Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who is worse? Paula Deen or Tyler Perry?

I recently pitched a sarcastic, yet sadly realistic idea for Tyler Perry to team up with Paula Deen to produce an all negro musical. After all, Deen needs a career booster, (At this point she needs a career period) and I am sure Perry wants the best for Deen since she is "friends" with Oprah who herself teamed up with Perry for wonderful Black stereotypical programming on The Oprah Winfrey Network, (OWN). Oprah went from change-your-life- TV to I-need-to-end-my-life-TV with the introduction of Tyler Perry bafoonery. I won't be surprised when Perry produces a ghetto version of Carmen Jones starring Joseline Hernandez.

The evil Black whore on "Haves and Have Nots" getting White money

Paula Deen is the perfect match for Tyler Perry. After all, he makes us resemble what Deen thinks we all look like, "THE HELP." I've grown to be less and less a fan of Tyler Perry with each passing stereotypical project he puts out, Whether it's on the big or small screen or the stage. He exploits and emphasis all of the stereotypical and lowest points of Black people; specifically with his obsession with loud, Black older women with third grade educations. That's right, let's watch an ensemble of Black actors eat chicken wings, ribs and grits while waving guns around and praising Jesus!
Perry loves big breasted Black women who look and behave as if they're on the underground railroad; Meanwhile, our people have advanced beyond that and have diversified our positions in society. So I wouldn't be surprised if Perry's hag Oprah, signs up her sista-girlfriend Paula, to collaborate with Perry for a musical sideshow on OWN. I distinctly remember Massa Deen's treatment of  Oprah and Gale when they came to visit her and had to sleep in the slave quarters, oh I mean, "Guest House." Tyler and Paula would jump at the opportunity to make a negro musical, and the Academy would be even more excited to hand out Oscars to negros singing about ribs. (Remember Halle Berry's make-me-feel-good titties and a racist white man who anally fucked her? She said "This is for all the nameless faces!" while accepting the Oscar. Well maybe being nameless is better than not being shameless...) 

And the Academy Award goes to....the negro who fucked the racist!

I am sure Black actresses like Octavia Spencer who got an academy award for serving white people food and changing white babies diapers, would be glad to sign on. Let's not forget, that a Perry Production would be nothing without Sojourner Truth herself, CICELY TYSON!
Tyson & Perry on set. "Profanity Free"? Really? When you curse & tote guns in your films?
I hope people don't crucify me for this, but you know there is an ounce of truth in this. We need to do better BLACK HOLLYWOOD. There's nothing wrong with ribs, all races enjoy them, but there's a lot wrong with acting like Black people can't enjoy some filet mignon every now and then. Catch it.

Perry's "Love Thy Neighbor"
Perry's 1940's comedy style seems like it's made for White people's entertainment. If Tyler Perry were White, Blacks would have long boycotted his shit and the NAACP would try him in court for mass murder! But he's Black, so get the negroes on the stage and watch them eat watermelon. It's almost like the characters in his movies, plays and now sitcoms, are actually White people in Black face. "Love Thy Neighbor" is what really has me throwing my hands in the air, It's Tyler Perry's latest racially stereotypical sitcom that Oprah, the first Black Billionaire, sadly co-signs. He exploits yet another busty older Black woman who has more sass than the ladies of Basketball Wives. The vernacular used on that show reminds me of slaves trying to learn English and screaming in the court room,


Let's also clock the tea on that unfortunate but top-rated Perry show, "The Haves and the Have Nots" 
The main character happens to be a slutty dark skin Black woman who uses her vagina to get what she wants. AT LEAST THAT'S HOW IT'S ADVERTISED
Why does her skin tone matter? 
Well one only has to look at the history of Tyler Perry productions where dark skinned Black people are USUALLY the villains, the ones who lack morals or the dirty ones. 
There always seems to be a light bright Black person who comes in and saves the day!
Perry put his name all over Precious to no shock to myself. Remember how the light skin Black people were the only ones who had sense? Mariah Carey, Paula Patton, Lenny Kravitz...
Meanwhile Sherri Shepherd can't be bothered while popping gum on the phone at work, Monique wants her daughter to lick her HIV infested pussy and the main character was celebrated for being fat, Black, ignorant and depressed.

