Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why are Blacks defending Paula Deen?

Blacks in America are currently under the first Black Presidency in history. Black Americans have seen Oprah Winfrey rise to Billionaire status and laws that shatter blockades in numerous areas for them. These are milestones, we have made it. But have we? Some Black scholars say that we were better off during segregation because we supported each other more, owned more of our own businesses and had a greater sense of community. We used our churches to mobilize civil rights movements, whereas today we use the church to demonize homosexuals.

What happened to our people? What happened to a people who raised their fists against racism? They've grown older and many have died. The newer generations, well, they are busy on their I Phones, playing Candy Crush and updating their Facebook statuses. They see a world through rose colored glasses while many Whites do not own those glasses and still see them as Niggers with brown, dirty skin.

Racism didn't just die just because a Pastor made a speech on the National Mall. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went through Hell and high water just to have Black people defend racists like Paula Deen?

Since this whole she-bang started with Paula Deen, I have gotten myself into numerous arguments with Blacks who do not seem to understand the big deal about Paula Deen using the word Nigger. Oh there is no reason to rally against her, they say, because Black people use the word nigger all of the time and we kill each other more than the white man has ever killed us...

So with this logic, why not defend the KKK who have killed Black people? Blacks kill each other right? So what's the big deal about racist rednecks killing us? I really am sick and tired of this coonish attitude of, THE BLACK MAN DOES IT, SO THE WHITE MAN CAN.

For me, it's about INTENT, and CONTEXT.

Frankly, there are many words in different social and ethnic groups, which only their group can use, and no one else can. Gay men can call their female friends "BITCHES" where a straight man better not or he will get knocked upside of his head!

Look, it is simple. Blacks use the word "NIGGA" without the "ER" on the end among each other. They took a negative word and made it into a term of endearment, therefore stripping it of its power. But it is a different word than the ER word. You don't hear Blacks saying, "WHAT'S UP MY NIGGER" no, they say, "Whats up my NIGGA!" When Paula Deen spoke to her husband, (according to the deposition) about that Black man who held a gun to her head, she referred to him as a "NIGGER" and not a "NIGGA." Furthermore, why would she use it in the "HIP HOP" sense, if she were speaking about someone who almost killed her? No she spoke NEGATIVELY about the Black man and used the most NEGATIVE word possible. Any White woman who can go on national TV and demean a Black man by equating his looks to a BLACK BOARD is ignorant. Any white person who can trivialize slavery by implying that White's know Blacks very well from their historical "close relationship" in the south is a racist. Ummm, Paula, we didn't ask for that "close-relationship" and that close-relationship is called SLAVERY.

And I am THROUGH with all of these Whites who hit me up in forums trying to argue with me about why they should be able to call me a nigger. Of course they use the rationale about rappers using it and Blacks calling each other NIGGA. They wonder what is so bad about the QUEEN OF THE CONFEDERACY calling us niggers and lodging butter up our asses so we don't feel its sting. TAKE A SEAT

The question I have for you is, Why are you so interested in using the word in the first place? Isn't it a bit tacky to argue with a Black person about why you can't call them a nigger? As if you are some spoiled self-entitled kid who has temper tantrums at Chuck E Cheese because you want your turn on the little horse.

And then there's the whole victim speech about how Blacks have called White's crackers and how is that any different...? blah blah blah. You know these accusations of double standards are more ridiculous than Kim Kardashian naming her baby North West. Cracker was derived from the CRACKING sound which the whip made before it violently struck the backs of slaves. Cracker meant, "The one who cracks the whip" and I am so sorry if Black people called your ancestors a bad name because they lynched and beat "niggers."

The word cracker is not used very often in modern society anyway and it is not involved in any major social or cultural arena like music. It has not been used in the same negative context historically for as long as the word nigger and it was used by an OPPRESSED people, not by anyone who OPPRESSES.

A White gentleman tried to tell me that the word NIGGER began as a term of endearment by the Whites, referring to the Latin and Spanish origins meaning "brown skin" BITCH PLEASE. They saw that brown skin and put a derogatory name to it. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. You can quote Wikipedia all you want, but the word NIGGER was GIVEN to Africans, therefore how could it EVER have been positive?


I mean this woman is worse than Michelle Bachmann on her history. Look, we need to stop being afraid to use the race card when a White person already pulled it out, put strobe lights on it and blew it up 1000 times it's size!!! She is a White woman who uses the word NIGGER more loosely than NeNe Leakes uses the word "BITCH."

Have we become so "equal" that we defend racists so that we do not upset the Whites? Are we afraid of appearing too militant? Or are we so preoccupied with going against the "Angry Black" stereotype that we smile politely as Whites call us niggers and tell us to use the back door?
Cedric the Entertainer in "BARBER SHOP" making fun of Rosa Parks

Enough is enough. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves Black people! The White owners of the FOOD NETWORK fired her and here you are defending her?! When Whites are willing to see more racism than Blacks are willing to admit to seeing, then you know there is a problem.

