Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Every 4.2 seconds, a new baby is born in the world. Unfortunately, the world doesn't seem to care about any of these babies, except for one. THE ROYAL BABY!
World media descend on BREAKING BABY NEWS
CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, US WEEKLY, OK MAGAZINE.....The royal baby coverage goes on and on as if another plane crashed into a skyscraper. Twitter is a buzz and my Facebook feed has been LOADED with royal baby statuses, as crowds gather nationwide for BABY WATCHING PARTIES.

It's always wonderful when a fresh life is brought into the world, (Even though earth is grossly overpopulated and our natural resources are dwindling) but why are we as Americans so invested in British royalty?

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved and the colonies were finally FREE of Britain's control. We were independent and wanted NOTHING to do with England. (However us Negroes wanted nothing to do with the slave drivers who ran the colonies, but that's another blog)

In a strange twist, in 2013, Americans seem to have reattached themselves to England. They seem to be obsessed and almost envious of the royal structure. They celebrate the royal baby as if it is their long lost child for which they want back.

The beautiful Duchess of Bullshit, Kate Middleton, is a worldwide celebrity and probably couldn't tell you one thing about foreign policy or the British economy. Her economy will never be in question, however, because the British peasants will continue to put their tax dollars into her designer clothes and the stern-faced guards at Buckingham Palace.

But the truth is, this is not JUST about British royalty, this newborn baby has been born into one of the most powerful oligarchies in the worlds history. Behind the smoke is a system of oligarchies who've been born into wealth and indoctrinated into corruption. This baby represents the continuation of the Gods among Men, the secret governing power which has been called The Illuminati among other things. With ties to the Bush family, the Rockefeller's and the Rothschild's, this baby will take it's place on the throne of oppression.

What I find fascinating, is that the world is so willing to give away it's power to those who simply deem themselves demigods. That is after all how the British royal tradition began, when they used to have actual political power. They claimed they were sent by God. They had self-proclaimed divine right to kill and torture people only to be hand-fed grapes by their slaves afterwards.
British taxpayers eat your heart out. Official royal business

Flash forward to the twenty-first century, and they have manipulated the worlds economy. Afterwards, WE, the 1%, feed them grapes in the form of taxes. The British deliver their hard-earned money to the Parliament so that Kate Middleton can rock the most exclusive high fashions. She will no doubt vacation in California and spend her taxpayer provided money in another country. It costs the United Kingdom (UK) taxpayers about 40 million to maintain the British monarchy and to keep Queen POWER TRIP Elizabeth II on the throne. Of course, you have to pencil in the added cost of royal security which is estimated at 50 million. The total cost of the British monarchy is about 90 million. (This cost is offset by the profits from the Crown’s commercial venture—the Crown Estate, which returns its net income to Her Majesty’s (HM) Treasury). 

Talk about a silver spoon. There's an auto mechanic in England who gets dirty all day, can never afford a real vacation, but has to hand over his money to an already WEALTHY monarchy. 

Today, we worship these mere mortals like the demigods which they believe they are. Look at the Pope, exalted for doing nothing whatsoever. I chuckle as humble peasants gather by the millions to get a glimpse of the Pope Mobile and hear his old ass speak. He's often draped in gold and lives far removed from the people, as he resides in luxuries of which most are unable.

You see royalty comes in many forms in this world. They are all connected. There are Presidents, Popes, Monarchies, Organizations and Corporations who together pull the strings. Why are we allowing them to? Or better yet, Why do we roll out the red carpets for them and appease them? We continuously hand over the money, that was never ours in the first place, to THEM. In the midst of all of their ownership, we still have the audacity to believe that we run our own lives. We actually think that we own our houses or that we have made life's biggest decisions all on our own; Without the aid of the subliminal sell spell.

And while you were sleeping...

The BANKS own you and everyone else. The birth of this baby British boy means it is not going to stop any time soon.
Why do we support the major corporations by buying designer clothes and watching their so-called News programs? Why do we treat the monarchies as if they have any effect on our working class American livelihood? Why are we so complacent while they rape the entire world of it's resources and wealth. They are the 1% of the world yet our great numbers sit like deer in headlights, bewildered at their power and brainwashed. We want to be them, but we never will. We live our lives vicariously through them. Almost every girl, (besides the lesbians and including gay men) Grew up wanting their knight in shining armor.

