Tuesday, October 8, 2013


 As Drake channels his inner Marilyn Monroe....

As Lil Wayne rocks leopard print tights while posing like a little tea pot...

While Kanye wears women's blouses and hangs with the Queens of fashion week...

Hip Hop remains silent on gay rights.

After all, it's an equal opportunity employer, as long as you claim you're sugar free.

No OUT  homosexuals allowed in the wild. 

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of FEM straight men out there. I do not equate mannerisms or style of dress to sexual preference, but let's keep it real, there are plenty more where MR. CEE came from. 
My issue is the seemingly homophobic nature of an industry that has constantly forced it's stars to parade women around, demean them and never openly support gay rights. The consistent message remains that REAL MEN fuck bitches and get money. There's nothing wrong with that, but given the fact that there is a large gay population behind the microphones and in the audiences, there needs to be a more well rounded message. Look at how A$AP ROCKY behaved next to Jason Collins on the BET AWARDS. He was just following the example set before him, that real men in HIP HOP shy away from gay, while rocking a perm and giving fresh face to the world. *Not implying he's gay, just a lil humor, gay doesn't equate to permed hair. I.E. Prince, the straightest man alive

Sure Jay Z has spoken out in support of gay rights along with Kanye. Sure whats-his-face, Frank Ocean came out and said he was bisexual, but the ocean never flowed to any gay prides. And do you really think that Frank would ever have a song in the TOP 10 about loving another man? Do you ever think that he would have my skinny gay ass backing it up on him in one of his videos? I would love to be a video hoe, but honestly, the industry execs are not ready for that. The funny thing is, the WORLD, has BEEN ready.

Suge knight claims that 95% of the Hip Hop industry is gay and I believe him. I've been told by insiders about a few notorious rappers. MANSION PARTIES. But I won't name names and this is not about that. This is about the continuance of don't ask don't tell in a music genre which has more divas than an Oprah Legend's Ball. 

When I was a kid, I wondered if Sisqo of Dru Hill was gay. Sure he had neon hair and did back flips on a beach while singing about thongs, but that didn't mean he was gay. 
And as the rumors mounted, he became more masculine and soon he was in a video with MR. TESTOSTERONE HIMSELF, DMX. Shirtless, muscled up and asking bitches "What they really want from a nigga..." 
I knew at that early age that something just wasn't organic about it. I knew from those around me growing up in Randallstown, Maryland, the same place Sisqo is from, that he was gay. That didn't matter to me, being a gay adolescent myself. What did bother me, was that I loved HIP HOP and R&B, yet there was no one to represent me. No lyrics which made me feel like I could relate. So I often turned up Lil Kim in my headphones while my door was closed. (Hoping my preacher father wouldn't walk in on me) I looked in the mirror and told my imaginary concert audience that I used to be scared of the dick but now I throw licks to the shit and simply handle it like a real bitch. Lil Kim taught me that I didn't need to be afraid of that dick. I digress....I'm so sorry. You know I can't stay on topic...

I often ran across those who I thought were like me such as TEVIN CAMPBELL; but they soon disappeared after gay rumors, while others turned to MACHO personas that ended in obscurity. 

And of course this all has to do with the Black culture. The need to fulfill a status quo that was strategically introduced by the White establishment who signed the checks and cashed the souls. The protocol of hugging the block. The image of sagging pants and dominating women. The lifestyle of baby's mamas, hoes and Bling. The need to appease the Pastor because gay is an abomination. The ideal that a real Black man works hard but not legally, is super masculine and never has a moment of being soft. The social norms that a Black man who speaks proper English is a sell-out and think he's White. The music industry takes its cue from our culture and reintroduces the notion that a Black man is not multifaceted. A Black man never lays down with another Black man. Subliminal lies from Black media that a gay Black man is never masculine....continue to transmit.
Which I know is a lie since I have walked back to my car in the early morning on many occasions from the homes of Basketball stars, Husbands and hard bodied construction workers...

Frankly, PUN INTENDED, it is time for the industry to put a Black man on the stage who is masculine and is all about fucking niggas and getting money. 
It is time for me to be the modern day Sisqo, as I sing on a rappers record about what you really want from a nigga while Ace Hood holds my waist and my shirt blows in the wind. (I WISH, HE'S AS STRAIGHT AS THEY COME)

Let's get serious. I see an absence of truth. It is so glaring that Suge Knight, DMX and Kanye have spoken about it. 

What is true, is that gays count for a large portion of the profits from the sales of records and concert tickets. Why can't some of these artists come out? And why, Dear God why, Can't male rappers rap about niggas in the same way that Nicki Minaj raps about stealing Cassie from Diddy?
So it's ok for a woman to be down for the get down but not ok for Diddy to come on out and admit that he and #!@$* had an ongoing sexual relationship? 
Double standard indeed. Women need to be upset about this in my opinion. The entire industry is there for the objectification of women. It's there to feed the egos of the man. Nicki may think she's broken down doors but all she's doing is setting the stage for MORE WHORES. 
Homosexual men have had no issue dancing at the club to Notorious B.I.G. We've rapped along with him in our cars to "GET MONEY" So why can't heterosexual male HIP HOP lovers rock to a song by Frank Ocean about fucking niggas? Straight women don't seem to have an issue with popping their ass to the idea of Nicki licking Cassie's twat. 

We are under-represented, misrepresented and often times used as the worst insult a rapper can lodge against another rapper.