I am almost ready for Obama to bring on some Jim Crow laws so that we can be reminded as to how much power we have together, just like any other ethnic group in the world. We are too busy killing each other and defending racists that we are blind to the reality of our backward motion. We are living in a time when BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION is run by Viacom White people and more exploitation goes on there than on FOX NEWS. We are in a society where Tyler Perry showcases more "BLACK FACE" than Thomas D. Rice in "Jump Jim Crow" in 1828. You could swear to God a White man is behind that ghetto, exploitative, stereotype exploding, Madea face of make-up!
And his new show "Love Thy Neighbor" on OWN takes us back 50 years and is enough to make any Black person get another degree.

I am sick of hearing about Black rappers using the word Nigga and calling women hoes and bitches as some kind of excuse for racists to call us niggers. It is NOT a double standard for 50 Cent to say "NIGGA PLEASE," and for Black listeners to get upset over Paula Deen calling a Black man a nigger! It is a DIFFERENT CONTEXT and the intent of 50 CENT was not to be hateful. I feel like a lot of people today are afraid to use common sense and afraid to see the bowel movement because they don't want to smell it.
Tyler Perrys, "Love Thy Neighbor" on OWN is deplorable

Now what I can say, is that I do not agree with crying wolf every time something initially and subliminally SEEMS racist. I did not cry racism when Zimmerman was first arrested and let go in the Trayvon Martin case. I said look, maybe the boy really did look suspicious and that neighborhood did have a lot of recent robberies. I eventually changed my mind based on evidence. Paula Deen has given us enough ammunition to call her what she is, a sixty-six year old racist who has had to water her bigoted ways down to get to where she is today. I do believe Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made mountains out of molehills in the past. I do understand that we do not need to bring out that race card so much that no one responds to our fire alarm. But when something is as blatant as as, "OF COURSE I USE THE N WORD" as Paula Deen said in her deposition, then it's time for that bitch to get fired and get herself some AARP!


  1. Simply put....AMAZING Blog post. I co-sign this 100% xoxox


  2. Agreed! I am a white woman who is stunned by the support being thrown Paula Deen's way. It was not just one word uttered one time thirty years ago. And even if so, there was no excuse for it then, either. I keep reading comments that she didn't mean it or know what it meant, that "that's not what's in her heart", that blacks can say it - why can't we [I mean wth -- that's not even close to being the same thing], she's an old lady and that was okay, and other ignorant and vile excuses. There is no chance in hell that any American over the age of say, four, doesn't know that word is disgusting and wrong and should never be used. And it's not a word that *slips* out unless it's something that you think or use. Her age is no excuse either -- my mom is older and it wasn't acceptable under any circumstances. Even if she was raised in a family where it was okay, she would be becoming an adult around the height of the civil rights movement, and should have recognized the wrongness of that thinking -- certainly not using the N-word even into the 80s!

    I'm disgusted with so many IRL and virtual friends who are revealing themselves to be racist a-holes. So many people who maybe never verbalized their true feelings, but are happy to support a horrible woman who exhibits behavior they must certainly believe is okay. Because even someone who thinks forgiveness is what anyone deserves, would at least want a genuine apology -- not the tearless, remorseless joke that was hers. (I forget the exact quote, but to paraphrase, she is what she is and she ain't changing -- yeah, that sounds like someone who is sincerely sorry [/sarcasm]).

    If even a few of the allegations being made by her former employees are true, this goes way beyond the N-word. It's a strange day -- On one hand, I'm thrilled with SCOTUS's decisions yesterday on DOMA and CA's Prop 8. Great strives toward equality for everyone in our nation. But at the same time, I'm disgusted by so much of humanity who are throwing their unwavering support to a person whose actions are beyond abhorrence. Making excuses for this woman's hateful bigotry is not acceptable. I'm so saddened.

    1. WOW Shannon preach! I completely agree! I didn't think her apologies were sincere either. We need more accountability! Thanks so much

  3. Shannon beat me to it.

    After finding out the details of the situation, I'm just floored. I was under the impression that she used to word once, in private, to refer to someone who had mugged her; a very long time ago. I can wrap my brain around being forgiving in that sort of situation; if she was otherwise a reasonable person. Even then, her narcissistic apology was entitled bullshit.

    I think the next time that someone asked, "Does the punishment fit the crime?"

    I'm going to say, "NO - she's still f*ing rich. Working for 10 years as a dishwasher, working pay-check to pay-check, being forced to enter through the backdoor as to not be seen, and be treated like a prop instead of a human being when she is allowed to see the light of day - that sounds like a better punishment than losing a few contracts."

    She and her brother profited off the hard work of others and treated them like crap - if even an ounce of what is alleged is true.

  4. Yes! Exactly this. I had to lecture a fellow female AA on the FoodNetwork FB page about why it's o.k. to be upset when someone uses that word and why she should not ever be afraid of being labeled an 'angry Black woman.' That phrase and those stereotypes were put in place to degrade us and steal our voices from the national narrative on race. I'm sick of apologetic Blacks defending blatantly racist/ or ignoracist people who are not looking out for their best interests. They're spending so much time and energy trying to be 'embarrassed' for not being conservative or not being 'beyond racial awareness,' that they forget to defend themselves and their rights. I refuse to be cowed by people telling me how I should feel. GREAT POST! :)

    1. WOW! I CONCUR TO THE 1 TRILLIONTH POWER! Thanks! No more excuses people!

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