We never once thought, WHY DO I FANTASIZE ABOUT KISSING A PRINCE? Well, no wonder, DISNEY rammed that WHITE prince into your brain. This subliminal message that we are all given as children is that White is good. White is power. But more importantly, the WHITE MALE is good and shall be exalted. As children we are hooked on to the matrix of materialism. We learn that wealth is good. Wealth is power. Wealth is sexy. Wealth is what you need to aspire to. A wealthy man is what you need. Royalty is what is good. And if you obsess over wealth, you will be too busy to notice the shackles around your ankles. If you are too obsessed with becoming that Prince or the hand he holds, then you will buy into whatever the corporations tell you, because after all, they are leading you to wealth. You will be COMMITTED to the corporations, you'll stay dedicated to your job because that mirage of a promotion, that corporate latter is what keeps you droning along.

So I ask again, why are we so impressed with a royal baby who will never have to work in his life? What's more impressive? A sub-Saharan African baby born into nothing who becomes the wealthiest person alive? (Which is not allowed to happen) Or a British baby boy, born into an oligarchy who becomes what they already were predetermined to be? Why do we not take pride in each other? There is power in numbers and solidarity. Yet we keep the television running and the books closed.

The distractions continue on the six o'clock news. A naked Geraldo Rivera, musicians who have chosen to boycott Florida, stories of hostility between the races while the POLICE STATE looms in America. While the checkpoints increase. While the airports start to resemble concentration camps. While the government eavesdrops on our emails and monitors our clicks online. While more and more people are thrown in the prisons as more petty laws are unveiled. While the chosen ones rise and the pure of heart are thrown to the vultures. Look around you. All eyes are fixed on screens. They are all media dope fiends. Hooked on their lies and never asking why the planes flew low in the sky.

This royal baby is not our salvation. The fact that he's in another country doesn't even matter when you think about the power system of the world. But let's focus on creating a better, JUST, peaceful world for our own children, instead of reinstating a better world for the royal babies.

The crowned baby cries, shits his diaper and keeps Kate up all hours of the night. It is not divine. It's no different than your baby. The only difference, is that it's parents do not have to worry about saving up for its college education. He won't have to worry about not being good enough for anything, because he will always be entitled. Unlike your baby, he is privileged. He is in a palace and you are in a two bedroom apartment or a home of which you can barely make the mortgage payments on. He will never get a poor education based on his location. He will never have a temper tantrum like your child, because he will get everything he wants. He will be exalted while your friends will pretend to want to hold your baby.

The royal baby is here, and the world is breastfeeding it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Her smile would light up any room she walked into. She was a promising, eight-teen year old honors student at Wiley, College; an historically Black University in Marshall, Texas. She'd never been to detention in grade school. She graduated high school early and came from a loving, stable, but strict household. 

Gabriella Calhoun, was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was also the wrong race, at the wrong time. While eating at Denny's in Bloomington, Illinois, with her friends one night, a fight broke out in the parking lot between two teenage girls. Denny's employees asked her party if they were involved in the fight outside, even though it was obvious that they were INSIDE and not involved. Denny's asked her table to leave, even after the group denied they were apart of the fight or knew anyone involved. They didn't ask the White patrons to leave. 

Police arrived at Denny's to serve and protect
As the cops tried to clear Denny’s, they again approached Gabriella’s table. A close male friend of hers AGAIN told the cops they were not involved in the ratchet behavior. The cops grabbed the young man and escorted him out of Denny’s. Gabriella followed them and grabbed his side, (like any concerned friend would do after seeing police take their innocent friend away.) As she exited the restaurant, she felt a grip on her neck and arm. She claims that out of reaction, she tried to pull away. (As would be anyone's reaction to an unknown, uncalled for physical intrusion on ones body)

According to her friends, Gabriella was hit in the face with a night stick by a female officer and was knocked unconscious. When Gabriella finally gained consciousness, the Wiley College Student said, “I awoke spitting my teeth out on the ground.”
Gabriella then stated, “When I came to, the officer begin to choke me again. When I was finally able to talk, I asked the officer to please let me go because I have asthma, but she [the officer], said, ‘I don’t care if you have asthma. You were hitting my officer.’”
And it wasn't over yet. Gabriella's continued,
“Afterward, the officer kept saying over and over again, ‘how was your party’ as she held my face to the ground.”
Keep in mind that the police still assumed these innocent young people were involved in the ratchet behavior, no matter what they told them. They assumed that because two Black women were in the parking lot throwing bows, that THESE Blacks must have came from that same ghetto party. All Black people know each other huh? I digress. Back to the story. 
What has changed?

