Ken?
Yes her "Ken dolls" are supposedly her male fans. The real white barbies of Beverly Hills and the real white barbies of New Jersey are the normal ones and the ghetto dusty black barbies reside in Atlanta and mostly black people watch them. In order for these real black barbies to get famous and get notoriety, what do they have to do? They have to subscribe to the Nicki Minaj strategy. They have to WHITE WASH THEMSELVES.
Nene Leakes said in one of her confessionals last season when referring to her white boyfriend, a friend of Donald Trumps, "White is right!" I'm not making this up, this is a real quote from her. Of course you noticed how Nene looks awfully different than what she looked like when she first came on the scene. Oh yes her nose has been slimmed down, her hair has become blonde and she hangs out with every rich white man she can find. Not to mention starring in White sitcoms as the token black bitch that everyone laughs at. Like a sideshow, like a circus. Yes, we are still segregated but we are doing it to ourselves. We are allowing for this, "White is RIGHT" mentality to fester in our communities and to explode on screen. What is also true is that for black people to get uber-successful (the term successful is subjective) they have to white wash or be clowns. For instance, black women tend to have to be ghetto but white looking like Tamar Braxton and black men have to be clowns like Eddie Murphy or Tyler Perry. (Dave Chappele discussed this in depth in interviews with Oprah & James Lipton) I don't understand why there can't be more diversity, why blacks and whites can't star in shows together without it being blatently obvious that the ONE black person was picked to meet a quota, or in the Real Housewives of ATL case, the ONE white bitch was picked to meet a quota. This is a society obsessed with segmentation. Look at all the tv channels for each group. Do Black people really only listen to Lil Wayne and Mary Mary? Or has this been force fed to them? I'm black and I don't care much for Jesus or gospel music yet Black entertainment television thinks that I do. I really don't care for booty shaking hoes, not because I'm gay, but because the music is a bit trite. Now you might say, Isayaah, what about The Cosby show? What about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Yes, there has been some positive images of blacks on tv where they didn't have to white wash or be clowns. But those examples are minimal compared to the onslaught of coonery going on. It's hard to be black and proud when all I see is black celebrities with caked on foundation that's five shades lighter than their ass. You may say that I am part of the problem, I do watch some of these shows and I do make video reviews of the Real Housewives, it's entertainment, I am not saying to boycott it. What I will do is address the issues and write the networks. Black people have so much to offer with all of their diversity, but Toys R Us only advertises Alicia Keys, and throws India Airie in the clearance aisle.

How to be SUCCESSFUL in life

Being a black agnostic never makes you popular, especially a preachers kid like me. But I stand tall in my beliefs of simply, "not knowing" and I ignore the critics. That being said, I don't believe in a red tailed, egotistical devil who lives underground and torments people for doing his dirty work in life. It seems to me that such a devil would reward his followers. Christianity just doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but you can find more of my thoughts on that in my earlier posts.
I've been trying to be famous for quite some time now. I guess it's the fact that I've always been invisible. Let's travel back to when I was in grade school; sitting in the back of the bus wondering why no one wants to sit next to me. I remember being a class clown but all anyone would do is laugh at me instead of really getting to know me. I've always wanted more attention, I've always wanted to be seen. Even in adult relationships I've been wondering why men see right through me. It's like I'm not even there, they treat me like a movie ticket, using me to get into a show, and disposing of me after. I've always wanted to inspire people, to tell stories, to perform, but getting famous like I want has proven to be a little more difficult than I thought. Yes I can audition for American Idol like I did in 2004 and get 15 minutes of fame, but its fleeting. During that time, I was exposed to a lot of celebrities and a lot of bullshit. I had men in suits following me and telling me who I could become. I had people trying to influence me, I saw shady people and shady things. I had a sense that I could join the club if I subscribed to certain things. The fact is, they will control you and the ones who can't be controlled, they want nothing to do with. Think about how easy it is for fame and fortune to be taken away from you. Toni Braxton for instance. This doesn't take away from my hustle, I still believe in myself and I WILL achieve my dreams whether in this lifetime or the next. The video above is a parody of what it seems like people have to do in life to be successful. Whether it's being a Broadway performer or a successful business person like Donald Trump, you're going to have to lose a large part of yourself if you want to play with the big boys. What the conspiracy theorists call it is
"selling your soul" to Lucifer to join the Illuminati but I don't think it's quite that Biblical. In all facets of life, we have to compromise and do things we don't want to get what we want. But the question is, what are you willing to compromise? Are you willing to compromise your morals?
If no one shows up to my one man show then that is fine, at least I am trying, at least I am performing. I'm starting to realize that it's not about the fame and glory, but more about the expression. More about doing something that I love to do for no reward. In life, we are constantly bombarded with notions that we need validation in everything that we do. In grade school, we don't learn just to learn, we try and do a good job so that the teacher can REWARD us with a gold star sticker. I used to be so happy when I got that sticker and so angry when I didn't.
I guess what I'm saying is, it's not about the gold star in life, it's about learning. It's about the profound things that happen when no one is looking. You ever feel like you are at your best when you are alone? Say when you are in the bathroom in the morning, ever feel really confident while singing and dancing in the shower? That's because there is no one there to judge you. You are completely YOU with no compromise or apologies. That's how we should all be out in the public arena. You don't sing in the shower to get a Grammy, you sing because it's silly and fun.
So before you sell yourself to a non-existent Lucifer, ask yourself, "Do I need validation?"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marriage is what happens to OTHER people

