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Acquitted in Florida: The Limp Penis of America

A Tampa Bay Times analysis of nearly 200 cases examined the role race plays in Florida's "STAND YOUR GROUND" law. It found that people who killed a Black person WALK 73% of the time while those who kill a White person walk 59% of the time. 

The sun shines so bright in Florida, that it's people cannot see the bullshit which surrounds them, the machine which controls them, and the rays which delude them. 
The state of Florida has stolen national elections, created and interpreted laws with bias, and has maintained a reputation of refusing to convict those who murder Black men. 
There's something in the water in Florida, and it's worse than cyanide. 
Fit Mother, Casey Anthony, Grieves

On July 5, 2011, a FLORIDA jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child. This was a woman, whose daughter's rotting dead body was discovered only walking distance from her home in the woods. This was a woman who admittedly lied to police. This was a woman whose car smelled like a corpse. This was a woman who didn't seem as bothered by the disappearance of her own daughter as everyone else did. This was a woman who relied on the state of Florida to carry on a long tradition of miscarrying justice. A later appeal, sent her crazy rear end to prison; but this was a woman who would get away with murder, had it not have been for social media. It promoted the story to a national level and once again shined more light on a sunshine state with very dark traits.
Caylee Anthony, August 9, 2005 – 2008

Marissa Alexander
In May of 2012, A Jacksonville Florida Black woman, by the name of Marissa Alexander, was sentenced to twenty years in prison for firing warning shots into the air at her home. This was a woman who shot bullets in the air because her abusive husband was in the process of attacking her. This was a woman who had not injured or much worse, killed, anyone. This was a woman who stood no chance in defending herself with her fists against a much bigger man who had often beat her in front of their children. This was a Black woman, who never hurt anyone, who now sits in prison. Casey Anthony shrugged her shoulders and was acquitted.

On Tuesday, November 7, 2000, millions of American citizens went to their local polling places and placed their vote for the next President of the United States. Unfortunately, many of those Americans, primarily in the state of FLORIDA, would never see their vote make a difference. George W. Bush would devastatingly take the oath of office in January, 2001 after thousands upon thousands of votes in the sunshine state were uncounted, primarily belonging to African Americans. This was a state whose Governor was the brother of George W. Bush. This was a state whose voting machines were deemed, "falty" and banned in other states, having a history of "flipping" votes. This was a state who put a lot of these "falty" machines in primarily Black polling areas. 

Florida: The limp penis of America, Yet it still manages to fuck people over. It sits at the bottom of our country, a national embarrassment of which we seek to dispose of. (At least those of us who don't watch Fox News) It doesn't feel the need to practice democracy by ensuring fair democratic elections. It never deems it important to apply laws fairly and justly. It sees young Black men as threats who need to be judged, beaten and even killed. When they are killed, the state enjoys blaming them for their own deaths. Evidently, the state chalks their "thug" lives up as complete wastes. Evidently, all Black men are "Thugs" who are up to no good in Florida. They must be feared, even if their only concern is getting home to watch a basketball game. Oh Florida: Home to a man who ate other people's faces and juries who agree with the likes of George Zimmerman, because after all, Those coons always get away. 

And let's not forget, that Zimmerman was so remorseful for the death of someone's child, that one of his first statements about the incident was as follows: "It was Gods plan." It's too bad that a jury wasn't able to understand that it was actually Zimmerman's PLAN to kill. How dare that butterball blame it on God? At least blame it on the alcohol! 

"Fucking Coons!" The word "asshole" was used in it's place to ensure an acquittal. (So was the White jury of his peers) Florida is a state where STAND YOUR GROUND means to follow Black people, start a fight, then shoot them. When the POLICE arrive, they will see a dead black boy and an innocent White Hispanic man with a paper cut on the back of his head. They will wipe your tears, they will play your violins and they will claim that the father of the slain said that a screaming voice did NOT belong to his son. 
Life threatening injuries on Zimmerman's head

Florida may have swaying palm trees and Mickey Mouse, but it also has disparities in who goes to prison for what. July 1, 2006, a trailer trash White woman by the name of  Laurie Lynn Bartlett, stabbed her live-in boyfriend to death. She claimed he was drunk and tried to rape her. She also claimed he fell on a knife. Even still, a jury found her guilty of manslaughter and a judge sent her to prison for a decade. Remember Marissa Alexander? The Black woman in the same state who merely shot bullets into the air without injuring or killing anyone? She claimed to have an abusive husband, just like Bartlett. She didn't kill her man, but Bartlett did. How much time did Alexander get again? TWENTY YEARS! DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF A WHITE WOMAN WHO ACTUALLY KILLED HER MAN! 

Yes, the STAND YOUR GROUND law is applied fairly. And after all, Black people belong in prison making license plates and working for free. Florida prides itself in Black slave labor...Oh, I'm sorry, I mean, JUSTICE.

Am I pulling the race card? Are Black people just a bunch of whiners who think the system is against them? Are we reverse racists? If that's how you feel, I can assure you, no one intellectual cares about your opinion. 
Is another race war brewing?