Then the female cop lifted the petite honor student off of the ground, at which point her breasts were exposed. It turned out that the tube top shirt she was wearing had rolled down. She asked the officer if she could please pull up her shirt, but the officer told her to do it herself. She then walked Gabriella all the way from the front of the Denny’s to the back where the cop cars were. The entire restaurant was keenly aware of a young topless woman who was in physical pain and overcome with humiliation. 
Bloomington, Illinois police are sticking to their story of an unruly woman who posed so much of a threat to the officers, they she deserved to get beat unconscious. They claim to have video footage of the event but have yet to release it. I wonder if Denny's had surveillance video that they can offer? I assume that Denny's would only corroborate anything that the police claim, since they also assumed these academics were hoodrats and thugs.

A young woman with a bright future arrived at a restaurant for a meal, but she left in handcuffs with an uncertain future. She now faces felony aggravated battery and two misdemeanors. The life she had been working for, now potentially GONE. We can stand behind the Martin family, but let's not forget the other stories. This is police brutality at its worst. 

We need to demand that the media cover stories like this. This is just one of the many situations going on in America, the home of the FREE, where the innocent are brutalized by the system. Marissa Alexander, a Black woman who fired a warning shot in the air as her abusive boyfriend attacked her, well, she is now serving twenty years. George Zimmerman continues to binge on doughnuts and laugh with his brother. Enough is enough. It has hit the fan. Let's not simply march for Trayvon, let's march for the millions of us who are wrongfully accused, brutalized, profiled and disenfranchised by bias laws and a prejudice judicial system. 

The case of Gabriella Calhoun is clearly a result of racial profiling by the police as well as by the restaurant. Why were White patrons not asked to leave? Why is it that our system is set up in a way where police are presumed right and who ever gets beat upside the head is wrong? 

Why is it that so many stories like this never make the news? Why are we allowing for upstanding citizens to infiltrate our already overcrowded prison system?

Does this young woman, who simply wanted a bite to eat and quality time with her friends, really need to go to prison? Would she have gotten questioned by police had she been a White female?

If you believe race does not play a role here, or in other instances like STOP AND FRISK in New York, then it's time to wake up and smell the injustice.

Enough is enough America! 

I remember riding to Atlantic City with a group of male friends. We were minding our own business when a cop decided to pull us over. It was no shock or surprise to me because I was used to being guilty of driving while Black. But this time, I was a bit confused since my friend was driving, and he was White. 

For some odd reason, after asking for his license and registration, he then proceeds to order me and the other people of color out of the car. Instead of dealing with the DRIVER who he claimed was "speeding," he thought it more pertinent to pull us one-by-one into the highway and ask us questions. 
One question was shocking to me, "How do you all know the driver?" "Why are you with him?" 

He questioned us with judgment as if a group of minorities could not possibly hangout with a White man. Were we holding him at gunpoint and making him drive us to Atlantic City so we could rob the casinos and spill a 40 to our homies memories? 

The cop gave us looks of disgust while his crying baby was in the back of his police car. Is it normal practice to have your infant ride in the back of your patrol car while you are on the clock? Surely we were the bad people while he sped one hundred miles per hour to catch criminals with a baby in the back. I digress. 

Obviously, we were the more guilty than a speeding White man. It seemed as if my friend could have been drenched in vodka with cocaine powder on his nose and officer Friendly still would have asked me, "Why are you with him?" Just like Zimmerman asked Trayvon, "What are you doing around here?!" 

This is just one story of mine, there are many more. Many stories of belligerent security officers who followed me around department stores when I had a wallet full of MY OWN MONEY. There have been plenty of police cars which have followed behind me. They've read my license plate, no doubt hoping something would come up. 