But why are Black people supporting this nonsense? Why are we not doing more to stop this repetitive coonery of Blacks acting like monkeys at the circus and getting rewarded for it?
Lynn Whitfield was a dynamic award winning Black actress who once played Josephine Baker. Tyler Perry tarnished her career by casting her as a loud mouth, evil woman who claimed to "Vacation in Hell" in MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION.
And Angela Basset, your Tyler Perry assigned role in Meet the Browns wasn't as bad, but you know better girl! And I commend you for having enough integrity to turn down MONSTERS BALL. (Not produced by Perry of course)
As a gay Black man, I have also noticed how Perry has so much SELF-HATRED, (Catch it) that he paints negative pictures of Black homosexuals in a few of his films. In one of the Why Did I get Married? films, us gay Black men are nothing more than colorful, loud bafoons who are sideshows used to humiliate your husband by flamboyantly popping out of a cake. Janet Jackson, a bisexual avid supporter of the gay and lesbian community, unfortunately sold her soul with that film as well as her role in, "For Colored Girls..." In that melodramatic film, we can summate that gay black men are all AIDS infested downlow, promiscuous closet-cases.

The evil HIV infected Black downlow man with an angry Black woman

I am aware that there has been a lot of criticism from the Black community, including Black Hollywood Producers like Spike Lee. Others have chosen to criticize him while the cameras are off...shhh.....
But what is Spike Lee doing to counter these images? He is doing nothing right now other than creating an environment of one Black man against another. As a Black film maker, why not let your work speak for itself. Why not put out progressive Black films AT THE SAME TIME as Perry's tambourine, Aww Shucks I ran out of hot sauce, revivals? Get on the set and leave the social commentary to Cornel West.

SIDENOTE: I did NOT agree with Spike Lee's criticism of D'JANGO

In closing, I hope that we as a people can also look at our own community while pointing fingers at White people who call us niggers and who encourage us to utilize the back door. I hope we also become brave enough to demand more from Black Entertainment Television(BET) and actually OWN our own shit rather than selling it to Viacom. I hope that when we do OWN our OWN shit, (CATCH IT) that we do not allow for the network to resemble Black Face. It is tragic that we as a people have been granted the opportunity to be equals and build our own, and all we have to show for it is MADEA's frying pan of grits, Training Day, The Help, Monsters Ball, meaningless Oscars, and booty shaking hoes in music videos. I have a dream today, that one day, Black Billionaire's who own their own networks, can promote BLACK DOCTORS rather than scores of condescending White Doctors. I have a dream that one day, we can assume that Blacks will want diverse entertainment that doesn't always include Jesus and Jumpin Jim Crow humor. I envision a world where gay Black film moguls can be BOLD enough to go beyond stereotypes, be pioneering enough to take a stand against GAY WON'T SELL TO THE BIBLE BELT and at least attempt to tell more than one story. I would hope, that we will not buy the ticket just because the face behind it is Black, but because it really is great material on multiple levels beyond slap-stick, overdone, slap-your-mama, drag queen humor. I would hope, that one day, Black men can rise to fame as the gay men that some are and be aware of their responsibility to use it wisely.
We have come so far, but we don't even know the meaning of that five pointed star in the logo.
It is NOT ours.


  1. Well put, Isayaah. I am NOT - and never have been an Oprah fan or a Tyler Perry fan (although I've seen a few of his movies) and until recently, I had no clue as to who the fuck Paula Dean was - nor did I care. I don't give a damn about any the aforementioned people. I am probably one of the few hundred or so Blacks or persons of color who do not feel the need or the obligation to support any film, TV, stage show or other forms of media entertainment simply because it happened to have been written, produced and/or directed by some person of color or that it features Black actors. I have my own mind and tend to give support to ANY media production based on what I've personally seen and/or heard and with which I have enjoyed or agreed.

  2. Isayaah I will never hate on you for speaking your mind, I will say this you told nothing but the real deal, we as black people need to stop supporting all of this damn foolishness and step up to the plate and say no more, Black people is so much better than this and "Tyler Perry" do try to put black people down with his non point of view shows.. well said man

    1. Thanks a lot Christopher. Sorry I fatigued the person below. Yes, it's just opinions. We can do better.