Monday, May 7, 2012

The EVIL Christian God

God seems pretty evil in the Bible
Meanwhile Lucifer is mostly chillin'

Growing up a preachers kid was extremely awkward. Religion was force fed to me more than brocolli. It wasn't like I only had one preacher parent, BOTH were preachers. The Black church was full of tambourines and animated sermons about damnation. Judgments barrelled toward the congregation like cannon balls. It seemed that according to the Bible, no matter what I did, I was still destined for Hell. Whether it was because I was a bastard, or because I was gay; I never felt worthy of Gods V.I.P. party in heaven. I felt like a mistake, as if God had a bad case of bubble guts and I happened to come out with the diarrhea. With all of the judgments that these Christians had upon people like me, I began to wonder...are they really in a position to judge? Aren't they also guilty of some of the ridiculous sins God outlines through his messengers in the Bible? In the videos above, I have discussed and analyzed a lot of the scripture which condemn such things like calling your father, "father" and dressing up to go to church. Such things are overlooked by fundamentalist Christians but in the same breath they take Sodom and Gomorrah literally and condemn homosexuals. These willfully ignorant Christians, some, not all, seem to miss the fact that God isn't so righteous Himself. Throughout the Bible, God does nothing but talk about how Jealous He is of other Gods, then claims He is the only God. God constantly murders His creations with fire and floods. He COMMANDS a father to kill his son on a mountain top. God even has the audacity and cowardice to have a Son born for the sole reason of doing the dirty work. Born only to be brutally murdered so that He can save the very people who His egotistical and judgmental Father constantly condemns. If you look at God, He seems to be a bit bipolar, some type of personality disorder. One minute He loves mankind to a point of saving them from persecution; then the next, He's sending seven plagues down to kill children, women and men in the most gruesome ways possible. I never connected to this God. I always felt this God didn't love me because I was an "abomination" and afterall, in the end, there is no pleasantries in sight. Who really wants to be in Heaven with a God whose that damn jealous and tempermental? Doesn't sound like heaven to me. I'd rather be in Hell.

At least then I know where I stand from one minute to the next with Satan. I am not a Satanist or DEVIL WORSHIPPER; more of an open minded philosopher. The philosophy of the Bible is contradictory. It seems that if God is love, then God would be love and not hate. And you may want to rebute and say God's expressing "tough love" but tough love doesn't entail genocide out of jealousy. The tough love defense wouldn't fly in any modern day court of law, except of course if you are George Zimmerman. How can a God of love, hate his creations to the point of killing them repeatedly, then acting like nothing happened by putting a gay ass rainbow in the sky? How can God preach through His son, "TURN THE OTHER CHEEK" if He Himself never turns the other cheek? He will burn your ass if you disrespect Him or call Him out of His name. The punishment never seems to fit the crime. In example, "If a man also lies with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to DEATH, their BLOOD shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:13.
If God truly wanted man to be with God with no other Gods before Him, you would think God would not have created another entity to begin with. That being evil. Evil didn't just come out of no where, God had to have created it by creating free will. If God allowed for free will in His creations, one would assume He wouldn't get too upset when the creations explore that free will. God wants us to have free will, but we dare not act on it. Bite that apple and you will be GROUNDED FOR ETERNITY! So we have free will but we are made to feel AFRAID to express that free will or suffer the wrath of God. How encouraging. I don't feel enslaved at all! The free will of the angels caused Lucifer to rebel. But can you really blame Lucifer? God wasn't the most laid back understanding, patient, boss. If I had a boss that damn possessive and controlling, I'd rebel as well. And what was so bad about an angel speaking their mind in heaven? Is heaven a tyranny? Evidently, Angels can't have any opinions or notice how beautiful they are. God was on a POWER TRIP so he threw Lucifer, the most beautiful and faithful angel, out of Heaven into the abyss. Lucifer only got "evil" after God overreacted to a mere voicing of opinion and growing discomfort with being a slave to Gods ego. To me Lucifer always seemed more like a realist. Speaking of Lucifer, He doesn't seem to appear much in the Bible. God wants us to stray away from evil so diligently, yet He doesn't give evil a chance to make its case in the Bible. How can one stray away from something which is unknown? I mean, what IS considered evil? Is it homosexuality? Is it working on the Sabboth? Is it eating red apples? And what evil acts does Lucifer do in the Bible? Lucifer tempts people such as Eve and Jesus, but the things the Devil tempts them to do aren't really that bad compared to plagues and floods. So Lucifer advertises an apple tree. A tree which God created and placed in the garden. A tree which is nutricious. A tree which gives knowledge. What is so bad about knowledge?