Constantly rappers accuse other rappers of being "Faggots" They claim it's the worst thing a "nigga" can call another "nigga" in the hood. The accusation supposedly will totally emasculate them. But not all gays are sissies and there's nothing wrong with being gay. There's nothing non-manly about a sexuality. And not all rappers are really gay, but the idea that the word "Faggot" is still used as an insult in rap music should be enough to get marches in front of record companies. But the streets are silent. The streets only holler when Trayvon gets killed and Al Sharpton's hair glistens on CNN. All Black people for the most part can say is that GAY and unequal is not a civil rights issue. It is a hard, awkward and strange place to be in America if you are a gay Black male.
You listen to music which never represents your motivations, you belong to a group of people who have historically been oppressed but who don't come to your aid when the world sees you as not marketable, a disgrace and an abomination. 
Black teen gay bashed

You wonder, there has to be someone out there who is gay and who can rap. Then you find such people on YouTube and you wonder why they aren't on a couch on BET. You wonder why B. Scott couldn't dress as the woman she is and you wonder how on earth this can be when Kanye West wears women's clothes???
You laugh at the reality that most of the gay men you see at a gay club are more masculine than the divas on the 106 and Park video countdown. Jason Collins does a free throw while Drake sings a cover of a TLC ballad....
Hard Core openly Gay rapper Lil B was rising in status until he came out

So why can't more gay artists rise to the forefront in HIP HOP? Is it all about Bentleys, chains and fucking bitches? Didn't the genre begin as a political movement? Remember the days of PUBLIC ENEMY?
Well now Professor Griff is sitting around bashing homosexuals and calling today's rap artists faggots. 
I am not lying, go to his YouTube channel. So you fought for equality in the eighties and now you are against equality in the new century? BACKWARDS. 
Equality should be for everyone. 

Yes there are gay men in the music industry but I never imply it is a negative thing. I am more upset at the fact that if they were to come out, the LABELS would surely end their contracts, while most of the world celebrated their bravery in coming out. 
Because after all, the establishment wants the Black man to be confused. It wants the Black man to indefinitely suffer from an identity crises. Be against the LGBT community as a straight man but dress like a woman. Sing like a woman with macho goons behind you. Be about equality, fight for Trayvon but fight against Tevin. Support Obama who supports gay rights, while shying away from the gay issue because THEY told you that the gays hurt the feelings of Jesus Christ. As a Black man, have no agenda at all. Have a million man march while White men sign your checks and you support the one dimensional image of the Black man on TV. Remain silent when your BLACK brothers are brutalized in hate crimes against gays. Exclude them from a civil rights movement promoted by you while including them in the numbers of your records sales. Yes the Black man is divided, confused and brainwashed. 
The gay Black man doesn't even know that they can start their own movement and their numbers are HUGE. 

Kanye West:

"People are so gay-conscious now," he told MTV, referring to those who are "scared" of gay people, or of being perceived as gay. "That's like the whole thing like with the internet – every day [is like], 'Oh I can tell he gay now!' But back in the day, people used to have songs like Get In That Ass or something like that. Someone would never make a song like that [today] because they'd be like 'Whoa! I can't make no song like that! People gonna call me gay!'"
West was responding to 50 Cent and other rappers who called him a "faggot" for his fashion sense. The industry, run by the establishment, commands rappers like 50 Cent to call Kanye a faggot and put that message out there that GAY IS BAD FOR A BLACK MAN. But for some reason, there have been plenty of White superstars who are gay and supported by heterosexual White superstars. 
I don't think Kanye is gay but I do think it's fascinating that the industry promotes the image of a feminized Black man while claiming that gay is a negative thing. 

"Because stereotypically gay people got such good [style] ... they were smart enough to take a fresh-ass logo like the rainbow and say that it's gonna be theirs," he said, celebrating the beauty of the red-and-yellow-and-pink-and-blue. "I've been collecting all of the freshest stuff that's rainbows – Denver Nuggets jerseys, BAPE shoes, Nikes with rainbows on 'em – and saying, 'Man, I think as straight men we need to take the rainbow back because it's fresh.'"
"I mean how is that a gay thing? Colours? Having a lot of colours is gay?"
West used to be scared of gay people, he said, but now, "authentic" and "secure in [his] manhood", he can "go to Paris [and] have conversations with people who are blatantly gay".

Kanye is a hero in my opinion. I agree with him completely. But sadly he's also an asshole. So his words are overshadowed by Taylor Swift, Bush hates Black people and fights with the paparazzi who are only trying to feed their families by photographing a man who has ALWAYS been a media whore anyway. Digress...
It's interesting how the establishment tried to ruin his career after he tried to change the status quo of a one trick pony of a Black man in Hip Hop. 
He accused colorful Kanye of being gay while ignoring the MASCULINE downlow rapper he SIGNED

As we enter 2014, it is time that the Hip Hop industry grow a pair of new age balls. Wake up and smell the diversity. Hip Hop has been caught driving around Atlanta looking for boys in panties, Hip Hop has been caught with it's pants down with other male rappers, Hip Hop has said it's bisexual but it wasn't allowed to speak beyond that and it continued to rap about women. 
It is about that time, where we are apart of the conversation in a way that is not just about rainbows. We have stories too. We sound good over the bass too; we flex muscles, shoot guns and go hard. We can also rap eloquently about politics...we can do it all. We refuse to be a punch line. We refuse to be a rumor. We refuse to be the back alley....

We deserve the cover of SOURCE. Because after all, we are the source. We were there from day one. 


  1. Great read man. I would love to hear some stories you know about these down low rappers. But that's just me being pervie. LoL. Stay strong my man.

  2. Oh Wendy Williams spilled those beans a long time ago on her radio show lol I haven't seen anything first hand in terms of RAPPERS.

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