Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lost at Sea

In another world...

You write my name in the sand

tide coming in on my heart.

You know my journey,

the ships that have capsized,

the planks I've been made to walk.

Stranded at sea with treasure seeking pirates

and I'm not even aware...

Figured I didn't need to signal you

that there was no one out there.

I'm drowning

and surrounded by sharks.

Devouring integrity

and lusting after blood.

Your distant voice assures me,

that I can walk on water.

But I'm losing faith.

How can I believe with all the stolen treasure?

They've brought typhoons...

sea creatures...


but somehow I could feel you in the light of the moon.

My sails, they ripped to shreds

 I've lost my way

my compass is dead.

 Arriving with maps to a make believe place,

the hooked handed pretender

turns my love into waste

I know you're out there

even if the horizon doesn't reveal

I just hope when I arrive

torn to pieces

that that a mirage

is finally real.

I know you're not perfect

You've never been one to boast

But compared to this odyssey of destruction

 You're my inevitable Gold Coast.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Love Doesn't Happen this Late...

Headlights burning bright
Anxiously sitting in my ride.
He's looking from the doorway
Waiting for me to come inside.
Belvedere and a jacuzzi
His version of dinner and a movie
This hopeless romantic
Horny and frantic
Here I go....
Walking toward the bandit
  I've always thought of him as fate
  But cupid's love doesn't happen this late...

Street lights
filter through the blinds
Illuminated grey and hazel eyes.
Tingling vibe from his aura
I can barely feel my thighs.
I can't believe
He invited me over
Don't want to tease
Please don't come closer.
   I'd rather serve you hot food on a plate
   But of course love doesn't happen this late
Nervous small talk
About limited edition posters
Examining trophies against the wall
Bulging out of your shorts
It seems you don't want to talk at all
Why couldn't this be a date?
But love doesn't happen this late
Here comes vodka pouring
Now the hormones are soaring
Talking up against my neck
The alcohol is taking affect
You take your shirt off
like a porn star
Pulling from the bottom
I need to run back to my car


   I used to think of you and masturbate
  We'd make love on the interstate
  But love doesn't happen this late

Descending into the hot waters
Abdominals soaking wet from the foam
I should've stayed my ass home
Smelling like hotcakes and caramel
Announcing he's on the D.L.
Don't ask don't tell
I'm better than this dirty secrecy
Like a service rendered
Without the perk of money
Teeth tear the gold
My bodies hot
But my heart is cold...

  Why doesn't he want to wait?
   I should've known that love doesn't happen this late...