Being gay for me as always been depressing. To grow up never imagining a real relationship as one is surrounded by constant reminders that your very attractions are wrong. The dating scene seems to only be established online, and they refuse to see you as more than a sexual object; the protocols of top or bottom and "what do you get into?" The high standards and the low expectations. The feelings of loneliness as all of your heterosexual friends find love and develop families. You enter adulthood in a brave new world of legalized gay marriage but you can't help but be cynical about the entire thing. Afterall, where would you ever meet this dream lover? Most will never approach you and you'd never approach them. The good ones seem to already be in relationships but then again, you had a threesome with that couple last week. What hope is there left if even the couples seem to be at the clubs? Does anyone in the land of promiscuity want an actual committed relationship? Being gay is like being invisible, or at least that's my story. He could be as charming as he wants to be, but the Prince never seems to show up. Love is a word I've often only used in reference to my parents, I've never thought it could take on another meaning. I never envisioned holding hands and worrying over wedding plans. It's not that I don't want it, it's just that it doesn't seem possible. I've been told that guys like me aren't relationship material. You're too quirky, you have nothing going for yourself, who could take you seriously? I've tried to wear masks. Tried to simmer myself down but my water always boils. I'm colorful and I embrace myself. Maybe what we need to do is marry ourselves first. Waiting for a galloping horse has only brought me to wasted months with guys who say sweet things in the bedroom but can barely look me in the eye in public. The rammifications of being me. I dream of a honeymoon in Hawaii complete with a guy who likes every quirky aspect of the craziness that is my mind. But it's just a dream. Romance doesn't happen on this side of the tracks. For now, I cynically attend other people's weddings, take a shot of vodka and write my poetry.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Mister Smart phone,
Mister the games on,
I haven't seen much of you lately
Just a bunch of bullshit
From your Qwerty.
The fact is
you're not even worthy
But slowly, surely
I'm hung up on your jury,
choking on the verdict...
Good dick just isn't worth it.
Passion fruit kisses
But a lot of your hoes
can bare witness.
Your best friend
Is really your mistress
You moaned his name
in six positions on the mattress.
Mumbling Chris when you hit this
I guess first loves
never die
Your tongue
so good to my insides
I can't get off of this ride.

These days you hardly come by
Routines of catching you in lies.
Hanging with your boys
no surprise,
I know that queen
will keep you buzzing
'round her bee hive.
My cop friend knows
How fast you drive...
Pulled you over near her exit
on the seventy five.
I'm looking too good
To be an on-call whore
condom wrapper
glowing on your dirty ass floor...
Who'd you use that on?
Was it Grinder slutty Sean?
Nigga you're a joke
Facebooking for your pokes.
I'm rocking my own boat
Since you aint even here to stroke.
you always look good
So hood
But you're not in this
like I thought you would.
Your job, your games, your boys
Your hoe-wood fame
But my gullibility is the one to blame.
You were the only to console me
The only one to hold me down
but all the sleeping around
The bitches in the pound
Has me searching for my heart
In lovers lost and found.
Love is not enough
When trust is so tough
Our history is
keeping me in handcuffs.
I'm hoarding all of your stuff
Love is not enough...