Being Black in America is not as bad as it used to be, but it surely is not a walk in the park. The only difference between now and the Jim Crow era, is that we have laws to protect our equality. However racism hasn't gone anywhere. Prejudice is still there. A Black President does not negate racial profiling and laws like STAND YOUR GROUND which imply that only Whites can use it as a defense. We are still not equal, we have not overcome when STOP AND FISK programs are used as subliminal methods to incarcerate people of color, and ONLY people of color in New York. 

Stop and Frisk in New York

The police have too much power. The media is far too deep in the pockets of other interests to report what needs to be reported. The judicial system assumes guilt before innocence in most minority cases; while the prison system leeches off American taxpayers. If the system had its way, every strong Black man at Morehouse College would be stripped of his bow tie and given an orange jump suit. If the system had its way, all young Black boys in elementary school would be handed drugs by the government and told to sell it to other minorities. Trust and believe me, they are doing this in a less overt way and have been doing it for decades. They've been systematically fucking with people of color through media, through twisted bias laws, through corrupt police departments and through the manipulation of goods and services to CERTAIN demographics. 
From the CIA, to the Banks to the Prisons...Drugs and Minorities are pawns

Look, I am not the type of person who sees the White man as the monster under the bed, I understand the harm that the Black race has done to itself. Be it Black on Black crime, us selling our own network to Viacom (BET) or our African ancestors who sold other Africans to the Europeans. What I am aware of, is a government that has turned the Black race against itself. What I have observed, is institutional racism in many facets that has more power to fuck people over than it did during segregation. What I can tell you, is that a Black President is merely a facade and many of us unfortunately have become complacent after Oprah gave out free cars. 

Marissa Alexander goes BEHIND bars
Racism is not in the minds of the majority, but it is in the minds of a significant number of people in power. Prejudice, is in a court system that is suppose to be blind. We are in a delicate place right now in America, tensions are high and so far, there haven't been any major riots. Unfortunately, the strong hand continues to bitch slap people of color while it merely fingers the asshole of Whites. Same crime, different punishments. Wrong place at the wrong time verses wrong place but serve no time. CATCH IT. 

We need to do more than pray and march. We need to do more than put Trayvon Martins twelve year old photo on poster board and yell into federal buildings that had nothing to do with the juries decision. We need to look at our laws, we need to look at how they are enforced and WHO is enforcing them and against WHO. 

Casey Anthony went TO the bar
 We need to continue video taping the actions of police because it surely is not illegal to do so. When the police approach you with some mess, get out that cell phone and hit record. The world saw what the boys did to Rodney King, and there is no excuse as to why in 2013, there isn't any footage of the Gabriella Calhoun incident. SERVE AND PROTECT! Please do JUST that! 
I can't imagine bringing another life into this insufferable world. I can't bare to expose my offspring to the injustice. I would be sick to my soul every time my brown-faced son or daughter were to walk out of my house. I appreciate so much more of what my parents did in raising me; How they were able to handle me going out all hours of the night, knowing that my skin could lead to my mistaken identity.

Melissa Alexander and Gabriella Calhoun, two educated Black women who do not deserve to go to prison. They aren't murders, they aren't liars, they aren't thieves. They are just two of the many people of color who the double standard is against. Two of the many Black faces who could read Shakespeare or McMillan, and still not be able to shake the statistic which the system so desperately needs them to be. 

Gabriella Calhoun
Marissa Alexander

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Acquitted in Florida: The Limp Penis of America

A Tampa Bay Times analysis of nearly 200 cases examined the role race plays in Florida's "STAND YOUR GROUND" law. It found that people who killed a Black person WALK 73% of the time while those who kill a White person walk 59% of the time. 

The sun shines so bright in Florida, that it's people cannot see the bullshit which surrounds them, the machine which controls them, and the rays which delude them. 
The state of Florida has stolen national elections, created and interpreted laws with bias, and has maintained a reputation of refusing to convict those who murder Black men. 
There's something in the water in Florida, and it's worse than cyanide. 
Fit Mother, Casey Anthony, Grieves

