Friday, March 9, 2012


I've got a thing for Pastor Love
Without a church
He keeps my eyes on above

I want to be his tesimony
Disrobe his Holy
Have him kneel down and hold me

And tonight
I need salvation
I'll read his Bible
But we'll end at creation...

...Deliver me
Speak on me
In tongues.

Catching your Spirit
And at 4am
Our sermon will still be young

As I get down and pray
Climb on your steeple
There's no resting this Sunday

Work me like Job
I'll prove to be faithful
Annoint me with your probe

Baptize my body in yours
I'm your Crusader
I'll fight and end all wars

I've loved a lot of false prophets
Worshipped false idols
But with only you, do I profit
If it's blasphemy
I don't want to stop it

Can I get a witness?
His pride is a pulpit
His faith is relentless

He never falls for temptation
A Jezebels fornication
Could never be as sweet
as my communion's libation

He gets down and drinks me
In remberance of we
They pretend to be meek
But he turns the other cheek

I once was blind
But now I see
He loves from behind
And all over me

Baby preach to me


Preach to me!

At the midnight hour

Preach to me!

Until I repent

Preach to me!

Until walls come tumbling down

Preach to me!

(C) 2012 Isayaah Parker Publishing

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