Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm DONE with LAURYN HILL the Hypocrite

Lauryn Hill won me over as a young boy when she toured the world as a member of the groundbreaking hip-hop group, THE FUGEES. Socially conscious with no chaser, Lauryn Hill rose to international fame with her Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album that spoke of self respect, love, and the problems with society as a whole. 

Unfortunately, after getting brainwashed by Rohan Marley, (son of legendary Reggae singer, Bob Marley) and dealing with Rastafarians, she became distant from the industry and soon admitted to having a complete distaste for commercialism. She soon faded into obscurity, refused interviews, refused to record commercial albums and began to speak out against social injustice. I've always been a huge fan of the intellect, originality and boldness of Ms. Hill; however, as of late, Ms. Hill can kiss my gay Black ass.

In her music, Lauryn has always seemed to point out everything that is wrong with society. Whether it be men not taking care of their kids financially or young naive girls who have bastard babies by them....

Excerpt from "That Thing"

he pretty face, men claiming that they did a bid men
Need to take care of their three and four kids men
They facing a court case when the child's support lateMoney taking, heart breaking now you wonder why women hate men

Sure in that song, Hill said, "don't think I haven't been through the same predicament" 

However she was criticized for sitting on a high horse when she kept birthing babies out of wedlock and later admitted to sleeping with a married man, Wyclef, her bandmate. It seemed Ms. Hill was more of a "do as I say, not as a I do" preacher. 

Enter the homophobia. 

No surprise that Lauryn Hill feels a certain way about the LGBT community being that she went to Jamaica and got brainwashed by a bunch of Rastafarians; a culture which murders anyone who is suspected of being homosexual.

In "Lost Ones" she ironically bitches about hypocrites and delivers a questionable lyric...

"Tried to play straight, how your whole style bent?"

Yes this seems harmless but it is just one of many lyrics in her early music which seems to paint a negative picture of anything that is not "Straight"

Her latest song has ruffled a lot of colorful feathers. It attacks everything that perfect Lauryn deems wrong with society including homosexuality and men who dress up as women. 

Again, in "Neurotic Society" Lauryn Hill repeatedly speaks of "hypocrites" which is hilarious once again. 
Martha Stewart gives Lauryn advice for prison
What I find interesting is that "The Fugees" are supposed to represent the oppressed, the underdogs, yet we have a member sitting up judging an entire group of people who have been continuously oppressed for decades. Homosexuals, are they oppressed? Do young boys and girls who are kicked out, disowned by their parents, left to be homeless and unloved on the  streets have a refugee camp to go to? Hypocritical Lauryn Hill can stand up for everyone and open her refugee camp to all the oppressed except if you happen to be gay, transgender, etc. 

Openly gay hotel worker, Calvin Rutledge spilled some hot boiling spice tea in a phone call he placed to me. Rutledge says in 2006, while working at the W hotel in New Orleans, Ms. Hill tried it in the worst way possible.

"I was living in New Orleans, but was on vacation in Atlanta at the time. I got pissed off phone calls from coworkers from W hotel in New Orleans," said Rutledge. "My coworkers said Lauryn Hill refused to get out of her car at the carport where guests enter the hotel...she was pissed. The valet drivers were outside, she didn't want to get out of her car and didn't want anyone looking at her. She disrupted the other guests from coming in. She took a towel and put it over her head. She was tripping! She slammed the door, went in the hotel and checked in," Rutledge then spills the GOOD TEA..

"The women who worked in food service said she ordered all kinds of food that they didn't have. She kept bitching about the food. Lauryn Hill came downstairs to complain about her room not being cleaned right. She stormed downstairs and talked to the gay manager about it. Apparently she didn't like whatever he was saying and at one point, she yelled,

"I can't deal with White folks and I can't stand fags!" 

OH HELL NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep in mind that Hill spoke of being Bisexual on her UNPLUGGED album and has been rumored to have had a lesbian relationship with a so-called close female friend of hers.