No one has ever emerged into a doorway quite like him. With a box in his hands he arrived in your dorm room, calling himself your roomate. As time went on, through restless nights, lying awake, listening to him toss and turn, you grew fond of the trivial things. The way he would chew on one side of his mouth; the comical way his eyebrows would lift as he told a funny story and the relentless charm that effortlessly shined through his smile. Heterosexual was the protocol that had been established. Frat house parties and tales of women littered your wishful thinking. And there were those moments, when all seemed possible. Candy for your delusions. He arrived in the room damp, wrapped in a towel as he prepared for bed. You, at your desk, pretending to read a biology textbook as you scanned his anatomy with your peripheral vision. He was a vision. A case of diamonds on a mountain top you couldn't climb to reach. You'd notice how he'd stroke his hair back in Sociology, you even knew the scent of his after shave. It wasn't until graduation, that a right foot met a left one. A knee caressed another knee. As tassel emancipated itself into the air, you were caught up in his stare. The high voltage appeared to be in vain, Soon ushered away by a life which would arrest you. You were obsessed with his ghost which haunted your fantasies, But he was a geographical impossibility. As you lay with nameless bodies who'd be gone by morning, an ocean of regrets inundated your mind. The void could never fill, no matter how many gay clubs you'd frequent, or how many photos you'd masturbate to. Missed opportunities seem more obvious now. A quick search on Facebook even slaps you in the face as you become stunned at your own idiocy. Yet now, staring at the friend request button, you don't know what to say to him if you were to send him a message. You hit the button and five minutes later, accepted. Ten minutes later, a message appears. "I've always thought of you. Glad we have reconnected," He writes. The simplicity is surprisingly overwhelming. With each day, the messages grow more profound and numbers are exchanged. The day arrives when you've agreed to reunite. He flies to Philadelphia, where you now work as a realtor. It's a warm, early October day. You stand by the Liberty Bell observing every human that comes your way. You wonder if he'll look the same. Every gust of wind sends tingles down your spine. Every new face that arrives makes your fingers shake even more. But as those familiar hazel eyes appear before you, as he smiles right into you, sending shockwaves of charm with each dimple that forms, your body relaxes. You feel like a lost puppy that is finally home. As a strand of his hair blows in the wind, he reaches up and strokes it back like he used to do in Sociology. He walks up to you, bold and beautiful as his image blurs the surrounding scenery. He reaches for your hand. His olive skin against your carmel hand, interlocked. No words need to be said. He's got the eyebrows that will make you both crack up laughing. One facial expression, an inside joke about how you looked when you tasted a concoction at a party. Finally, you both laugh again. Dimples again. In front of that bell, you boldly hold hands in a way fraternity life wouldn't allow you to. There's that scent of aftershave again. No more mask. Liberty at last.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lost at Sea

In another world...

You write my name in the sand

tide coming in on my heart.

You know my journey,

the ships that have capsized,

the planks I've been made to walk.

Stranded at sea with treasure seeking pirates

and I'm not even aware...

Figured I didn't need to signal you

that there was no one out there.

I'm drowning

and surrounded by sharks.

Devouring integrity

and lusting after blood.

Your distant voice assures me,

that I can walk on water.

But I'm losing faith.

How can I believe with all the stolen treasure?

They've brought typhoons...

sea creatures...


but somehow I could feel you in the light of the moon.

My sails, they ripped to shreds

 I've lost my way

my compass is dead.

 Arriving with maps to a make believe place,

the hooked handed pretender

turns my love into waste

I know you're out there

even if the horizon doesn't reveal

I just hope when I arrive

torn to pieces

that that a mirage

is finally real.

I know you're not perfect

You've never been one to boast

But compared to this odyssey of destruction

 You're my inevitable Gold Coast.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Love Doesn't Happen this Late...