This is a state which has a LONG and RECENT history of police brutality against Black men. At the beginning of 2012, controversy arose after a sixty-six-year-old Black man with dementia, was brutally beat by a White cop in Melbourne, Florida. Video from the cops dash cam, (which he tried to disable) revealed images of an old man approaching an angry cop who decided to kick the old man, causing him to fall to the pavement. The over zealous cop then continuously punched and slammed the mans head against the pavement. Even while footage of the incident traveled around the world, and outrage spread, the White cop was never charged with anything. Florida swept it under the rug and the cop was able to continue his super hero duties; cleaning Florida streets of Black people. If he had murdered this man, protocol has continuously been established, that he would not only escape charges, but would actually be rewarded. Of course the cop was standing his ground and doing his job. A crazy, threatening, unarmed, elderly Black man, who limped as he walked, approached him. Florida has maintained that these Black men are threats. It doesn't matter what they are wearing or whose business they are not minding. 

I could name case after case of police brutality against Black men all over the country, especially in Florida. I could give you all of the statistics on Blacks who go to prison while Whites do not for the same or similar crimes in that state, but you have the internet. Google it. 

You can't be "Not Guilty" when you were the one who shot him
My point is this, now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted of all charges, (which I predicted) Blacks need to be able to stand their ground as well. Blacks should be able to defend themselves as well, by punching a man in the face and slamming his head into the pavement. Why? Because self defense allows them to protect themselves against men who follow them in the dark of night with a gun in their waist. Stand your ground, supposedly allows us an attempt to prevent any harm to your person. So when a man comes from BEHIND asking, "What are you doing around here?!" after following you for over forty-minutes in a car AND on foot, it is your right to bloody that nose. People say this case wasn't about race, that Zimmerman was not White (as if White Hispanics cannot have racial prejudice or preconceived notions about people) and stick to the facts of the case. Yet it seems that there IS in fact a larger racial issue if you have one fourths of a brain. This is about how the law has been used and who this law was made against. It is about a law which leaves too many gray areas for people to CRY WOLF when there may only have been a teenager with a button on his hoody. 
The non-bias jury which objectively looked at the case and acquitted Zimmerman

The WRONG reaction to this verdict

It seems that in Florida, Black people can't seem to prove that they were standing their ground. And in the Zimmerman case, the Black person in question, could not defend himself in court. Naturally, we have to take the "sneaky crackas" word for it and sure we can trust his word. We can trust a man who repeatedly called the police on children who played in the street. We can trust a man who had a brief history of domestic abuse and a man who verbally assaulted a police officer. We can trust a man who changed his story about Trayvon jumping out of bushes. We can trust a man who claimed the "suspect" bloodied his nose and held his mouth with his hand yet the "suspect" had none of his blood, NONE of his DNA on him. Surely we can trust a man who wants us to believe that it was he who SCREAMED in a 911 tape, yet the "suspect" covered his mouth with his hand while beating him. We can trust a man who repeatedly stalked and cased numerous young Black men in that same neighborhood. In the months before Trayvon Martin walked down the valley of the shadow of death, Zimmerman told dispatchers that "loud music" and "Young Blacks" was suspicious activity. 

Left: Jordan Davis. Right: Michael Dunn.
Speaking of loud music, there is a similar case to Zimmerman's that is occurring now. In November of 2012, in Jacksonville FLORIDA of course, a Black seventeen year old by the name of Jordan Davis was gunned down by a White man in his own SUV. The white man, (And he is VERY FULLY WHITE unlike Zimmerman) by the name of Michael Dunn, got into a dispute with Davis in a store parking lot because the teenagers "thug music" (in his words) was too loud. Davis, like Trayvon, was minding his own business while a man judged him and ended his life. Now this case is new, but not getting any media coverage due to the Zimmerman verdict and protests. Different from Zimmerman, Dunn was arrested and charged with FIRST degree murder almost immediately. I have a feeling the arrest came quicker due to the aftermath of the Zimmerman case, but let this be an example that Trayvon's death wasn't completely in vain. Even though his murderer walks and eats doughnuts, it has put handcuffs on Michael Dunn and raised awareness of the bigger picture. Though Zimmerman's acquittal sets a scary precedent where anyone can start a fight with someone and end their life without repercussions, I am confident that CHANGE IS GOING TO COME...Be it slowly. 

Trayvon Martin walked through the valley of the shadow of death one dark, rainy night. Rachel Jeantel comforted him, but Trayvon feared evil. And evil, feared what it did not understand. 
Ye Tho I walk, through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil...

I want you to understand, that this is bigger than George Zimmerman. Yes I know, what can be BIGGER than him? Good God! But hating him, making him the poster dough boy for everything wrong in the world won't change anything. What will change things, is focusing on legislation reform. What will change outcomes is educating young people about a world where looks can be deceiving. What will change things, is a mandatory DIVERSE group of jurors on every case. What will change things, is reforming our gun laws while ensuring everyone's right to bare arms. What will change things, is making sure the venereal disease that is Florida, is quarantined. 
Let's make this a fair world, a JUST world and a civil world. From Cape Cod to down under, from the Cape of Good Hope to the place Sara Palin could see from her window, let's ensure a society where the law is on the victims side. Without bias, without question. 

Trayvon Benjamin Martin
February 5, 1995 - February 26, 2012

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