Sunday, October 27, 2013


If God exists

I wouldn't be close

To slitting my wrist.

If God is real

He should have revealed

Footprints in the sand 

His power too concealed.

If the answer is to pray

Then how much more can I say?

Still on my knees crying

But whose wiping them away?

If God works


Then why aren't believers

Walking on the sea?

The blind still neglected

Still unable to see. 

I don't feel 

His overwhelming presence

All I feel

Is His underwhelming presence.

If God is capable 

Of flooding the earth

The He can surely 

End my world of hurt.

God put a rainbow 

In the sky

Thousands of years later

Storms still cause more to die. 

If God is real

It's not the Devil whose a liar.

Where's that PROMISED Land?

And while I'm at it

Where's my man? 

Said He wouldn't give me 

More than I can bare

But this Chemo is a bitch

I lost all my hair. 

You make people drink

Your blood 

Eat Your flesh 

While millions

Can't afford 

To get dressed.

To Hell with God 

Teasing us with riches

We can never acquire...

Dangling His apples

We can never devour.

They say you made the bed

Now lay in it...

So God you made Hell

Now burn in it.

I don't care who I offend

This son of preachers

Sees no crime in the sin. 

Where are the angels 

With their harps?

I'm drowning in my drama

Where's my arc?

You've given me nothing

But a silent room

A sanctuary of child molesters

Minimum wage 

and a broom.

When praises go up

Blessings come down?

But only in a church

With offering plates

and a preaching clown. 

I don't even know 

Who God is supposed to be....

Is He omnipresent

Or that Pope on T.V.? 

There are no blessings 

Showering me from above

Even when I quoted scripture

So filled with Christ's love.

God has committed crimes

against humanity

He made us 

He raised us

Then left us in poverty.

Free will

Just an excuse.

You're too damn arrogant 

To save us from our own abuse.

Oh and F.Y.I. 

Saving us doesn't include...

Burning our cities


and a Revelations Bitch-tude.

Who needs God?

When I can fuck this rod

It comforts me more

Then His staff 

of incompetent angels.

Amazing grace

How bitter the sound. 

Amazing grace

Never saved a wretch

Or the runners at the race...

The night is silent 

The night is lonely...

A Biblical baby

Just doesn't console me. 

Where's my salvation

From these bills

and this broken nation?

I want my heaven now...

Why should I have to die

To recite my wedding vow?

You talk big shit 

But you never deliver

I drank your communion wine

It fucked up my liver.

I hate God 

if he exists or not at all.

To Hell with God 

He doesn't catch me

When I fall...

You and Satan

Can duke it out

In the shit you've created

I'm overthrowing heaven 

The terrorists have invaded...

Step down. 

Impeach Him

Step Down. 

The only glory He deserves...

Is another thorny crown. 


  1. Wow, I just had this conversation with a classmate of mine. She was asking my opinion on God, based on a paper I am writing for class. I sad similar things to you, that I didn't think there was a God, talked about how I used to pray and believe so fervently when I was a child, but how there was nothing there for me. I asked why doesn't he save the children from illness, and rape, and abuse. I told her that the line, he gives us all free will doesn't work for me. I told her of how people say "lean not unto my own understanding", but I felt that it was a cop out. What should I lean unto, something I can't see, that as far as I can tell is impotent when it comes to helping. I told her of my friends who have had cancer, thanking God that they are alive after horrible bouts of Chemotherapy and Radiation. I ask, "why didn't he just not let you get cancer in the 1st place. I also told her that I am happy without the idea of God in my life. It was when I tried to believe he was there, that I was angry, and unhappy. I can live a life where I know that things are going to happen, and I have to work my way out of the situation or through it, and it is determined by my efforts, and maybe the kindness of others, but God?!!! That's a joke where I already know the punch line. Anyway, she told me that she understood, but that she believed, and that she felt that it was going to take a supernatural encounter with him to change my mind and my heart. To that I agreed. I don't see it coming, but I left it at that. That was a good read...strong work! You pretty much summed up my sentiments to a "T".

    1. and WOW back to you. Agreed. You pretty much put the icing on my poem. I am glad you understand where I am coming from. I feel you! Thanks!