Thursday, April 18, 2013


NeNe Leakes says, "White is Right"

Do you remember when Michael Jackson was Black? He sang with his brothers about the A,B,C's with his adorable brown face, bright eyes and huge afro; there was no question, he was Black. Do you remember when Lil Kim was a Black woman from Brooklyn? Do you remember when Queen Latifah spoke of unity in the Black community and rocked a headdress like an African Queen? And believe it or not, Nicki Minaj was a brown skinned girl from Trinidad just a few years ago.
We all watched these celebrities become vampires; pale and hungry looking. We watched as Michael Jackson blamed his straight black Indian hair, shrinking nose and overnight pale white skin on vitiligo. We experienced the nightmare that is Lil Kim. Her hardcore Brooklyn accent was replaced with the vernacular of a valley girl who danced with the stars as straight hair cascaded down her back. Once an AFRICAN QUEEN, Latifah has traded in the headdress for the cherry blonde weaves. She is now the queen of sell outs, not only hiding her blackness, but also her sexuality.
This is the status quo America. The protocol has been established. Black is not in, it never has and sadly, it will not be anytime soon. Nicki Minaj, a descendant of Africans, must be a Harujuku Barbi or a British homosexual boy to get endorsement deals and hit TV shows. None of her personalities consist of an African person. As she cakes on foundation ten shades lighter than the skin she hates, she becomes what the industry needs in order to properly market her for the mainstream. This is what happens to our people, we are signed for our talent but our talent is not enough, because our skin is not good enough. In order for us to crossover, we have to water down our Blackness. That's right Beyonce, Loreal doesn't sell products to Black women who love themselves. Photoshop that nose, lighten that skin and let the fan blow that silky straight blonde hair, romantically across your face. 

