Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Every 4.2 seconds, a new baby is born in the world. Unfortunately, the world doesn't seem to care about any of these babies, except for one. THE ROYAL BABY!
World media descend on BREAKING BABY NEWS
CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, US WEEKLY, OK MAGAZINE.....The royal baby coverage goes on and on as if another plane crashed into a skyscraper. Twitter is a buzz and my Facebook feed has been LOADED with royal baby statuses, as crowds gather nationwide for BABY WATCHING PARTIES.

It's always wonderful when a fresh life is brought into the world, (Even though earth is grossly overpopulated and our natural resources are dwindling) but why are we as Americans so invested in British royalty?

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved and the colonies were finally FREE of Britain's control. We were independent and wanted NOTHING to do with England. (However us Negroes wanted nothing to do with the slave drivers who ran the colonies, but that's another blog)

In a strange twist, in 2013, Americans seem to have reattached themselves to England. They seem to be obsessed and almost envious of the royal structure. They celebrate the royal baby as if it is their long lost child for which they want back.

The beautiful Duchess of Bullshit, Kate Middleton, is a worldwide celebrity and probably couldn't tell you one thing about foreign policy or the British economy. Her economy will never be in question, however, because the British peasants will continue to put their tax dollars into her designer clothes and the stern-faced guards at Buckingham Palace.

But the truth is, this is not JUST about British royalty, this newborn baby has been born into one of the most powerful oligarchies in the worlds history. Behind the smoke is a system of oligarchies who've been born into wealth and indoctrinated into corruption. This baby represents the continuation of the Gods among Men, the secret governing power which has been called The Illuminati among other things. With ties to the Bush family, the Rockefeller's and the Rothschild's, this baby will take it's place on the throne of oppression.

What I find fascinating, is that the world is so willing to give away it's power to those who simply deem themselves demigods. That is after all how the British royal tradition began, when they used to have actual political power. They claimed they were sent by God. They had self-proclaimed divine right to kill and torture people only to be hand-fed grapes by their slaves afterwards.
British taxpayers eat your heart out. Official royal business

Flash forward to the twenty-first century, and they have manipulated the worlds economy. Afterwards, WE, the 1%, feed them grapes in the form of taxes. The British deliver their hard-earned money to the Parliament so that Kate Middleton can rock the most exclusive high fashions. She will no doubt vacation in California and spend her taxpayer provided money in another country. It costs the United Kingdom (UK) taxpayers about 40 million to maintain the British monarchy and to keep Queen POWER TRIP Elizabeth II on the throne. Of course, you have to pencil in the added cost of royal security which is estimated at 50 million. The total cost of the British monarchy is about 90 million. (This cost is offset by the profits from the Crown’s commercial venture—the Crown Estate, which returns its net income to Her Majesty’s (HM) Treasury). 

Talk about a silver spoon. There's an auto mechanic in England who gets dirty all day, can never afford a real vacation, but has to hand over his money to an already WEALTHY monarchy. 

Today, we worship these mere mortals like the demigods which they believe they are. Look at the Pope, exalted for doing nothing whatsoever. I chuckle as humble peasants gather by the millions to get a glimpse of the Pope Mobile and hear his old ass speak. He's often draped in gold and lives far removed from the people, as he resides in luxuries of which most are unable.

You see royalty comes in many forms in this world. They are all connected. There are Presidents, Popes, Monarchies, Organizations and Corporations who together pull the strings. Why are we allowing them to? Or better yet, Why do we roll out the red carpets for them and appease them? We continuously hand over the money, that was never ours in the first place, to THEM. In the midst of all of their ownership, we still have the audacity to believe that we run our own lives. We actually think that we own our houses or that we have made life's biggest decisions all on our own; Without the aid of the subliminal sell spell.

And while you were sleeping...

The BANKS own you and everyone else. The birth of this baby British boy means it is not going to stop any time soon.
Why do we support the major corporations by buying designer clothes and watching their so-called News programs? Why do we treat the monarchies as if they have any effect on our working class American livelihood? Why are we so complacent while they rape the entire world of it's resources and wealth. They are the 1% of the world yet our great numbers sit like deer in headlights, bewildered at their power and brainwashed. We want to be them, but we never will. We live our lives vicariously through them. Almost every girl, (besides the lesbians and including gay men) Grew up wanting their knight in shining armor.

We never once thought, WHY DO I FANTASIZE ABOUT KISSING A PRINCE? Well, no wonder, DISNEY rammed that WHITE prince into your brain. This subliminal message that we are all given as children is that White is good. White is power. But more importantly, the WHITE MALE is good and shall be exalted. As children we are hooked on to the matrix of materialism. We learn that wealth is good. Wealth is power. Wealth is sexy. Wealth is what you need to aspire to. A wealthy man is what you need. Royalty is what is good. And if you obsess over wealth, you will be too busy to notice the shackles around your ankles. If you are too obsessed with becoming that Prince or the hand he holds, then you will buy into whatever the corporations tell you, because after all, they are leading you to wealth. You will be COMMITTED to the corporations, you'll stay dedicated to your job because that mirage of a promotion, that corporate latter is what keeps you droning along.

So I ask again, why are we so impressed with a royal baby who will never have to work in his life? What's more impressive? A sub-Saharan African baby born into nothing who becomes the wealthiest person alive? (Which is not allowed to happen) Or a British baby boy, born into an oligarchy who becomes what they already were predetermined to be? Why do we not take pride in each other? There is power in numbers and solidarity. Yet we keep the television running and the books closed.

The distractions continue on the six o'clock news. A naked Geraldo Rivera, musicians who have chosen to boycott Florida, stories of hostility between the races while the POLICE STATE looms in America. While the checkpoints increase. While the airports start to resemble concentration camps. While the government eavesdrops on our emails and monitors our clicks online. While more and more people are thrown in the prisons as more petty laws are unveiled. While the chosen ones rise and the pure of heart are thrown to the vultures. Look around you. All eyes are fixed on screens. They are all media dope fiends. Hooked on their lies and never asking why the planes flew low in the sky.

This royal baby is not our salvation. The fact that he's in another country doesn't even matter when you think about the power system of the world. But let's focus on creating a better, JUST, peaceful world for our own children, instead of reinstating a better world for the royal babies.

The crowned baby cries, shits his diaper and keeps Kate up all hours of the night. It is not divine. It's no different than your baby. The only difference, is that it's parents do not have to worry about saving up for its college education. He won't have to worry about not being good enough for anything, because he will always be entitled. Unlike your baby, he is privileged. He is in a palace and you are in a two bedroom apartment or a home of which you can barely make the mortgage payments on. He will never get a poor education based on his location. He will never have a temper tantrum like your child, because he will get everything he wants. He will be exalted while your friends will pretend to want to hold your baby.

The royal baby is here, and the world is breastfeeding it.


  1. Wow Isayaah! Hits the nail RIGHT on the head AGAIN! :-)


  2. how does obama fit in to this scheme brother?

  3. I won't get into Obama...but he has blood ties to one of the oligarchies. Thanks TOY!

  4. Nice rant! Keep up the good work.

  5. Most impressive and realistic insight. I've often wonder how many people have been completely brainwashed by the 1%. How large is that number? How small? How many people are not buying the propaganda? How large is that number? How small? Do Free Thinkers still exist? Even though, I do believe, Big Brother is working on their extinction. Wonderful article. Thank You!

    1. Thanks for reading. My bet is that the number of pathetic sheep brainwashed by the efforts of the 1% is LARGE but slowly decreasing.