Saturday, December 22, 2012




Holding your fingers in my palm

Your eyes never look into mine.

You aint thinkin' about me

but I can't get you out of my mind.


Last night we made love

Kissing with eyes closed.

But the sun rose on emptiness

I'm not the one you chose.


His photography

decorates your walls

You jump out of bed

The second he calls


Why am I here?

Shedding a tear

When I'm just a job

No where near a career.


I scream your full name

Love you never exclaim

But my delusions

Believe that sex is the same.

I've been here before

Self appointed whore

Reading too much

into lust and war.


We've made it this far

Dating others

who we hurt

I tried to play it cool

But you took off your shirt


Now I'm down on your rugs

No pillow talk in the bed

I'm strung out on drugs

Hallucinogenic newly wed


And in darkness of motels

Sometimes in your room

Drunk from the cocktails

Arousing adrenaline turns to gloom

I deserve so much more than this

Leaning over my body

Like I'm what's next on the list


Between love and lust

there's an eighty foot fence

I feel I can jump it

God please grant me common sense,

To leave this behind

Find something that's mine

I'm tired of fraudulent feelings

arresting me like a crime.

Love isn’t in store
I’ve been here before
Reading too much…
Lust and War.

-Isayaah Parker


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