Headlights burning bright
Anxiously sitting in my ride.
He's looking from the doorway
Waiting for me to come inside.
Belvedere and a jacuzzi
His version of dinner and a movie
This hopeless romantic
Horny and frantic
Here I go....
Walking toward the bandit
  I've always thought of him as fate
  But cupid's love doesn't happen this late...

Street lights
filter through the blinds
Illuminated grey and hazel eyes.
Tingling vibe from his aura
I can barely feel my thighs.
I can't believe
He invited me over
Don't want to tease
Please don't come closer.
   I'd rather serve you hot food on a plate
   But of course love doesn't happen this late
Nervous small talk
About limited edition posters
Examining trophies against the wall
Bulging out of your shorts
It seems you don't want to talk at all
Why couldn't this be a date?
But love doesn't happen this late
Here comes vodka pouring
Now the hormones are soaring
Talking up against my neck
The alcohol is taking affect
You take your shirt off
like a porn star
Pulling from the bottom
I need to run back to my car


   I used to think of you and masturbate
  We'd make love on the interstate
  But love doesn't happen this late

Descending into the hot waters
Abdominals soaking wet from the foam
I should've stayed my ass home
Smelling like hotcakes and caramel
Announcing he's on the D.L.
Don't ask don't tell
I'm better than this dirty secrecy
Like a service rendered
Without the perk of money
Teeth tear the gold
My bodies hot
But my heart is cold...

  Why doesn't he want to wait?
   I should've known that love doesn't happen this late...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

TRAGIC MIKE: Magic Mike Movie Review

I'll admit it, I went to see "MAGIC MIKE" excited about the prospect of enjoying big dicks and sweaty abdominal muscles thrusting on the BIG SCREEN, but I HOPED it would just be a perk to an intricate storyline. Unfortunately, thongs WERE the story and a story that Mr. Channing seemed to be rather ashamed of. Tatum Channing, Channing Tatum, Tater Tots, whatever his name is, can't write. (He apparently played some role in it's writing) His supposed BREAKTHROUGH role of playing himself in my opinion was his worst movie to date. How is it that you're playing yourself yet your acting is horrible? 50 Cent pulled it off perfectly, Channing...not so much. First of all, Mr. Tatum isn't the best actor in the world but boy were some of those supporting actors horrible! (The sister of "The Kid" having the same stupid tight lipped expression and longer than needed close up shots) The only interesting part of the film were the greased up half-naked specimens. But without a progressive plot, rising action, pay-offs and internal conflict that goes beyond sad puppy faces, I was left wanting more. I mean, if I just wanted a superficial night of blue balls, I'd just hit up a certain strip club in DC where I can enjoy LIVE TANGIBLE BALLS IN MY FACE. (If you're expecting masturbation material, this movie is not for you, I recommend porn instead)

I wasn't impressed with the film and I didn't even get to see Mr. Tatum's package! You do however get to see his tater tots (ass cheeks) I love "Alceed" from Trueblood but for some reason he wasn't jack off material in this film. Tatum should be in Ciara's next music video, he can dance his ass off. Don't waste your time with this film. If you want to see naked men, this isn't the film for you; download some porn. I mean, don't get me wrong, Tater Tots can move, he's got the moves that Jagger wishes he had in the bedroom and it had me imagining all sorts of X rated scenarios, but the problem was, there were NO X RATED SCENARIOS! Beyond that, the audience is continuously teased with character development that never follows through. The supporting actor, "The Kid" seemed to me like more of a main character than "Mike" with all his drug use, horrible interpersonal skills and overall downward spiral that is almost glorified. He managed to take Tatums horrible script and run with it because he performed the best acting of the entire cast. He seemed like a train wreck but I personally wanted the debris cleaned up. I was rooting for him but the writing didn't allow me to see him start the race. With "Magic Mike" I was indifferent. Watching his acting is like watching a wax figure until he morphs into something out of America's Best Dance Crew. You hate to see the stripping scenes end for two reasons: 1. Those dude are sexy as hell and 2. We want to avoid the porn film-esque acting and awkward dialogues. SHUT UP AND DANCE! WHAT WAS SO MAGICAL ABOUT MAGIC MIKE? I had no empathy for him. His personality?  Damn near nonexistent. His good deeds? He was way too nice to strangers who were indifferent to him and was portrayed as a good guy only because he was in the midst of drug users and egoists. It seemed that Channing wasn't honest about the scope of his mentality back in the day. I find it hard to believe that he didn't do hard drugs or slap a bitch who got out of line. Come on, he has that whole WIGGA vibe about him. I can see him slapping a bitch! And we all know gay men pay more handsomely when it comes to AFTER PARTIES...Channing, we know you left out certain aspects of your "Stripping" career. That magic stick has been at some glitter parties honey. Who you foolin?!
This movie was a hot mess and I couldn't even jack off to it if it were on cable.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