Another has joined their ranks. Born Linnethia Monique Johnson, NeNe Leakes was once a Black woman. Bravo found a sassy amazonian Black woman with ambitions to be famous. She would do anything for fame and fortune and anything to make a name for herself, outside of her husband. She became an instant favorite among notables like White news pundit, Anderson Cooper. NeNe's sassiness and keeping it real attitude gave her a platform and gave Bravo it's first superstar. It was no surprise that her best friend was a blonde white woman who kept a Black person as "The Help." It was no surprise that she wanted to look like this white woman. It was no surprise that as Mrs. NeNe ascended the ranks of fame and glory, her Blackness started to blur. She did everything, and I mean everything to rise to fame. She signed on to a racist White mans hit TV show called "The Apprentice" where she did nothing else but curse out and demean other Black women. One of those Black women, Latoya Jackson, is sadly who NeNe is to become. Completely white washed.
She passed the test there and the producers started calling. Nothing like a Black monkey who is willing to do tricks and entertain the white people. They treated her like Mr. Potatoe head and switched her nose, switched her hair and gave her a speech coach who no doubt taught her how to White-speak in interviews. Gone was the vernacular of a southern Black woman, it was softened to an easy proper delivery with an occasional "Bloop" and finger snap to remind the white people that she isn't one of their own. 
Today we have the new NeNe, complete with short Blonde hair, straight white teeth, a pointed nose, designer clothes and numerous contracts with White people. She performs for white people. Her new normal is pathetic. She has emasculated her Black king and Bravo made sure to showcase Gregg giving NeNe a foot rub and painting her nails like a bitch. We watched the finale as NeNe was carried into Kenya's party by shirtless Black men as pathetic weak Gregg followed behind. They don't like strong Black men, which is why all of the men on The Real Housewives of Atlanta are weak and beneath their women. 
Let's dissect the self-hatred of NeNe and the alarming subliminal messages the powers that be communicate through their puppet, Mrs. Leakes.
After she divorced Gregg who did she immediately run to? 
We saw a White savior buy her designer shoes and jewelry. He was a "business partner" and friend of Donald Trump, the billionaire racist, the republican who thinks Obama isn't American and couldn't have possibly been a star student at an Ivy League institution. NeNe prided herself in getting those "Trump Checks," Bitch please.
I was alarmed when watching an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta back then to hear NeNe say, "White is RIGHT" when referring to her new White boyfriend who bought her at the slave auction. Stay with me people, a lot of you are in the dark. What is happening here is so real that it caused Dave Chapelle to run and hide in Africa. He wasn't about to be white washed and sold.
And now in season 5, at the reunion, we see this Black woman who has made herself appear as White as possible, call her old blonde best friend Kim Zolciak a racist. And what does she do only moments later? She embraces the racist. 
You see NeNe is not completely unaware of what is going on around her and neither are the other Black Queens of the Atlanta Housewives. Did you hear when Kandi talked to Kim about how she got preferential treatment? Geez, now that is surprising, a white woman getting preferential treatment on a White network...Kim didn't have to show up to tapings, she didn't have to go to Africa last year and didn't have to go to Anguilla this year. The entire season they debated about her being afraid to hold "black babies" which was true, and this season, Bravo conveniently edited out Kim uttering the word "NIGGER" on Primetime television. 
Do you think for a second that Bravo would allow any of those Black women to skip out on tapings and expect to return for another season? Of course not, much more get their own spin-off as "punishment..." Bitch please. The true Tea is that Kim was strategically placed on that show so that she could be a White victim. Stay with me now. Did she end up having any friends left on the show? It became a bunch of Black women against one White woman. One pulled at her wig, one had a physical altercation with her at Target and one is currently suing her. Need I say more? I don't think so. Kim's entire storyline became, "White woman in distress...Black women distressing her." 
So now that the evil Black women have ran Kim off the show, the evil Black women can fight with each other and Kim can run into the arms of her saving grace White husband. 
And the Black women exchange their catty words...crabs in a barrel. 
After fighting with Kandi over who said what on the radio, NeNe turned her attention to Phaedra. Instead of worrying over Phaedra trying to sabotage her, NeNe needs to look in the mirror at her chopped up face. She needed to have looked to her right into the eyes of Andy Cohen. NeNe sat up there and accused Phaedra of getting with Kim and "big-nosed Sheree" to talk to her half-sisters. Rewind...What did she say?
A Black woman with an obvious nose job, a blonde wig and roles on hit TV shows starring nothing but white people, calls another Black woman, "big nose."
Does NeNe have something against big noses? Of course she does, she chopped hers up as soon as the white man gave her a big enough check! 
What is alarming is that Black people aren't talking about this, aren't clocking her on the bullshit. No Black people, we celebrate this woman as if she's an Angela Davis of our time. We've traded the afro for blonde wigs and multi-million dollar contracts to act like clowns for white people's entertainment. 
There is nothing wrong with Sheree's nose, it is natural; but everything is wrong with NeNe's nose. Everything was wrong with Michael Jackson's nose. Everything is wrong with Lil Kim's nose. Everything is wrong with a comment like "Big Nose" because Michael Jackson said in an interview that he was often teased for his big black nose as a kid. That was the reason for his unfortunate plastic surgery obsession, thus the reason for his self-hatred. These messages are dangerous to our youth and it saddens me that having an African American nose is the punch line. 
Does NeNe hate herself? She hates who she really is, a scared Black woman who wants to be famous but has nothing to stand for. Being famous and standing for absolutely nothing but petty drama is nothing but emptiness. You can't possibly "keep it real" NeNe if you can't even keep it real with yourself. 
Black people have come so far but remain so far behind. If we can't celebrate our beauty, then please tell me, who will? 


  1. Thank you for this. I never looked at some of their snipes in this light before. When did Kim say nigger?!? I'd like to know and Share.

  2. It was in her confessional after she stormed out of the restaurant. Bravo bleeped it but claims it wasn't nigger...Nene says it was nigger...they talked about it on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE. Thanks for reading and please spread this GOSPEL! LOL