On July 5, 2011, a FLORIDA jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child. This was a woman, whose daughter's rotting dead body was discovered only walking distance from her home in the woods. This was a woman who admittedly lied to police. This was a woman whose car smelled like a corpse. This was a woman who didn't seem as bothered by the disappearance of her own daughter as everyone else did. This was a woman who relied on the state of Florida to carry on a long tradition of miscarrying justice. A later appeal, sent her crazy rear end to prison; but this was a woman who would get away with murder, had it not have been for social media. It promoted the story to a national level and once again shined more light on a sunshine state with very dark traits.
Caylee Anthony, August 9, 2005 – 2008

Marissa Alexander
In May of 2012, A Jacksonville Florida Black woman, by the name of Marissa Alexander, was sentenced to twenty years in prison for firing warning shots into the air at her home. This was a woman who shot bullets in the air because her abusive husband was in the process of attacking her. This was a woman who had not injured or much worse, killed, anyone. This was a woman who stood no chance in defending herself with her fists against a much bigger man who had often beat her in front of their children. This was a Black woman, who never hurt anyone, who now sits in prison. Casey Anthony shrugged her shoulders and was acquitted.

On Tuesday, November 7, 2000, millions of American citizens went to their local polling places and placed their vote for the next President of the United States. Unfortunately, many of those Americans, primarily in the state of FLORIDA, would never see their vote make a difference. George W. Bush would devastatingly take the oath of office in January, 2001 after thousands upon thousands of votes in the sunshine state were uncounted, primarily belonging to African Americans. This was a state whose Governor was the brother of George W. Bush. This was a state whose voting machines were deemed, "falty" and banned in other states, having a history of "flipping" votes. This was a state who put a lot of these "falty" machines in primarily Black polling areas. 

Florida: The limp penis of America, Yet it still manages to fuck people over. It sits at the bottom of our country, a national embarrassment of which we seek to dispose of. (At least those of us who don't watch Fox News) It doesn't feel the need to practice democracy by ensuring fair democratic elections. It never deems it important to apply laws fairly and justly. It sees young Black men as threats who need to be judged, beaten and even killed. When they are killed, the state enjoys blaming them for their own deaths. Evidently, the state chalks their "thug" lives up as complete wastes. Evidently, all Black men are "Thugs" who are up to no good in Florida. They must be feared, even if their only concern is getting home to watch a basketball game. Oh Florida: Home to a man who ate other people's faces and juries who agree with the likes of George Zimmerman, because after all, Those coons always get away. 

And let's not forget, that Zimmerman was so remorseful for the death of someone's child, that one of his first statements about the incident was as follows: "It was Gods plan." It's too bad that a jury wasn't able to understand that it was actually Zimmerman's PLAN to kill. How dare that butterball blame it on God? At least blame it on the alcohol! 

"Fucking Coons!" The word "asshole" was used in it's place to ensure an acquittal. (So was the White jury of his peers) Florida is a state where STAND YOUR GROUND means to follow Black people, start a fight, then shoot them. When the POLICE arrive, they will see a dead black boy and an innocent White Hispanic man with a paper cut on the back of his head. They will wipe your tears, they will play your violins and they will claim that the father of the slain said that a screaming voice did NOT belong to his son. 
Life threatening injuries on Zimmerman's head

Florida may have swaying palm trees and Mickey Mouse, but it also has disparities in who goes to prison for what. July 1, 2006, a trailer trash White woman by the name of  Laurie Lynn Bartlett, stabbed her live-in boyfriend to death. She claimed he was drunk and tried to rape her. She also claimed he fell on a knife. Even still, a jury found her guilty of manslaughter and a judge sent her to prison for a decade. Remember Marissa Alexander? The Black woman in the same state who merely shot bullets into the air without injuring or killing anyone? She claimed to have an abusive husband, just like Bartlett. She didn't kill her man, but Bartlett did. How much time did Alexander get again? TWENTY YEARS! DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF A WHITE WOMAN WHO ACTUALLY KILLED HER MAN! 

Yes, the STAND YOUR GROUND law is applied fairly. And after all, Black people belong in prison making license plates and working for free. Florida prides itself in Black slave labor...Oh, I'm sorry, I mean, JUSTICE.

Am I pulling the race card? Are Black people just a bunch of whiners who think the system is against them? Are we reverse racists? If that's how you feel, I can assure you, no one intellectual cares about your opinion. 
Is another race war brewing?