The EVIL Christian God

God seems pretty evil in the Bible
Meanwhile Lucifer is mostly chillin'

Growing up a preachers kid was extremely awkward. Religion was force fed to me more than brocolli. It wasn't like I only had one preacher parent, BOTH were preachers. The Black church was full of tambourines and animated sermons about damnation. Judgments barrelled toward the congregation like cannon balls. It seemed that according to the Bible, no matter what I did, I was still destined for Hell. Whether it was because I was a bastard, or because I was gay; I never felt worthy of Gods V.I.P. party in heaven. I felt like a mistake, as if God had a bad case of bubble guts and I happened to come out with the diarrhea. With all of the judgments that these Christians had upon people like me, I began to wonder...are they really in a position to judge? Aren't they also guilty of some of the ridiculous sins God outlines through his messengers in the Bible? In the videos above, I have discussed and analyzed a lot of the scripture which condemn such things like calling your father, "father" and dressing up to go to church. Such things are overlooked by fundamentalist Christians but in the same breath they take Sodom and Gomorrah literally and condemn homosexuals. These willfully ignorant Christians, some, not all, seem to miss the fact that God isn't so righteous Himself. Throughout the Bible, God does nothing but talk about how Jealous He is of other Gods, then claims He is the only God. God constantly murders His creations with fire and floods. He COMMANDS a father to kill his son on a mountain top. God even has the audacity and cowardice to have a Son born for the sole reason of doing the dirty work. Born only to be brutally murdered so that He can save the very people who His egotistical and judgmental Father constantly condemns. If you look at God, He seems to be a bit bipolar, some type of personality disorder. One minute He loves mankind to a point of saving them from persecution; then the next, He's sending seven plagues down to kill children, women and men in the most gruesome ways possible. I never connected to this God. I always felt this God didn't love me because I was an "abomination" and afterall, in the end, there is no pleasantries in sight. Who really wants to be in Heaven with a God whose that damn jealous and tempermental? Doesn't sound like heaven to me. I'd rather be in Hell.

At least then I know where I stand from one minute to the next with Satan. I am not a Satanist or DEVIL WORSHIPPER; more of an open minded philosopher. The philosophy of the Bible is contradictory. It seems that if God is love, then God would be love and not hate. And you may want to rebute and say God's expressing "tough love" but tough love doesn't entail genocide out of jealousy. The tough love defense wouldn't fly in any modern day court of law, except of course if you are George Zimmerman. How can a God of love, hate his creations to the point of killing them repeatedly, then acting like nothing happened by putting a gay ass rainbow in the sky? How can God preach through His son, "TURN THE OTHER CHEEK" if He Himself never turns the other cheek? He will burn your ass if you disrespect Him or call Him out of His name. The punishment never seems to fit the crime. In example, "If a man also lies with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to DEATH, their BLOOD shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:13.
If God truly wanted man to be with God with no other Gods before Him, you would think God would not have created another entity to begin with. That being evil. Evil didn't just come out of no where, God had to have created it by creating free will. If God allowed for free will in His creations, one would assume He wouldn't get too upset when the creations explore that free will. God wants us to have free will, but we dare not act on it. Bite that apple and you will be GROUNDED FOR ETERNITY! So we have free will but we are made to feel AFRAID to express that free will or suffer the wrath of God. How encouraging. I don't feel enslaved at all! The free will of the angels caused Lucifer to rebel. But can you really blame Lucifer? God wasn't the most laid back understanding, patient, boss. If I had a boss that damn possessive and controlling, I'd rebel as well. And what was so bad about an angel speaking their mind in heaven? Is heaven a tyranny? Evidently, Angels can't have any opinions or notice how beautiful they are. God was on a POWER TRIP so he threw Lucifer, the most beautiful and faithful angel, out of Heaven into the abyss. Lucifer only got "evil" after God overreacted to a mere voicing of opinion and growing discomfort with being a slave to Gods ego. To me Lucifer always seemed more like a realist. Speaking of Lucifer, He doesn't seem to appear much in the Bible. God wants us to stray away from evil so diligently, yet He doesn't give evil a chance to make its case in the Bible. How can one stray away from something which is unknown? I mean, what IS considered evil? Is it homosexuality? Is it working on the Sabboth? Is it eating red apples? And what evil acts does Lucifer do in the Bible? Lucifer tempts people such as Eve and Jesus, but the things the Devil tempts them to do aren't really that bad compared to plagues and floods. So Lucifer advertises an apple tree. A tree which God created and placed in the garden. A tree which is nutricious. A tree which gives knowledge. What is so bad about knowledge?

