Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'MARRIED TO MEDICINE' Angers Black Physicians

The Bravo network is no stranger to salacious programming that is chock full of table flipping and wig tugging. But the new series, Married to Medicine, about two black female doctors and four ratchet black women who are married to doctors, has stirred up accusations of irresponsible misrepresentation of an otherwise underrepresented group of people; Black physicians.

Only a couple episodes in, and a girl fight has already erupted! Two main characters on the show, Mariah and Toya, both married to doctors, couldn't hold their animosity toward each other in any longer at a party held by the only white character on the show, Kari, who is the wife of a doctor. Kari stood atop the patio of her backyard as she looked down at the black women who she looks down upon anyway. Mortified, she called the police on the two women who were suppose to be her "Friends" and had Mariah sent away nearly in handcuffs. This show sends a subliminal message that Black people are ghetto no matter how much money they may acquire or what further education they achieve. It tells a story of black people constantly at odds with each other while sophisticated classy white people look at them as if they are uncivilized baboons. 
Kari is above all the ghetto Black drama
Black physicians have recently started a petition for Bravo to take the show off the air, stating the show paints a negative and unfair portrait of African-American doctors and their social lives.
To the shows credit, it has depicted one of the main characters, Doctor Jacqueline Walters
in her crusade against breast cancer as a breast cancer survivor. She is often filmed from her office, caring diligently for her patients and working out at her local gym, never uttering a curse word and attempting to tame the other women. The other doctor, Dr. Simone, is a carefree, quirky doctor who doesn't mind a few glasses of wine and curse words. Her overbite lights up the screen as one of the villains of the show, Toya, sends her subliminal shade left and right.

Quad is another main character who is a wife to a psychiatrist. She's full of zest and wears her heart on her sleeve. It seems that Quad is one of the characters which Bravo seems to be promoting for super stardom as it often does with it's shows. I.E. Nene Leakes and Bethany Frankel. These sassy women have so much drama that it makes you wonder how they have time to even notice that they have husbands. 

One would not expect for a show about doctors and their spouses to have a plot line such as gossip in a beauty salon leading to a full out poolside brawl! As the black women brawled in ball gowns, Kari the Queen of England sent her soldiers and it was off with their heads. It was such an embarrassing moment for anyone of color and it sent a wave of uneasiness down my spine. I will admit, it was entertaining as hell and I got several laughs off of it, this show is anything but a proper documentary about the world surrounding doctors. 

For what it's worth, Bravo is a business only interested in the bottom line. That bottom line is and always has been RATINGS. Surely if anyone fancies watching attractive people in scrubs they can watch Greys Anatomy. But Black people aren't on television often without dysfunction and black people haven't had a lot of diverse roles on television either. COSBY was a ground breaking TV show about a Black upper middle class family supported by Bill Cosby, a doctor. Flash forward to today, Married to Medicine is a show about doctors of color and their spouses, it's a good thing right? Except the topic of doctors is rarely important to the plot as many of the scenes look like something out of Bad Girls Club or Jerry Springer.

Brawl in ball gowns at White doctors home
It's almost a wonder as to how such esteemed men could find themselves with women who chew gum at white napkin restaurants; Women who can't attend any function without a verbal or physical fight erupting. It would seem that this cast was hand picked to deliver a show which would fit a formula which has proven to be marketable and profitable. A musical chairs of catty women who belabor drama like Kenya Moore belabors her MISS USA title on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

In actuality, this show is the spitting image of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with a blonde white woman and a bunch of catty, loud black bitches with problems. The white woman always seems to have her shit together... however they always tend to be a hot mistress mess.

Dr. Jacqueline Walters
I hope it is possible someday for upstanding individuals of all races to be able to have a reality show which equates to strong ratings. I would hope that the masses would demand a little more substance and sophistication for their reality TV fix. But let's be honest, if it bleeds it feeds. People in media have to eat too and this is their bread and butter. If women fighting keeps Andy Cohen rich, then so be it. Too bad America has no interest in what goes on inside the politics of their nations capital enough to watch The Real Housewives of D.C.; cancelled after one season. Too boring for many because no one fought beyond a few high brow insults. 

In the meantime, Married to Medicine will get skyrocketing ratings and will be Bravo's latest Real Housewives of Atlanta, (RHOA) clone project. RHOA is Bravo's highest ever rated program to air and so it's a no-brainer that they would try and copycat that success. But they had to up the ante. The bitches had to brawl!

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