Monday, May 9, 2011

EGOTISTICAL BITCHES: Formulaic & Entertaining in "Apprentice"

Sunday night's 3 hour Celebrity Apprentice special made love to a stale pile of Meatloaf. I'll get to that fat cry baby later. What Trump should have done was glorify the egotistical bitches, a component that put his shows on the map in the first place. **Omarosa circa 2004 & 2008** One of this seasons egotistical bitches, Star Jones, may have gastric bypassed her 300 pounds away, but now carries 1000 pounds of attitude. She may be over compensating for a career in the toilet. Even with all that attitude, playing the "sexist" card and reminding everyone that she is an accomplished lawyer, her ass still got fired...AGAIN! **The View circa 2006** (Latoya Jackson was fired twice in a matter of a week) I think it's safe to say, that Star is a star for being fired. Absent of egotistical bitches, what's the incentive to watch? The Star Jones nemesis, Nene Leakes (The worst kind of egotistical bitch: an uneducated one) quit because she felt Trump favored Star. Nene wasn't on the show for her charity anyway, she's a reality "star" trying to rise. The punch line of the show, NBC used Nene's ghetto fab, angry black woman persona to sell the show. It worked. Nene caught on to how she was being portrayed and decided to step away from her own typecasting; but the damage...done. The Atlanta Hoodrat, I mean housewife, was in over her head. Her next stop: The Bad Girls Club. She can mud wrestle with Tanisha. The wrath of Nene was getting tired & I hate to see two black women fight on national television. Trump clearly favored Star and so did I. Televison execs love an angry Black woman but Star wanted to make sure her credentials outshone her persona. Instead people just "view" her as an egotistical black woman with a few degrees/similar to Omarosa Nene's only credentials was a stripper pole and rich husband whose now broke. Sorry Nene, You're fired! And your plastic surgeon should be as well! The smart thing for Nene to have done was to say she quit because of Trump's radical views on Obama, but lets face it, Nene probably doesn't even watch the news unless she's a topic on it. Her head is too far up her liposuctioned ass to know what Trump said about Obama. Didn't bother me to see her go, Latoya wasn't going to go far anyway....but Star.. Her arguments were captivating: "YOU DON'T HAVE THE CREDENTIALS TO ARGUE WITH ME!" Shouted Counselor Jones to smelly, emotional rock star Meatloaf. After crying about Painted Turtle kids for two hours, the stale loaf of meat conjured up his grouchy old man alter ego & yelled at Star outside of the boardroom. I have to admit, Star was in charge of branding for the OnStar commercial challenge, kinda made sense for her to go, but the woman pulls in ratings. Her arguments should win Emmy's. Marlee was overlooked by Trump being that she's deaf and happy go lucky. The project manager didn't delegate and let Meatloaf stink up her entire operation. She's adorable but she should have been chopped. Now there will be more no arguments. I can't imagine Meatloaf arguing with Marlee, (her ballroom queen interpreter may be) John Rich is the clear prospective winner of Celebrity Apprentice having won a record breaking amount for St. Jude. As for Star, I have a feeling she's about to become a Supernova. And Nene, I have a feeling Star will be asking her, "Now where's Andy Cohen?!" Is it a negative that the press isn't discussing John Rich's record breaking fundraising for St. Jude? Should the hype be about the charity rather than angry cat fighting Black women? Is NBC and/or Trump exploiting negative stereotypes about Black women for ratings? I can say yes the focus should be more on the charities, I love that aspect of the show and it gives me an excuse not to boycott it. I can't say Black women are being exploited considering the fact that it is reality. These women choose to represent themselves this way, ask Omarosa and she'll tell you they edited a BITCH into her vocal chords. Sure there have been outlandish fights on The Apprentice franchise between non-blacks and men, but the Black women get the most press while Trump smokes a cigar and counts his dead presidents. After all, didn't Omarosa co-produce a television series ALONG SIDE Donald Trump on TV ONE? Right Omarosa. Lets face it, the Black woman brings something to the table no other woman can to television: RATINGS. Whether it's educated or uneducated attitude, the Black woman's swagger and "I'm not having it" persona will bring in the Nielson's every time. But they will always get FIRED in the end.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Famous & Stupid: Reality Irresponsibly