Why is God so invested in keeping Adam and Eve so ignorant? They can't understand their body parts? They can't know what evil is? How can you be GOOD if you know nothing about EVIL? You have created nothing but drones if you don't allow your sheep to explore EVERYTHING. God wants us to be sheep. Following His word and not listening to anything else. Not being able to be objective. If it wasn't for Satan, we would be naked and stupid. I mean what is so bad about KNOWING? Evil would have presented itself eventually. Lucifer seems to do nothing but try and HELP man in the beginning, because He understands what it's like to deal with "DAD." Then all of a sudden Lucifer wants to punish us? I'll come back to that. Eve would have eventually wanted to know more than Goodness and a God whose more like a warden than a loving Father. Afterall, didn't God KNOW the future and plan it accordingly? So we were just puppets all along in His game of fools? God seems to act outraged by things which He KNOWS will happen anyway. The Bible just seems like an unbelievable, well written reality show full of shock value. A highly rated show littered with egoism and baby mama drama. I mean come on, The Virgin Mary didn't even know who her baby daddy was. One minute it's Joeseph, and the next it's God. I'm sure she had to say God since she seemed to be so proud of being a virgin. I mean damn, she's known for eternity as "THE VIRGIN Mary" Why can't she just be, "Mary"? I don't mean any harm, and I know I have pissed people off with my videos and blogs, but really, this shit doesn't add up! God doesn't even want women to speak in his churches... "Let your woman keep silence in the churches, for it is not permitted unto them to speak." 1 Corinthians. but in the conveniently LOST book of Enoch, God doesn't even want man to HAVE CHURCHES AT ALL! Contradictions abound. Bipolar much? And here is the most frustrating theorhetical parts of the Bible, at least for me...Why would Lucifer punish those who are doing EXACTLY what he is doing? We are merely rebelling against that same arrogant, pompous, bipolar, egotistically controlling Father that you rebelled against. So why punish us? Why can't we come down to Hell and smoke some good weed for an enternity with Big L Dawg? I mean, Lucifer, do you really hate the "sinners" when you don't even believe in sin? Finally, are we really to believe Jesus didn't get His Holy rocks off when in human form? All the sexy Biblical women walking around with their titties out? (Or all the sexy Biblical men) Jesus did enjoy washing a lot of mens feet. If the purpose of Jesus Christ coming to earth was to die for our sins and to experience what WE AS HUMANS experience in the flesh; then wouldn't one of those major experiences be sex? Fatherhood? Family? Betrayal is outlined with Judas, and that's something we all experience. But when is Jesus getting it in? Apparently He did.
But The Vatican considered Mary Magdalene to be too much of a risk...along with slutty angels raping human women and having GIANT babies with them. (Omitted book of Enoch)  Jesus having sex without being married would be too much of a contradiction. Right. Because all of the other contradictions are ok. Honestly, I think those angels in Sodom and Gomorrah deserved to get gang raped homo style. Afterall, angels did come down and engage in heterosexual rape with countless women. This has been the TRUE Gospel according to Isayaah. Not that "other" Prophet, "Isaiah." LOL You want people to mindlessly follow your God, you want to call people abominations, then you're going to need to deal with those of us who actually decide to read the Bible. (And it's "LOST" books) This is eternity we are talking about, why not KNOW EVERYTHING? I need to make an INFORMED DECISION. Pass me that apple Eve. Damn that's some tasty KNOWLEDGE bitch!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Where are you on the scale?