This is a state which has a LONG and RECENT history of police brutality against Black men. At the beginning of 2012, controversy arose after a sixty-six-year-old Black man with dementia, was brutally beat by a White cop in Melbourne, Florida. Video from the cops dash cam, (which he tried to disable) revealed images of an old man approaching an angry cop who decided to kick the old man, causing him to fall to the pavement. The over zealous cop then continuously punched and slammed the mans head against the pavement. Even while footage of the incident traveled around the world, and outrage spread, the White cop was never charged with anything. Florida swept it under the rug and the cop was able to continue his super hero duties; cleaning Florida streets of Black people. If he had murdered this man, protocol has continuously been established, that he would not only escape charges, but would actually be rewarded. Of course the cop was standing his ground and doing his job. A crazy, threatening, unarmed, elderly Black man, who limped as he walked, approached him. Florida has maintained that these Black men are threats. It doesn't matter what they are wearing or whose business they are not minding. 

I could name case after case of police brutality against Black men all over the country, especially in Florida. I could give you all of the statistics on Blacks who go to prison while Whites do not for the same or similar crimes in that state, but you have the internet. Google it. 

You can't be "Not Guilty" when you were the one who shot him
My point is this, now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted of all charges, (which I predicted) Blacks need to be able to stand their ground as well. Blacks should be able to defend themselves as well, by punching a man in the face and slamming his head into the pavement. Why? Because self defense allows them to protect themselves against men who follow them in the dark of night with a gun in their waist. Stand your ground, supposedly allows us an attempt to prevent any harm to your person. So when a man comes from BEHIND asking, "What are you doing around here?!" after following you for over forty-minutes in a car AND on foot, it is your right to bloody that nose. People say this case wasn't about race, that Zimmerman was not White (as if White Hispanics cannot have racial prejudice or preconceived notions about people) and stick to the facts of the case. Yet it seems that there IS in fact a larger racial issue if you have one fourths of a brain. This is about how the law has been used and who this law was made against. It is about a law which leaves too many gray areas for people to CRY WOLF when there may only have been a teenager with a button on his hoody. 
The non-bias jury which objectively looked at the case and acquitted Zimmerman

The WRONG reaction to this verdict

It seems that in Florida, Black people can't seem to prove that they were standing their ground. And in the Zimmerman case, the Black person in question, could not defend himself in court. Naturally, we have to take the "sneaky crackas" word for it and sure we can trust his word. We can trust a man who repeatedly called the police on children who played in the street. We can trust a man who had a brief history of domestic abuse and a man who verbally assaulted a police officer. We can trust a man who changed his story about Trayvon jumping out of bushes. We can trust a man who claimed the "suspect" bloodied his nose and held his mouth with his hand yet the "suspect" had none of his blood, NONE of his DNA on him. Surely we can trust a man who wants us to believe that it was he who SCREAMED in a 911 tape, yet the "suspect" covered his mouth with his hand while beating him. We can trust a man who repeatedly stalked and cased numerous young Black men in that same neighborhood. In the months before Trayvon Martin walked down the valley of the shadow of death, Zimmerman told dispatchers that "loud music" and "Young Blacks" was suspicious activity. 

Left: Jordan Davis. Right: Michael Dunn.
Speaking of loud music, there is a similar case to Zimmerman's that is occurring now. In November of 2012, in Jacksonville FLORIDA of course, a Black seventeen year old by the name of Jordan Davis was gunned down by a White man in his own SUV. The white man, (And he is VERY FULLY WHITE unlike Zimmerman) by the name of Michael Dunn, got into a dispute with Davis in a store parking lot because the teenagers "thug music" (in his words) was too loud. Davis, like Trayvon, was minding his own business while a man judged him and ended his life. Now this case is new, but not getting any media coverage due to the Zimmerman verdict and protests. Different from Zimmerman, Dunn was arrested and charged with FIRST degree murder almost immediately. I have a feeling the arrest came quicker due to the aftermath of the Zimmerman case, but let this be an example that Trayvon's death wasn't completely in vain. Even though his murderer walks and eats doughnuts, it has put handcuffs on Michael Dunn and raised awareness of the bigger picture. Though Zimmerman's acquittal sets a scary precedent where anyone can start a fight with someone and end their life without repercussions, I am confident that CHANGE IS GOING TO COME...Be it slowly. 

