Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As a kid I had a sneaking suspicion that I wasn't "normal," aka, heterosexual. This feeling was no more pronounced than when something possessed me to write Sean a love letter in the first grade. I bet he's a hottie now!
I was born this way; GAY. Only I can know that, other people try and tell me that it's impossible or that if I tried a vagina, I would be turned out. (Specifically, their vagina)
The fucked up thing is that as a kid, I always fantasized about marrying a woman. Yes a fair skinned black woman with degrees and long hair. A big house with kids running around and calling me daddy. I wonder how I was able to have a crush on Sean and still be able to fantasize about a wife?

I'll tell you how, because I never saw anything else, I was never told that it was normal to take a husband or to merely embrace my sexuality. Instead, I was just told about Adam and some bitch named Eve. My dad would talk about my future wife, introduce me to girls while winking and all of my entertainment "role models" had heterosexual relationships.

Now in my 20's I live in world that's engaging in political warfare over gay marriage, people on podiums and pulpits talking about protecting the "SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE."

I was blessed to be adopted by a loving husband and wife couple and I always saw my parents as having a sanctified marriage, even though I was never a religious person, I have always noticed something divine about their union. However the divinity and sanctity of "normal" heterosexual marriages has not been apparent in overall society.

Most of my childhood friends had parents who were undergoing divorce or separation. In my eyes, heterosexual's haven't been the gleaming examples of marriage themselves.

The hypocrisy of it all is so glaring, yet politicians and preachers still have the audacity to rain this bullshit down on us. Acting as if gay marriage will be the end of the world as we know it.
Homophobia seems to be the last form of bigotry still allowed in popular culture.

Well everyone, brace yourselves, because the gays are here and they want to get married.
Yes our civilization will crumble and turn to anarchy as married gays parade the streets with their adopted kids who no doubt will grow up to be just like their heathen parents.

Oh yes, every child needs a father and mother figure they say, yet so many kids grow up in single family households already, so many kids are traumatized by separated and divorcing parents yet two women or two men can't raise kids as a stable couple? Why then is gay marriage deemed not sanctified and when was marriage sanctified?

If we are still on planet earth, marriage throughout history originated with "ARRANGED MARRIAGES" where families would marry off the daughter to a rich husband in order to ensure the elite status of the bloodline and to provide economic security for the woman. The woman could not create her own wealth so she had to marry a knight in shining armor to make her fit into society.
Men throughout history would take on many wives and this practice is still prevalent today, so is paying a dowry to the other family, which is pretty much the bride's family paying money to the grooms family before the marriage.

What's so sanctified about the skyrocketing divorce rates in America? What's so sanctified about drunken wedding chapel weddings in Vegas that are annulled two days later when the couple is sober?

Look, I'm not clamoring to get married, I'm just sick of the hypocrisy. I no longer dream about a mini van and a long hair, fair skinned wife, I'm not Ken and Barbie can kiss my ass.
I just think its fucked up that as a kid I was aware that I could never marry someone who I was in love with. I had to put on a tuxedo and meet a white veiled woman at the altar to please my parents or I could run away to West Hollywood. (Even in West Hollywood I couldn't meet a tuxedo at the altar.)
Too many men get married to women just because it's the NORM and what ends up happening is the down-low phenomenon which I'll save for another blog.
We need to stop preaching about what's sanctified and start talking about what's realistic.
God had nothing to do with Britney Spears being married to her friend in Vegas for under an hour, God had nothing to do with Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston shooting up crack while their daughter was neglected in her bedroom, God has nothing to do with the history of marriage which has always been a financial arrangement, a sexist exploitation of women and a contract that means nothing in the end.

My dad is a preacher and he is AGAINST gay marriage. Too bad he has a lesbian daughter and a gay son. And too bad he doesn't see his own children as equal.

But hey, I'm not a gay marriage activist, I am merely an activist against bullshit and hypocrisy.

Look my fellow humans, be honest, Just say you don't want gays to get married because you see them as less equal, rather than saying you're trying to protect the sanctity of marriage. Just admit that you hate us. Just reach down into your black heart and pull out that big blood clot of BIGOTRY and OWN IT!

If the worlds heterosexuals can have Vegas weddings, multiple wives, pay dowry's, get divorces and flaunt their husbands millions on the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF HYPOCRISY, then homosexuals need to be afforded the same sanctified opportunities.

Come on people, at least admit that it would be funny to see a gay version of BRIDEZILLA on tv.

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