Why is God so invested in keeping Adam and Eve so ignorant? They can't understand their body parts? They can't know what evil is? How can you be GOOD if you know nothing about EVIL? You have created nothing but drones if you don't allow your sheep to explore EVERYTHING. God wants us to be sheep. Following His word and not listening to anything else. Not being able to be objective. If it wasn't for Satan, we would be naked and stupid. I mean what is so bad about KNOWING? Evil would have presented itself eventually. Lucifer seems to do nothing but try and HELP man in the beginning, because He understands what it's like to deal with "DAD." Then all of a sudden Lucifer wants to punish us? I'll come back to that. Eve would have eventually wanted to know more than Goodness and a God whose more like a warden than a loving Father. Afterall, didn't God KNOW the future and plan it accordingly? So we were just puppets all along in His game of fools? God seems to act outraged by things which He KNOWS will happen anyway. The Bible just seems like an unbelievable, well written reality show full of shock value. A highly rated show littered with egoism and baby mama drama. I mean come on, The Virgin Mary didn't even know who her baby daddy was. One minute it's Joeseph, and the next it's God. I'm sure she had to say God since she seemed to be so proud of being a virgin. I mean damn, she's known for eternity as "THE VIRGIN Mary" Why can't she just be, "Mary"? I don't mean any harm, and I know I have pissed people off with my videos and blogs, but really, this shit doesn't add up! God doesn't even want women to speak in his churches... "Let your woman keep silence in the churches, for it is not permitted unto them to speak." 1 Corinthians. but in the conveniently LOST book of Enoch, God doesn't even want man to HAVE CHURCHES AT ALL! Contradictions abound. Bipolar much? And here is the most frustrating theorhetical parts of the Bible, at least for me...Why would Lucifer punish those who are doing EXACTLY what he is doing? We are merely rebelling against that same arrogant, pompous, bipolar, egotistically controlling Father that you rebelled against. So why punish us? Why can't we come down to Hell and smoke some good weed for an enternity with Big L Dawg? I mean, Lucifer, do you really hate the "sinners" when you don't even believe in sin? Finally, are we really to believe Jesus didn't get His Holy rocks off when in human form? All the sexy Biblical women walking around with their titties out? (Or all the sexy Biblical men) Jesus did enjoy washing a lot of mens feet. If the purpose of Jesus Christ coming to earth was to die for our sins and to experience what WE AS HUMANS experience in the flesh; then wouldn't one of those major experiences be sex? Fatherhood? Family? Betrayal is outlined with Judas, and that's something we all experience. But when is Jesus getting it in? Apparently He did.
But The Vatican considered Mary Magdalene to be too much of a risk...along with slutty angels raping human women and having GIANT babies with them. (Omitted book of Enoch)  Jesus having sex without being married would be too much of a contradiction. Right. Because all of the other contradictions are ok. Honestly, I think those angels in Sodom and Gomorrah deserved to get gang raped homo style. Afterall, angels did come down and engage in heterosexual rape with countless women. This has been the TRUE Gospel according to Isayaah. Not that "other" Prophet, "Isaiah." LOL You want people to mindlessly follow your God, you want to call people abominations, then you're going to need to deal with those of us who actually decide to read the Bible. (And it's "LOST" books) This is eternity we are talking about, why not KNOW EVERYTHING? I need to make an INFORMED DECISION. Pass me that apple Eve. Damn that's some tasty KNOWLEDGE bitch!

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