Trayvon Martin walked through the valley of the shadow of death one dark, rainy night. Rachel Jeantel comforted him, but Trayvon feared evil. And evil, feared what it did not understand. 
Ye Tho I walk, through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil...

I want you to understand, that this is bigger than George Zimmerman. Yes I know, what can be BIGGER than him? Good God! But hating him, making him the poster dough boy for everything wrong in the world won't change anything. What will change things, is focusing on legislation reform. What will change outcomes is educating young people about a world where looks can be deceiving. What will change things, is a mandatory DIVERSE group of jurors on every case. What will change things, is reforming our gun laws while ensuring everyone's right to bare arms. What will change things, is making sure the venereal disease that is Florida, is quarantined. 
Let's make this a fair world, a JUST world and a civil world. From Cape Cod to down under, from the Cape of Good Hope to the place Sara Palin could see from her window, let's ensure a society where the law is on the victims side. Without bias, without question. 

Trayvon Benjamin Martin
February 5, 1995 - February 26, 2012

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who is worse? Paula Deen or Tyler Perry?

I recently pitched a sarcastic, yet sadly realistic idea for Tyler Perry to team up with Paula Deen to produce an all negro musical. After all, Deen needs a career booster, (At this point she needs a career period) and I am sure Perry wants the best for Deen since she is "friends" with Oprah who herself teamed up with Perry for wonderful Black stereotypical programming on The Oprah Winfrey Network, (OWN). Oprah went from change-your-life- TV to I-need-to-end-my-life-TV with the introduction of Tyler Perry bafoonery. I won't be surprised when Perry produces a ghetto version of Carmen Jones starring Joseline Hernandez.

The evil Black whore on "Haves and Have Nots" getting White money

Paula Deen is the perfect match for Tyler Perry. After all, he makes us resemble what Deen thinks we all look like, "THE HELP." I've grown to be less and less a fan of Tyler Perry with each passing stereotypical project he puts out, Whether it's on the big or small screen or the stage. He exploits and emphasis all of the stereotypical and lowest points of Black people; specifically with his obsession with loud, Black older women with third grade educations. That's right, let's watch an ensemble of Black actors eat chicken wings, ribs and grits while waving guns around and praising Jesus!
Perry loves big breasted Black women who look and behave as if they're on the underground railroad; Meanwhile, our people have advanced beyond that and have diversified our positions in society. So I wouldn't be surprised if Perry's hag Oprah, signs up her sista-girlfriend Paula, to collaborate with Perry for a musical sideshow on OWN. I distinctly remember Massa Deen's treatment of  Oprah and Gale when they came to visit her and had to sleep in the slave quarters, oh I mean, "Guest House." Tyler and Paula would jump at the opportunity to make a negro musical, and the Academy would be even more excited to hand out Oscars to negros singing about ribs. (Remember Halle Berry's make-me-feel-good titties and a racist white man who anally fucked her? She said "This is for all the nameless faces!" while accepting the Oscar. Well maybe being nameless is better than not being shameless...) 

And the Academy Award goes to....the negro who fucked the racist!

I am sure Black actresses like Octavia Spencer who got an academy award for serving white people food and changing white babies diapers, would be glad to sign on. Let's not forget, that a Perry Production would be nothing without Sojourner Truth herself, CICELY TYSON!
Tyson & Perry on set. "Profanity Free"? Really? When you curse & tote guns in your films?
I hope people don't crucify me for this, but you know there is an ounce of truth in this. We need to do better BLACK HOLLYWOOD. There's nothing wrong with ribs, all races enjoy them, but there's a lot wrong with acting like Black people can't enjoy some filet mignon every now and then. Catch it.

