Saturday, December 8, 2012

WHITE IS RIGHT: Real Housewives of Atlanta

Obama will be sworn in for his second term in a few weeks and Black people are finally more than butlers and maids in movies and TV shows, but it doesn't mean we aren't still exploited.
Andy Cohen's Bravo channel has done a lot for the careers of Black people as well as gays. But what I find fascinating is the need for the Real Houswives franchise to be segregated. Now that Kim Zolciak is gone from Real Houswives of Atlanta, that show is "the black one" and the 5 million other housewives shows are white, or "NORMAL" I say normal because ever since I can remember, I'd go to the toy stores and what did I see? White Barbies and White action figures on FULL DISPLAY in the front;
But behind them or somewhere on the bottom shelf, hidden from view was the dusty black versions. Toys are often segregated by race and kids are indoctrinated into the notion that the white doll is the normal doll but more than that, THE PRETTY DOLL. This hasn't ended. Nicki Minaj is touring the world promoting her WHITE IS RIGHT agenda. Calling her fans "Barbz" and making herself look as white as possible. Oh come on Barbz, stop being delusional, have you ever seen a BLACK Barbie at the store with blonde hair, blue eyes and hanging out with Ken?
Yes her "Ken dolls" are supposedly her male fans. The real white barbies of Beverly Hills and the real white barbies of New Jersey are the normal ones and the ghetto dusty black barbies reside in Atlanta and mostly black people watch them. In order for these real black barbies to get famous and get notoriety, what do they have to do? They have to subscribe to the Nicki Minaj strategy. They have to WHITE WASH THEMSELVES.
Nene Leakes said in one of her confessionals last season when referring to her white boyfriend, a friend of Donald Trumps, "White is right!" I'm not making this up, this is a real quote from her. Of course you noticed how Nene looks awfully different than what she looked like when she first came on the scene. Oh yes her nose has been slimmed down, her hair has become blonde and she hangs out with every rich white man she can find. Not to mention starring in White sitcoms as the token black bitch that everyone laughs at. Like a sideshow, like a circus. Yes, we are still segregated but we are doing it to ourselves. We are allowing for this, "White is RIGHT" mentality to fester in our communities and to explode on screen. What is also true is that for black people to get uber-successful (the term successful is subjective) they have to white wash or be clowns. For instance, black women tend to have to be ghetto but white looking like Tamar Braxton and black men have to be clowns like Eddie Murphy or Tyler Perry. (Dave Chappele discussed this in depth in interviews with Oprah & James Lipton) I don't understand why there can't be more diversity, why blacks and whites can't star in shows together without it being blatently obvious that the ONE black person was picked to meet a quota, or in the Real Housewives of ATL case, the ONE white bitch was picked to meet a quota. This is a society obsessed with segmentation. Look at all the tv channels for each group. Do Black people really only listen to Lil Wayne and Mary Mary? Or has this been force fed to them? I'm black and I don't care much for Jesus or gospel music yet Black entertainment television thinks that I do. I really don't care for booty shaking hoes, not because I'm gay, but because the music is a bit trite. Now you might say, Isayaah, what about The Cosby show? What about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Yes, there has been some positive images of blacks on tv where they didn't have to white wash or be clowns. But those examples are minimal compared to the onslaught of coonery going on. It's hard to be black and proud when all I see is black celebrities with caked on foundation that's five shades lighter than their ass. You may say that I am part of the problem, I do watch some of these shows and I do make video reviews of the Real Housewives, it's entertainment, I am not saying to boycott it. What I will do is address the issues and write the networks. Black people have so much to offer with all of their diversity, but Toys R Us only advertises Alicia Keys, and throws India Airie in the clearance aisle.

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  1. Thats not true. You need to uncover your Black vs White eyes and see the truth. The white one is Beverly Hills, the Hispanic one is Miami, the Italian one is New Jersey, and the Mix one is New York and Atlanta is the Black one. Wake up.