Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Real Housewives franchise on the Bravo network has been a successful empire of catty women who would trade their first born for a chance at fame. It all started with a bunch of blonde tanning salon queens in Orange County, California. The franchise has exploded since then, now The Real Housewives of Atlanta is it's most profitable show. Andy Cohen, or "Mr. Bravo" as I call him, has pimped out legions of middle aged rich women with problems to finance his quest toward world domination. I have fallen victim to the mesmerizing allure of reality television with shows like Married to Medicine and Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life. These shows are chock full of the dysfunction I need to make my life seem a little more normal. I can't get enough of the cat fights on the housewives shows or the silly plot lines which would never happen in "reality." And we all know these shows are somewhat scripted or at least staged. People who don't get along are placed in awkward situations by producers and homes are rented for appearances. That cat was let out of the bag with Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta with just about every cast member at some point.
Speaking of Real Housewives of Atlanta, it seems that it was such a success, that Mr. Bravo had to repeat it. "Married to Medicine" is a clear rip-off of the show with a bunch of spoiled black women and one villain white woman. You have to wonder, what are these reality stars searching for? If they are already living a comfortable life, is it just fame they seek? If that's the case, it's a pretty desperate way to approach it. Is it worth being contracted to beat bitches upside the head and flip tables?
Being that I was on reality TV myself, I can't completely bash it. I just feel that it's become a bit redundant. When THE REAL WORLD premiered on MTV, it was a formula the world had never seen before. It was a look inside the lives of average people with had hopes, dreams and drama. What MTV started, was a culture of the celebration of dysfunction. Everyone has become desensitized to dysfunction in general because it's rewarded with red carpet treatment. Look at NeNe Leakes, Snooki and Honey Boo Boo child.
The reason I feature Bravo in this quick blog is because it seems to be a network obsessed with a certain formula of women in disrepair; and in my opinion, it leads the charge in making reality TV salaciousness, an unstoppable empire.

Bravo has done a lot for the gay community however, making an openly gay Jewish man it's leading man and bringing the subtle aspects of the gay culture into the mainstream. Showing off the different aspects of what a gay man could be, he could flip houses, be a married psychologist or own an entire television network. He could also wear red lipstick and stilettos and throw shade at anything that walks. (Miss Lawrence)

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