Perry's "Love Thy Neighbor"
Perry's 1940's comedy style seems like it's made for White people's entertainment. If Tyler Perry were White, Blacks would have long boycotted his shit and the NAACP would try him in court for mass murder! But he's Black, so get the negroes on the stage and watch them eat watermelon. It's almost like the characters in his movies, plays and now sitcoms, are actually White people in Black face. "Love Thy Neighbor" is what really has me throwing my hands in the air, It's Tyler Perry's latest racially stereotypical sitcom that Oprah, the first Black Billionaire, sadly co-signs. He exploits yet another busty older Black woman who has more sass than the ladies of Basketball Wives. The vernacular used on that show reminds me of slaves trying to learn English and screaming in the court room,


Let's also clock the tea on that unfortunate but top-rated Perry show, "The Haves and the Have Nots" 
The main character happens to be a slutty dark skin Black woman who uses her vagina to get what she wants. AT LEAST THAT'S HOW IT'S ADVERTISED
Why does her skin tone matter? 
Well one only has to look at the history of Tyler Perry productions where dark skinned Black people are USUALLY the villains, the ones who lack morals or the dirty ones. 
There always seems to be a light bright Black person who comes in and saves the day!
Perry put his name all over Precious to no shock to myself. Remember how the light skin Black people were the only ones who had sense? Mariah Carey, Paula Patton, Lenny Kravitz...
Meanwhile Sherri Shepherd can't be bothered while popping gum on the phone at work, Monique wants her daughter to lick her HIV infested pussy and the main character was celebrated for being fat, Black, ignorant and depressed.

But why are Black people supporting this nonsense? Why are we not doing more to stop this repetitive coonery of Blacks acting like monkeys at the circus and getting rewarded for it?
Lynn Whitfield was a dynamic award winning Black actress who once played Josephine Baker. Tyler Perry tarnished her career by casting her as a loud mouth, evil woman who claimed to "Vacation in Hell" in MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION.
And Angela Basset, your Tyler Perry assigned role in Meet the Browns wasn't as bad, but you know better girl! And I commend you for having enough integrity to turn down MONSTERS BALL. (Not produced by Perry of course)
As a gay Black man, I have also noticed how Perry has so much SELF-HATRED, (Catch it) that he paints negative pictures of Black homosexuals in a few of his films. In one of the Why Did I get Married? films, us gay Black men are nothing more than colorful, loud bafoons who are sideshows used to humiliate your husband by flamboyantly popping out of a cake. Janet Jackson, a bisexual avid supporter of the gay and lesbian community, unfortunately sold her soul with that film as well as her role in, "For Colored Girls..." In that melodramatic film, we can summate that gay black men are all AIDS infested downlow, promiscuous closet-cases.

The evil HIV infected Black downlow man with an angry Black woman

I am aware that there has been a lot of criticism from the Black community, including Black Hollywood Producers like Spike Lee. Others have chosen to criticize him while the cameras are off...shhh.....
But what is Spike Lee doing to counter these images? He is doing nothing right now other than creating an environment of one Black man against another. As a Black film maker, why not let your work speak for itself. Why not put out progressive Black films AT THE SAME TIME as Perry's tambourine, Aww Shucks I ran out of hot sauce, revivals? Get on the set and leave the social commentary to Cornel West.

SIDENOTE: I did NOT agree with Spike Lee's criticism of D'JANGO

In closing, I hope that we as a people can also look at our own community while pointing fingers at White people who call us niggers and who encourage us to utilize the back door. I hope we also become brave enough to demand more from Black Entertainment Television(BET) and actually OWN our own shit rather than selling it to Viacom. I hope that when we do OWN our OWN shit, (CATCH IT) that we do not allow for the network to resemble Black Face. It is tragic that we as a people have been granted the opportunity to be equals and build our own, and all we have to show for it is MADEA's frying pan of grits, Training Day, The Help, Monsters Ball, meaningless Oscars, and booty shaking hoes in music videos. I have a dream today, that one day, Black Billionaire's who own their own networks, can promote BLACK DOCTORS rather than scores of condescending White Doctors. I have a dream that one day, we can assume that Blacks will want diverse entertainment that doesn't always include Jesus and Jumpin Jim Crow humor. I envision a world where gay Black film moguls can be BOLD enough to go beyond stereotypes, be pioneering enough to take a stand against GAY WON'T SELL TO THE BIBLE BELT and at least attempt to tell more than one story. I would hope, that we will not buy the ticket just because the face behind it is Black, but because it really is great material on multiple levels beyond slap-stick, overdone, slap-your-mama, drag queen humor. I would hope, that one day, Black men can rise to fame as the gay men that some are and be aware of their responsibility to use it wisely.
We have come so far, but we don't even know the meaning of that five pointed star in the logo.
It is NOT ours.