Thursday, February 7, 2013


Ever since Alicia Keys exploded on to the scene with her smash hit, "Fallin'", rumors have swirled about her sexuality. As she displayed a hard Hells Kitchen, New York swag with pants and cornrows, her testosterone party had people talking, "is she gay?"
Alicia Keys (Left) Dana Owens (Right) HOW THEY DOING?

For one, I am a gay man and I couldn't care less about anyone being gay, straight, bisexual or confused. What I do care about is the need to feminize one-self to sell records just to be "mainstream." Over the years, Keys has taken out the braids, straightened her hair and put on designer dresses to appeal to the estrogen loving masses. Her debute album, Songs in A minor, showcased her deep speaking voice which often times wasn't afraid to curse like a typical G standing on a New York corner. I was instantly a huge young fan of Keys with her relatable lyrics and melodies which caught me up in a rapture of a groove. But as the years went by and the dresses got even tighter, her depth faded and I knew it was all over when she teamed up with the industry whore, Beyonce, for a song that was cheesier than a Britney Spears perfume commercial.

Keys in a warm embrace
But just as Alicia Keys is at the height of her career, butchering the National Anthem at the 2013 Super Bowl, her secrets come out. That's right, she may not be willing to tell anyone's secrets from their "DIARY" but the world is surely about to read hers. An anonymous woman from Queens, New York is set said to have a very interesting five minute or so video of Keys in a very intimate situation with her. The footage was allegedly shot not long before Keys exploded on the scene. A blurry still shot of Keys with her arm around this latina looking woman is sure to excite the imagination of anyone watching. This is similar to the strange video of a butchy NICKI MINAJ LOOKA-LIKE that was said to be proof of Nicki's natural DOM lesbian ways. The video sparked heated debate amongst believers and skeptics, especially since the woman in the video never came out and said it was her and Nicki never refuted it officially. If this woman looks like Alicia Keys, I'm sure the same will happen.

Why are these entertainers still so reluctant to come out of the closet? Look, for all I know, Alicia Keys is straight and actually loves Swiss Beats and his penis. She may have stole him from Mashonda or maybe they used to have threeways? Who knows and really, it's none of our business. But what is our business is the fact that these entertainers claim to promote "girl power" and "self love" and call themselves "Queens" yet they are in such a self-ashamed relationship with their image. Queen Latifah, I'm looking at you...
What's on the COVER is never the full story

Raven Symone & alleged fashion model girlfriend 
Raven Symone doesn't seem to think it's anyones business who she dates, male or female, yet she openly supports gay rights. Why support gay rights if you can't even reveal your sexuality? Relationships should be private, I can understand that, but no one expects for heterosexuals to keep their SEXUALITY STATUS private. You don't see Beyonce hiding her heterosexuality to the world, she just hides the details of her marriage. But to the question of being GAY, all of a sudden it's private? How is that empowering any one? Especially young girls who are struggling with their sexuality. If Raven is ashamed, then I should be as well. Great message bitch! What is empowering is women like Ellen Degeneres coming on television and staring into the camera saying, "I am gay!" What is empowering is Lance Bass, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Andy Cohen not giving two fucks about anyone's views on sexuality because you know what, Wanda Sykes is raising her babies and loving her white wife whether you like it or not. But what is it about Black Women in music where they feel they can't be gay or their careers will be over? Surely we live in an ever increasingly liberal world where gay isn't a dirty word anymore. But then again, the Black world is a different story. Black people are said to be the most homophobic of them all and I can attest to that having grown up a gay preachers kid in the Black church.

I haven't seen this tape, I have just heard about it's existence and it was described to me. What I will say from MY OWN PERSONAL perspective is that Alicia Keys doesn't seem completely straight. Something has my GAYDAR flashing red. I respect Keys and her work with AIDS and everything else but if she is living a double life, then it's time to stop promoting that lifestyle of shame.

The Queen and her "friend" BET doesn't like this 

What we need is more Adam Lambert's of all sexes, music genre's and races who are bold in their sexuality as the "mainstream" heterosexuals who boldly express and propagate theirs.

I am a proud and out GAY BLACK MAN and I've had to battle a lot of Hell from my own self and the world to get to this point. I know what it's like to grow up suicidal, confused, self-hating and lacking confidence in a world of bullying. I know what it's like to be seen as an abomination, something abnormal and something that needs to be changed. I've tried to pray the gay away, it didn't work and I'm glad it didn't! Whatever gets anyone's rocks off is their business, but if you are going to be a public figure and advocate self-love and tolerance, then you better practice what you preach. You can't exist in a closet and sing about freedom.


  1. Wow - amazing post - thanx for speaking out - and you're right, heterosexuals don't *hide* their sexuality, in fact, everyone assumes you're strait, cisgender, monogamous and vanilla until you prove otherwise, and that's bullshit - i don't hide who i am, and i shouldn't have to. But i know so many people who don't fit the assumptions who compartmentalize their lives - "i don't tell my daughter i'm poly or kinky, she doesn't need to know about that part of my life..." what "part" of your life are you talking about? You are what you are - you're not sliced into parts. And these people who set themselves up as "queens" or so called "role models" or "heroes" all know that everyone has their assumptions, and won't rock the boat, so they pretend to be something they're not. If Bill Clinton had just told everyone he and Hilary had an open marriage, he was poly, and as far as they're concerned he's not doing anything wrong, so mind your own business...he's not lying about anything - of course, he wouldn't have gotten elected either. Maybe, if stars young people looked up to stayed out of the closet, things like that would change.

  2. Thank you for those empowering words... Very inspiring! As for myself, I recently came out to both my mother and my aunt at 33. And I was afraid at first but my mother and my aunt told me that they loved me no matter what. I'm glad too because my aunt who raised me as her own was a really religious person when she was alive. I'm very glad that I got the opportunity to be honest with her. I felt that was one of the most bravest things I've ever done. I'm bisexual by the way ;-)

  3. Thanks for reading ladies. Kimberly, CONGRATS ON COMING OUT and the warm response from your mother and aunt. Yes, it was very brave. Great points Kitten