The LGBT community is clearly not a community Ms. Hill  thinks deserves a place in society. In her crapfest song which is horribly produced, rambles and sounds more like a Twista homage, she mentions "girly men" and "Drag queens" as being apart of what is wrong with the modern era.
I can agree with a lot of the lyrics about the greed of corporate America, so don't get me wrong...and I understand metaphor, but some of these lyrics are downright specific about the LGBT community, and it is rather discomforting. 
We’re living in a joke time, metaphorical time/Commerce and girl men/Run the whole world men.”
“Greedy men and pride fiends/Program TV screens/Quick scam and drag queens/Real life’s been blasphemed.”
Hill's damage control begins as she makes excuses about the shitty song,  "I was under pressure to release the song as soon as possible, due to “legal deadlines,” Hill asserts. And if you were expecting an apology,  you're not getting it! She stands behind the (hateful judgmental) messages of her song which will never receive radio play because it sucks. She clearly added these controversial lyrics to at least get people talking about her music rather than her prison sentence. Instead of hating on gays, maybe Lauryn needs to prepare herself and her children for her three month jail sentence. Yea, get your life bitch!
On her boring website, she wrote: “In light of Wednesday’s tragic loss (of former label mate Chris Kelly [of Kriss Kross]), I am even more pressed to YELL this to a multitude that may not understand the cost of allowing today’s unhealthy paradigms to remain unchecked!”
Among those “unhealthy paradigms”: self-indulgence, religious apathy, capitalism and “social gluttony.” Oh yea... And, apparently, “girl men.” But what does Chris Kelly's death have to do with any of this? Was he a "girl man" who remained unchecked and ended up dying because of it? This bitch needs electroshock therapy and a spot of BOILING tea. 
She also mentions “social transvestism” (or social cross-dressing) and laments “men and women as parody.” Seems Ms. Hill has a problem with men who refuse to abide by the roles that traditional society has assigned to them. However, traditional society does not agree with women who sleep with married men and don't pay their taxes. GET INTO IT!
Recently, I was surprised to encounter so many people, including gays, defending her. To me, this is hate speech. For some reason, when someone says something bad about homosexuals in music, it's no big deal, yet people can rally against the use of the word "bitch" in male rap or anything racist coming out of Michael Richards mouth.

Like Kanye West once said, it's time for the homophobia to end in hip-hop and music in general. If people are not going to tolerate Tracy Morgan saying "Faggot" then they need not tolerate the subliminal homophobic bullshit coming from hypocritical-Lauryn-batshit-crazy-Hill. 
I grew up Black, gay and a preachers kid. I grew up hating myself and told that I needed to be normal. I grew up in Jesus camp with messages that weren't as subliminal as Lauryn's about what kind of man God wants me to become. I grew up staring at a bottle of pills and looking down at the street from a seven story high window. I grew up in a world which hated me simply for being born how I was. I grew up in a school system that judged me for wearing black nail polish in high school while having a penis at the same time. I grew up watching my drag queen friend in high school get bullied every single day but I always respected her for having the BALLS to be who she was. 

What I do not understand, is how something like cross-dressing or being gay is as bad as corporate greed? I have a hard time understanding how so-called free thinking individuals can give a damn about how others express their sexuality. I do not get how Lauryn Hill spends so much time being worried about girly men, when the man she let penetrate her, queened out with Mary J. Blige. Oh yes, the diva begged people to call 911 while tossing his dread locks around like a Loreal commercial. GET INTO IT. 
Words are powerful and if you dare utter them, you better be ready to deal with the consequences. There are young people who primarily don't know who the fuck Lauryn Hill is, but who will no doubt run across this song due to all the controversy surrounding it. Imagine a young adolescent who struggles with their self image hearing a music ICON tell them that they are apart of the "neurotic" society. Hill sends these people to eternal Hell and jail cells along with the Bernie Madoff's and Wall Street swindlers. 
She missed her mark. Why include the LGBT community in this song? Why not just focus on  the issues of world hunger, greed, nepotism and all the other pressing issues? Worrying about RuPauls drag race will not keep you out of jail nor will it feed and clothe your children. 
I do not support Lauryn Hill anymore for this reason and more. This is the same bitch who said she'd rather have her kids starve than have WHITE PEOPLE buy her music. 
It's time for the hatred to stop. And it's time to call a spade a spade and a bigot a bigot. Just because it's about cross-dressers, gays or lesbians does not mean it's less offensive. If Kesha were to sing about nappy headed black bitches being the ills of society, wouldn't there be a huge uproar? 
I think Lauryn Hill is a COWARD. She can't just come out and say what she really feels. She hides behind beats and artistic interpretation. We all know who she is. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. This is one judgmental bitch who doesn't have a halo to point to. She calls everyone else a hypocrite while refusing to look in her own shit stained mirror. 
Save the bullshit, speak your true thoughts and say it like you mean it bitch...
Inside Lauryn's Head:
...Homosexuality is wrong. White people are evil. I don't believe in marriage nor do I respect it... 
Speak your truth Lauryn but don't expect for us to buy into it. 
In the meantime I hope she finds a beautiful butch lesbian in jail to minister to. I know they will be quite receptive to her opinions and judgments. And when she's home on house arrest, I hope a flaming queen comes over to fix those bushy caterpillars she calls eyebrows. 

Oh, and being natural is fine, but refusing to oil your scalp is not. Get it together Lauryn. 
Her career is over so she has resorted to becoming an evil version of Iyanla Vanzant except these people did not ask for their lives to be fixed. I wonder whose life does need to be fixed? Probably the one who has a million babies with a man who at first questioned if one of them was his. I'm just sayin' 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Filthy Faggot Laundry

Filthy laundry

Blood stained clothes

Could'ave washed it long time ago

but this is what I chose.

Where the washing machine is

I sure don't know

How can I grow?

When this pain refuses to go?

I found my brothers poetry

After I let him bleed

Sad state of irony

I write his words

He'll never read...

He was close to me

Though not biologically

He was there beside me

When that asshole forced us into sodomy...

I've got all this burning pain 

in my heart 

I'd clean it out 


I don't know where to start.