Are you GAY or STRAIGHT? You think you know, but you have NO idea. It is a question that many people THINK they know the answer to. Of course, there is a large population of rather self hating human beings who will tell you one thing but climb in bed with another thing hours later. We may get to that later....
First of all, why do we use the term "Straight." It implies that all others are crooked and living off-road and against the "Straight" and narrow path. Quite condescending.
I am not here to turn anyone out, because there is nothing to turn out. I am here to help you rethink what sexuality really means. First of all, I have a huge issue with LABELS. I don't think we as sophisticated, complex humans should walk around this earth calling each other BLACK, GAY, STRAIGHT, ASIAN, WHITE, FEMINEN, MASCULINE, TOP, BOTTOM...ETC. You catch my drift. Labels limit our truest potential and catapult us into an existence of expectation rather than exploration. We fail to understand the science behind the fact that there is nothing in our DNA that determines something like RACE. Race doesn't exist,  (SOCIAL CONSTRUCT) and you know what? Neither does sexual orientation.

 You see sexuality is a spectrum, a very long spectrum that goes from MOSTLY SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO THE OPPOSITE SEX, to the other extreme. But no one is completely straight or gay. Just like no one is completely White or Black; Asian or Latino. To call yourself a WHITE man is very moronic because it implies that your family tree has nothing but white apples up on it when you know good and well apples of all colors stem from the same original tree. It is very divisive and limiting, but frankly pathetic that we CHOOSE to live in a black and white world. A world where we allow the social norms to sway our belief systems....Our world is so diverse and NOTHING is concrete or 100%

Many narrow minded bigots have stood on their soap boxes and proclaimed that homosexuality is "unnatural." Well that is partially true. You see it is rather unnatural to call yourself a homosexual, or heterosexual as neither exist. What does exist is the fact that we as humans are not attracted to the sex of a person, but we are attracted to what the sex of a person represents. Naturally, we as humans are attracted to physical attributes as well as persona...the SWAG of an individual. But that has nothing to do with what turns us on. Many of us don't even know what turns us on. I thought that I was turned on by big biceps and six packs but having been sexual with a few muscle heads, NOT ALL OF THEM CAN ROCK MY BOAT.

I have considered myself gay for all of my life and I just realized that I was limiting myself to a world of erogenous satisfaction. I had to ask myself, WHAT TURNS ME ON? Now ask yourself. You'd be surprised. You see it's not a man itself that turns me on; rather, it's masculinity, attentiveness, a protective nature, deep set eyes, intelligence, talented tongue on the side of my neck...and all of these things can be delivered by some women. I then sought out women who were close to a female version of my male fantasy. I  asked them to do certain things... (with my eyes closed of course, I will admit that seeing a set of breasts doesn't help my gay ass achieve an erection) ...but I asked them to rub and kiss my neck, I listened to their voice, I felt what was a dildo against my hand and I stood up ready for battle. The same types of studies have been done in labs where so-called straight boys were made to watch gay porn and the sensor that they wore on their Johnny Rockets revealed they were turned on by some aspect of the porn. Doesn't mean they were DOWNLOW, these were actually straight men and the same was done for self-proclaimed gays. What is interesting, is that the common theme is that most of the subjects were turned on in some way by pornography that they would never have looked at. I guess it proves the notion, "don't knock it till' you try it" But there are also situations where straight men recieve blindfolds and think a woman is going down on them but it's a man and they cum full blast. I mean think about it, certain sexual ACTS turn you on and not the SEX of the individual.

