Sunday, November 4, 2012


Mister Smart phone,
Mister the games on,
I haven't seen much of you lately
Just a bunch of bullshit
From your Qwerty.
The fact is
you're not even worthy
But slowly, surely
I'm hung up on your jury,
choking on the verdict...
Good dick just isn't worth it.
Passion fruit kisses
But a lot of your hoes
can bare witness.
Your best friend
Is really your mistress
You moaned his name
in six positions on the mattress.
Mumbling Chris when you hit this
I guess first loves
never die
Your tongue
so good to my insides
I can't get off of this ride.

These days you hardly come by
Routines of catching you in lies.
Hanging with your boys
no surprise,
I know that queen
will keep you buzzing
'round her bee hive.
My cop friend knows
How fast you drive...
Pulled you over near her exit
on the seventy five.
I'm looking too good
To be an on-call whore
condom wrapper
glowing on your dirty ass floor...
Who'd you use that on?
Was it Grinder slutty Sean?
Nigga you're a joke
Facebooking for your pokes.
I'm rocking my own boat
Since you aint even here to stroke.
you always look good
So hood
But you're not in this
like I thought you would.
Your job, your games, your boys
Your hoe-wood fame
But my gullibility is the one to blame.
You were the only to console me
The only one to hold me down
but all the sleeping around
The bitches in the pound
Has me searching for my heart
In lovers lost and found.
Love is not enough
When trust is so tough
Our history is
keeping me in handcuffs.
I'm hoarding all of your stuff
Love is not enough...

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  1. My good brotha Isayaah, my brutha of kindred spirit! Like a lot of your writings, I LOVE this! I can't say more than to say I often envy your unique talent for structuring words in such a poetic flow. Again, this is awesome!