Gone are the days when people achieve actual success and CELEBRITY follows as a result, now anyone can get famous and success is an after thought. Accomplishments was what used to get one famous, however this modern YOUTUBE & Celebreality Matrix has young people growing up wanting to curse and fight their way into fame and may be as a result they can buy a Bentley. Yes, it's a great thing that anyone can showcase their vocal abilities and other rare talents to an instant international audience, and there are a lot of talented people on YOUTUBE who deserve the fame, but much of what gets glory these days is the Antoine Dodson's and Nene Leakes of the world. I'm not even going to touch the race issue. The fact that much of the bafoonery comes from the African American stereotype's of classless uneducated trash, niggers fighting to the death, pulling weaves off, "hiding kids and wives" and banging pans together to become a legend in the Bad Girls Club. As Oprah Winfrey exits stage right, the television becomes almost completely absent of Black women of class. Wendy Williams gossips about celebrities while resembling a drag queen blow up doll, a funny lady with a degree or two, but silicon and weave don't exactly help the image. Star Jones would be a great person for young girls to emulate had it not been for the SLAVE MASTERS MOUTHPIECE Nene Leakes who tears down the intelligence and accomplishments of a professional Black woman any chance she can get. It's almost like she was strategically placed there in a show of stereotype and belittlement of the Michelle Obama's of the world & those striving to become it. Yes, Nene Leakes, an ex stripper with limited education arrives on the silver screen to curse out other black women in The Real Housewives of Atlanta, only to do further damage by lightening her skin with make up and getting a nose job to look more European. She behaves this way on a national stage in front of the eyes of her adolescent son who no doubt has to go to school every day to taunts and judgments. Often unprovoked, racially ashamed glorified hoodrat, stereotype extraordinaire, Nene acted on cue in the reality show's shes starred in, making the invisible puppet masters proud. "At some point, Nene attacked all the black women on the show and scared the other women to death with her aggressive approach," stated Star Jones to Hip Hollywood about her experience with Leakes on Celebrity Apprentice. In a nutshell what Jones said is like most Black women on TV these days, Leakes hated on the other Black women and their accomplishments while making the Whites fearful of her. Effectively, this ongoing placement of loud mouth sista's, sets an environment in the real world for Whites to be fearful of the angry Black woman and to negatively view the culture as self hating, not unified and lower class and even if you find a Black woman of esteem and education, there will be a hoodrat a few feet behind her. A few hoodrats on TV is fine, yes they do exist in real life, but for them to be the diva's while the Dr.'s play backup singer, is unacceptable. What we need is more substance, sophistication, diversity and hard work reflected on television. Children need to understand that it's ok to dream of being famous, but it's not ok to think it should be easy to get there. Hard work, education and dedication are what should illustrate your obituary. No matter the race, the world is dumbing itself down, pop culture shouldn't be popcorn eating entertainment alone, it should be engaging, progressive and clever. The accomplished lawyer, Phaedra Parks
has an outstanding resume, though it was ruined by her participation on a show that dumbs her down and associates her with the gold digging sisterhood of haters such as Nene Leakes and Sherre Whitfield. Yes we have Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, white stupid and famous for being famous, and the overarching concern I have is that there is an unrealistic and irresponsibly damaging focus on the superficial, random, controversial and entertaining celebrity. What the rose colored glasses don't let you see is that, What fame comes quick fades into obscurity even faster. I am guilty for watching shows like Bad Girls Club, Real Housewives, Celebrity Apprentice (though "CA" is about charity after all) and I admit I love the bafoonery of YOUTUBE, but as a humanity that is here to evolve and diversify itself increasingly over time, it seems that we are devolving, at least in our portrayal of ourselves. The questions I have is, If anyone can get famous, what is special about fame anymore? Does every loud mouth sass box deserve success? And is it ok to broadcast stereotypes because your filming a "REALITY"?

Boycotting Charity? Hate the Trump not the Apprentice

Racist or not... Controversial real estate tycoon Donald Trump delivers a weekly Sunday night Super Bowl with ratings topper Celebrity Apprentice. The comb over rocking, solemn faced Billionaire is often a bigger celebrity than the celebrities on the show. Celebrity Apprentice is a staple in pop culture, grown out of The Apprentice where mere mortals would fight to win a successful job with the Donald. In the celebrity version, celebrities battle it out for their chosen charities. So why are people rallying to boycott a show about charity? Celebrity Apprentice actually has nothing to do with Donald Trump or his company, it is a show that acts as: 1: An exposure medium for fading or rising stars 2: A two hour advertisement
for certain companies paying for product placement 3: An excuse to see how dramatically celebrities respond to pressure & competition, otherwise known as entertainment drama!
Yes the Donald has been off his rocker the last few weeks and it all began when he somehow thought he was qualified to run for President in 2012.
Following his announced interest in the presidency, Trump took it upon himself to criticize President Obama, claiming there had to be something up with him not releasing his birth certificate to being skeptical of his qualifications for attending Harvard. Obama had something for that ass by roasting Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner then interrupting Celebrity Apprentice (ET) to declare he killed Osama. Could you blame Obama after Trump bitched: "I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard," Trump continued, "We don’t know a thing about this guy. There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president." Another alarming statement: "He needs to get off his basketball court and worry about gas prices." Trump has been crucified for being the new celebrity racist and is quickly joining the ranks of radio racist, Rush Limbaugh. Professor Michael Dyson called Trump, "Racist by inference." Whether he is racist or not, his show has done wonders for such charities as, St. Jude's medical research hospital and their work with children suffering with aggressive cancers. And what about the Black celebrities who are on his show? Should they forget their charities and walk off Celebrity Apprentice because of Trump's controversial statements about Obama? OF COURSE NOT! Most of us are not going to boycott the show, it's just too damn entertaining and much of it is heart warming. Last week I shed a tear watching a little boy suffering from Luekemia, give a fist bump to country star John Rich before he hand delivered $20,000 to St. Jude's and has donated upwards of $650,000 to the hospital thus far through Celebrity Apprentice. Trump has even matched many of the donations companies have made who have been featured on the show. How could anyone boycott such a positive and necessary show?!
Other charities represented on the show this season include, AIDS Project L.A. (Latoya Jackson) The United Methodist Children's Home of North Georgia Conference (Lil Jon) Save the Music Foundation (Mark McGrath) American Red Cross (Niki Taylor) American Heart Association (Star Jones) Atlanta Union Mission: My Sister's House (Emotionally Violent Nene Leakes) Boycotting Celebrity Apprentice won't shut Donald Trump up nor will it bring down his Trump Towers of fortune. You probably don't have a Nielson ratings box on top of your TV anyway. Boycotting Celebrity Apprentice only implies that you don't care about little bald babies at St. Jude who benefit from the donation dependent hospital and other charities.
Do I think Donald Trump is racist? I can't say, what I do know is that as a black man it's upsetting to hear a white man question a black man's merits to get into ivy league schools. However, its far too satisfying to hate Nene Leakes and far too entertaining to see what eccentric outfit Latoya Jackson will throw together.