Again, sexuality is a spectrum, and there are those who are closer to the extremes or toward the middle (BISEXUAL) but overall, we as humans have erogenous spots in and on our bodies that if ANYONE pleasures, you get aroused. For men, you already know where that zone is. Yes, right up there in the prostate. Right up there in the ass. This is proven. So just because a man takes something up the ass, doesn't mean he is GAY....Take so-called LESBIANS for example. A lot of them use DILDOS for vaginal a lesbian is suppose to be someone who does not like PENIS at all...well open your mind. It is not about the is about the WOMAN stimulating that clitoris with that dildo. But the WOMAN is nothing but a representation of what turns her on, maybe the SHE represents SENSUALITY, she thinks she is turned on by the sex of the person, but she is turned on by what it represents, I.E. the dildo REPRESENTING her partner DOMINATING her. It has nothing to do with being a lesbian or male organ; but lets keep it real, for the lesbian whose getting fucked, a man could do the same for her. It's all about the CLIT.

Just close your eyes and let the evil penis in! I beg of you, don't dismiss this as just a clouded bias opinion of a gay man whose been marginalized and thinks the heterosexuals need a wake up's not about that...however I do think fighting for sexuality equality is rather silly when sexuality IS equality. What's equal about all of us is that we ALL JUST WANT TO GET OUR ROCKS OFF! How we achieve that has infinite possibilities. Open your mind. Your G SPOT doesn't know what sex someone is...YES MEN HAVE G SPOTS TOO! May be it's in your ass Mr. Heterosexual...but let that women please you there....then think about how a man could do it as well. Gay men...think about how a woman could please you with that dildo, lights turned low, a very attentive tongue and a very unexpected cum. SIDENOTE: A lot of men, especially Black men, like doing it in the butt, they like phat asses...doesn't that sound like what a lot of GAY TOPS like? What's the difference in a female ass and male ass? And that whole TOP/BOTTOM thing is just as limiting as saying you are GAY. There SHOULD BE MORE TO SEX THAN PENETRATION....and this goes for man on man, woman on woman, woman and man...because if you ask yourself what REALLY turns you on during sex, I gararantee you, it's not the penetration itself. For me it's what leads up to it...the foreplay. Without it, you may as well put your pants back on partner! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

If we all expand our horizons and think beyond the borders that are placed on the concentration camps of our sexualities, then we can all get our rocks off EQUALLY. There would be no more debates and hate crimes. Never apologize for getting your rocks off no matter who helps you get there. We are only in this world once, so why not explore every facet of your sexual being. Women have never had to rely on a mans penis to achieve an orgasm; sex toys prove that it's not about the SEX of the individual that makes you ERUPT, it is the specific sexual attention on certain areas of your body...the unexpected and the voyage of exploration. Stop living your life EXPECTING, start EXPLORING the UNEXPECTED. Stop labeling yourself and start INVENTING yourself. When you do that, HE OR SHE WILL THINK YOU INVENTED SEX!!! #TreySongz Happy Cumming People! Much love

Friday, March 9, 2012


I've got a thing for Pastor Love
Without a church
He keeps my eyes on above

I want to be his tesimony
Disrobe his Holy
Have him kneel down and hold me

And tonight
I need salvation
I'll read his Bible
But we'll end at creation...

...Deliver me
Speak on me
In tongues.

Catching your Spirit
And at 4am
Our sermon will still be young

As I get down and pray
Climb on your steeple
There's no resting this Sunday

Work me like Job
I'll prove to be faithful
Annoint me with your probe

Baptize my body in yours
I'm your Crusader
I'll fight and end all wars

I've loved a lot of false prophets
Worshipped false idols
But with only you, do I profit
If it's blasphemy
I don't want to stop it

Can I get a witness?
His pride is a pulpit
His faith is relentless

He never falls for temptation
A Jezebels fornication
Could never be as sweet
as my communion's libation

He gets down and drinks me
In remberance of we
They pretend to be meek
But he turns the other cheek

I once was blind
But now I see
He loves from behind
And all over me

Baby preach to me


Preach to me!

At the midnight hour

Preach to me!

Until I repent

Preach to me!

Until walls come tumbling down

Preach to me!

(C) 2012 Isayaah Parker Publishing