Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Where are you on the scale?

Are you GAY or STRAIGHT? You think you know, but you have NO idea. It is a question that many people THINK they know the answer to. Of course, there is a large population of rather self hating human beings who will tell you one thing but climb in bed with another thing hours later. We may get to that later....
First of all, why do we use the term "Straight." It implies that all others are crooked and living off-road and against the "Straight" and narrow path. Quite condescending.
I am not here to turn anyone out, because there is nothing to turn out. I am here to help you rethink what sexuality really means. First of all, I have a huge issue with LABELS. I don't think we as sophisticated, complex humans should walk around this earth calling each other BLACK, GAY, STRAIGHT, ASIAN, WHITE, FEMINEN, MASCULINE, TOP, BOTTOM...ETC. You catch my drift. Labels limit our truest potential and catapult us into an existence of expectation rather than exploration. We fail to understand the science behind the fact that there is nothing in our DNA that determines something like RACE. Race doesn't exist,  (SOCIAL CONSTRUCT) and you know what? Neither does sexual orientation.

 You see sexuality is a spectrum, a very long spectrum that goes from MOSTLY SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO THE OPPOSITE SEX, to the other extreme. But no one is completely straight or gay. Just like no one is completely White or Black; Asian or Latino. To call yourself a WHITE man is very moronic because it implies that your family tree has nothing but white apples up on it when you know good and well apples of all colors stem from the same original tree. It is very divisive and limiting, but frankly pathetic that we CHOOSE to live in a black and white world. A world where we allow the social norms to sway our belief systems....Our world is so diverse and NOTHING is concrete or 100%

Many narrow minded bigots have stood on their soap boxes and proclaimed that homosexuality is "unnatural." Well that is partially true. You see it is rather unnatural to call yourself a homosexual, or heterosexual as neither exist. What does exist is the fact that we as humans are not attracted to the sex of a person, but we are attracted to what the sex of a person represents. Naturally, we as humans are attracted to physical attributes as well as persona...the SWAG of an individual. But that has nothing to do with what turns us on. Many of us don't even know what turns us on. I thought that I was turned on by big biceps and six packs but having been sexual with a few muscle heads, NOT ALL OF THEM CAN ROCK MY BOAT.

I have considered myself gay for all of my life and I just realized that I was limiting myself to a world of erogenous satisfaction. I had to ask myself, WHAT TURNS ME ON? Now ask yourself. You'd be surprised. You see it's not a man itself that turns me on; rather, it's masculinity, attentiveness, a protective nature, deep set eyes, intelligence, talented tongue on the side of my neck...and all of these things can be delivered by some women. I then sought out women who were close to a female version of my male fantasy. I  asked them to do certain things... (with my eyes closed of course, I will admit that seeing a set of breasts doesn't help my gay ass achieve an erection) ...but I asked them to rub and kiss my neck, I listened to their voice, I felt what was a dildo against my hand and I stood up ready for battle. The same types of studies have been done in labs where so-called straight boys were made to watch gay porn and the sensor that they wore on their Johnny Rockets revealed they were turned on by some aspect of the porn. Doesn't mean they were DOWNLOW, these were actually straight men and the same was done for self-proclaimed gays. What is interesting, is that the common theme is that most of the subjects were turned on in some way by pornography that they would never have looked at. I guess it proves the notion, "don't knock it till' you try it" But there are also situations where straight men recieve blindfolds and think a woman is going down on them but it's a man and they cum full blast. I mean think about it, certain sexual ACTS turn you on and not the SEX of the individual.

Again, sexuality is a spectrum, and there are those who are closer to the extremes or toward the middle (BISEXUAL) but overall, we as humans have erogenous spots in and on our bodies that if ANYONE pleasures, you get aroused. For men, you already know where that zone is. Yes, right up there in the prostate. Right up there in the ass. This is proven. So just because a man takes something up the ass, doesn't mean he is GAY....Take so-called LESBIANS for example. A lot of them use DILDOS for vaginal a lesbian is suppose to be someone who does not like PENIS at all...well open your mind. It is not about the is about the WOMAN stimulating that clitoris with that dildo. But the WOMAN is nothing but a representation of what turns her on, maybe the SHE represents SENSUALITY, she thinks she is turned on by the sex of the person, but she is turned on by what it represents, I.E. the dildo REPRESENTING her partner DOMINATING her. It has nothing to do with being a lesbian or male organ; but lets keep it real, for the lesbian whose getting fucked, a man could do the same for her. It's all about the CLIT.

Just close your eyes and let the evil penis in! I beg of you, don't dismiss this as just a clouded bias opinion of a gay man whose been marginalized and thinks the heterosexuals need a wake up's not about that...however I do think fighting for sexuality equality is rather silly when sexuality IS equality. What's equal about all of us is that we ALL JUST WANT TO GET OUR ROCKS OFF! How we achieve that has infinite possibilities. Open your mind. Your G SPOT doesn't know what sex someone is...YES MEN HAVE G SPOTS TOO! May be it's in your ass Mr. Heterosexual...but let that women please you there....then think about how a man could do it as well. Gay men...think about how a woman could please you with that dildo, lights turned low, a very attentive tongue and a very unexpected cum. SIDENOTE: A lot of men, especially Black men, like doing it in the butt, they like phat asses...doesn't that sound like what a lot of GAY TOPS like? What's the difference in a female ass and male ass? And that whole TOP/BOTTOM thing is just as limiting as saying you are GAY. There SHOULD BE MORE TO SEX THAN PENETRATION....and this goes for man on man, woman on woman, woman and man...because if you ask yourself what REALLY turns you on during sex, I gararantee you, it's not the penetration itself. For me it's what leads up to it...the foreplay. Without it, you may as well put your pants back on partner! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

If we all expand our horizons and think beyond the borders that are placed on the concentration camps of our sexualities, then we can all get our rocks off EQUALLY. There would be no more debates and hate crimes. Never apologize for getting your rocks off no matter who helps you get there. We are only in this world once, so why not explore every facet of your sexual being. Women have never had to rely on a mans penis to achieve an orgasm; sex toys prove that it's not about the SEX of the individual that makes you ERUPT, it is the specific sexual attention on certain areas of your body...the unexpected and the voyage of exploration. Stop living your life EXPECTING, start EXPLORING the UNEXPECTED. Stop labeling yourself and start INVENTING yourself. When you do that, HE OR SHE WILL THINK YOU INVENTED SEX!!! #TreySongz Happy Cumming People! Much love

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