Monday, February 10, 2014


Above: My video review of the show

Get NeNe Leakes up off the television please! Her attitude is foul, her self importance is delusional, but more importantly, her self hatred is being glorified. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of my guilty pleasures. I tune in to see the latest drama unfold. I admit, I am feeding into the cash cow that is tom foolery, but after a long day of working a shitty weekend job, I NEED IT!

On a recent episode, there was a fight. As to all the drama surrounding the fight, I will not get into that, but as far as who was most responsible, it was plain as day. 

Why is Kenya Moore the only character on the show who acknowledges the BIG ELEPHANT in the room?

That elephants name, is NeNe Leakes.

Leakes sponsored a boxing match that was disguised as a  "Pillow Talk" party. It was in a hotel room funded by Bravo. Per usual, Bravo USED NeNe to get the nigger behavior started. That's right, I said nigger behavior. I am starting to believe that the Andy Cohen's of the world, love a misbehaving nigger who keeps him in Armani suits. 

Looking high as ever, she strutted in her lingerie, while the pawns waited to be played. She brought up the dirtiest of gossip and started the night off with negativity. From my vantage point, not only was the elephant under the influence, but she seemed to have dark spirits behind vacant eyes. After a few chess pieces were moved, a brawl broke out and the elephant pretended to be surprised by the melee. 

After the incident, NeNe repeatedly voiced her opinion that Kenya and "The Queen in the red gown" was responsible for the fight. The fact that Christopher Williams, a man with a history of domestic violence against multiple women, got up first, seemed to be irrelevant. (So was the fact that he aggressively grabbed Kenya by the arm and shook her) What was notable for me, was that NeNe, a self proclaimed lover of the LGBT community, felt the need to use words that could be construed as gay bashing. Brandon, Kenya's friend who got punched numerous times by Apollo the street thug, all of a sudden was in the wrong because he wore a "red gown" and got out of his seat like Kenya.
NeNe and her props

It seems that NeNe's true colors are finally coming out and they certainly do not compliment the colors of the gay community. She is a fraud. She can wave her hand at a gay pride parade and have gays style her snap-on blonde wig, but when it comes to her opinions of gays, they are simply bullies in red gowns. 

Bravo is owned by gay men, including Andy Cohen. During Watch What Happens Live, Cohen sat silent while Kenya Moore said the same thing I have been saying about NeNe Leakes. That she is a fraud and has no business calling a man names like "Woman" or "Queen" when gay men sign your checks. 

The fact that Andy Cohen sat there on live television all greased up and indifferent speaks volumes. His rich gay 
Jewish ass isn't here for the Black gay man and isn't here for Blacks to be honest. I have his book and he talks about the Black cleaning lady he had growing up as if she was some sort of caricature. The educated Black woman who handles herself with poise, is not marketable on television. This is why Black women are married to medicine while throwing down poolside. This is why NeNe Leakes and the other Black women on The Apprentice had a war of words and this is why Andy Cohen loves his bulldog NeNe. She does all of his dirty work because she gets paid handsomely. Hmmm....similar to a whore. 

Let's get down to the basics. NeNe Leakes is unhappy. People with over-inflated egos usually are. (Kanye West) Why else would she do everything besides bleaching herself to look like a Blonde white woman? Bravo gave her the HATE YOURSELF prescription. She overdosed. She is jealous of almost everyone around her, especially Kandi. NeNe gets paid to sell the Africans to the White man so they can get shipped off into slavery. She is a sell out. Her nose wasn't good enough for Hollywood but then she soon realized that her talent wasn't good enough either.

A lost soul
Now unemployed but being pimped by Bravo, she instigates situations so that Andy Cohen gets his ratings. How pathetic is that? She's unhappy in her love life, unhappy with her life choices and unhappy with the skin she's in. So why does America glorify her? Why did everyone praise her "make-over" as if White washing yourself makes you attractive? As she played stereotypical mad Black woman roles in a European nose, she rose to fame and everyone applauded. But now, the shit show is over. They see what I have always seen. 

A mess in a dress.
S.O.S. Someone rescue NeNe and the thousands of others like her.


  1. "you went IN & pointed out EVERYTHING i have been saying about her fake ass all along. i find it most interesting that MANY of the "kids" will not hesitate to hire her to show up at their events...NEVER realizing that she'll bash them just as quickly as she'll pawn herself asking for their coins the next! kudos for telling it JUST...LIKE...IT...IS...!"

  2. Ooooooo im a new fan boo, you read her and you read well ...!!!!

  3. yo... you really put it all in perspective ..yo. I was thinking it AND I thought I was seeing it. but now I know I was right as well. sometimes we are so quick to put others on pedestal and not looking at the roots growing underneath it. I WILL BE FOLLOWING U ! yesss,,

  4. Thanks everyone! So glad to see I'm not the only one who sees this. Check out my previous entries and please stick with me via my blog and youtube! Dmyst9
    Thanks again :)

  5. I love this Blog cuz it's all real 100% real. Thank You for the 411 cuz I'm sure no one is going to say the Truth like this .

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  7. Yaaass!! I use to like her but after this season my eyes are really starting to open up..Kenya is now the star and she can't take it..she's jealous of Kandi because unlike Nene her money is old..Nene needs to have several seats!! You're done, tired, washed up!! Girl bye!!

  8. Oh my god. I just found this blog and as a white gay man, I praise you for writing this. I have never been able to put my finger on what is so unlikable about Cohen and you fucking nailed it. I can;t help but feel he is making a minstrel show not just of black women, but gay men of all shades, mostly black, but even Jill Zarin's "Gay husband" was nothing more than a fucking poodle on a leash for a straight woman. THANK YOU