Tried calling 911 

but no one would come 

Put out an SOS for love


he was just trying to get some...

I thought butterflies fluttered 

in my heart 


They were maggots 

Eating my soul apart.

Pastor called me a faggot 

and what was worse... 

Pastor was my daddy.

He sent me off to camp 

to cure the curse,

But cute counselors only

Increased my thirst...

A year later,

Chronic masturbater,

Always online...

Wrong place to be wined and dined.

He was a baller

Way too old,

A shit talker 

decorated in gold.

Said he loved me

But his love was ugly.

He pulled the strings

Promised everything.

He was cold

His ice would never thaw

I did what I was told

He liked it raw...

Young and dumb 

over a nigga with Congo drums

Lost in his lies

Thinking I was the one. 

He taught me how to hate

Signed the ticket to a new fate

Best friend said no way

He can't be gay

He's in the NBA...

I met college with insecurity 

More than before 

I suffered in obscurity

Depressed positively...

I relived him

in every confession

Yet loved him even more

For the learned lesson.

Life deals many cards

it always seems to hurt

after you let down your guard.

My brother was my all

I remember

the last phone call

How you doing?

"Not too well"

Where have you been?

"I've been in Hell."

I should'ave gone over

But I was selfish

Brushed him off

Put him off

Because I was with HIM...

just trying to GET off.

I wanted to go

like he did

A suicide show

Jumping off the bridge...

I swallowed the pills

Grabbed the knife

But blood gives me the chills.

Now they cry...

     After I die

...Will they ask why?

Will they finally close their Bibles,

or follow bullshit like disciples?

Ever since I was two

I'd sit up in that pew 

feeling invisible 

Head hung low and miserable.

When they'd encircle me in the locker room

I was alive

When dad beat me with a broom

I was alive

When I painted morbid words on my walls

I was alive

You never put in phone calls

You refused to recognize.

I ignored

his and other people's tears..

For years

Replaced shows of vulnerability

with iron-faced fears.

Now other people's shit

is up in here becoming my career.

I smell my past

The shit in my ass

Suffocating in my dirty underwear

Can't get any air.

I try and buy new shit

to break free....

But dirty shit always shows up

in my shopping sprees.

Stains are forming on these fresh white tees

Somebody help me air it out.

What is he all about?

I don't want your hands on me

Don't care about your clout.

Dirt on my window

Filth on the floor

Hands shaking

Can't write no more.

I remember we were so close

Putting on puppet shows

I miss you most.

I'm good at making jokes

I'm good at giving toasts

I get hella Facebook pokes

Yet I cry so hard

I choke.

My misery is my only company

Nothing neighborly

about this gay community.

Love don't look like me on T.V.

and these Craigslist ads are eerie...

I remember my brothers words

You're beautiful, 

you deserve the best on this earth

I wish I could believe my own worth...

But I look into the mirror

and see hurt...

I'm a hot mess

but you've got to get dressed

You can still impress.

Leave me behind

in the fire

Go ahead and get

All that you desire.

My love was tough

but now I'm just old stuff

Quit hoarding me around

leave this dirty dog at the pound.

So long,

Fair well...


Dirty laundry.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


He's the dirt under my fingernails

Nothing left of us...

But filth.

I put in work

And all I have to show for it

Is a Hallmark card 

signed sincerely, 

instead of love. 

He's the "FUCK"

He's the "HATE"

The cursing in the truck

The refusal to compromise

Years worth of lies. 

He's a heart racing

When he appears there...

My captivated attention

While he gives me a blank stare.

A slut in disguise

In white Hanes underwear.

He's the cute voicemail

I can't seem to delete,

It's been several weeks

But the thought him

Still makes me weak. 

He's humiliation

in front of friends

A phony for the camera lens...


I thought I'd get 

When I moved on...

But I miss his quick wit.

Miss how his nose folds

When he smiles...

Yet I remember

Crying on bathroom floor tiles,

Indifference in the other room.

He was a miracle 

But also a miserable 


The touch felt real

But words performed like alibi's.

Only one hit of him

Got me high

But he was a drug

so feelings weren't legitimized. 

He's the only one 

who made me feel anything,

Whether love or hate

I couldn't get off his ride,

Just wish I'd noticed 

he wasn't tall enough to ride mine.

But he was big enough for some things,

and the man could wine and dine...

Hell I don't mind paying the fine

For his petty mind crimes...

Because for once in my life

I was effected on the inside. 

 He's the sweat stains on my tee shirt

The holes in my soles

A million miles of feelings

and I'm broke from all the tolls.

His kisses masked 

an apathetic mind

If I'd only noticed the grime

on his fraudulent road signs,

I wouldn't be here

Sulking over lost time. 

On second thought,

Dirt aint nothing

But shit needing to be cleaned

And I've got antibacterial soap

on my team.

I'll wash him away

One finger a day

Washing my hands of him.

Scrubbing and rubbing

until I'm ready for REAL lovin',

He can keep on

Cackling with his coven...

Because his dirt 

His hurt

His hall of mirrors tour

won't live here no more.

No more bullshit at my door!