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VIDEO: Hypocrite Omarosa accuses Bethenny Frankel of "White Privilege"

I didn't remember having drank any alcoholic beverages. I know I wasn't simply fatigued and reading headlines wrong. Did Omarosa accuse former star of Bravo's Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel, of White privilege while she sat on her talk show?

Don't get me wrong, I agree with Omarosa that more often than not, White people can be mediocre and achieve success, whereas the same is USUALLY not true when it comes to Blacks. I agree that in general, a White person doesn't have to work as hard as a Black person to get ahead. A Black man will probably go to prison if charged with the same crime as his White counterpart, who will less likely be convicted. There are issues with race in this country, But I have to wonder, if Whites can climb to success because of skin color, then maybe we Blacks should educate each other on how to build up our own communities. It would make too much sense to empower other Black people. It would make too much sense to deliver your message in a way that doesn't come across antagonistic. When it comes to Omarosa, Her delivery is always off. Her reputation proceeds her so most people aren't hearing an accurate message, they only hear an attitude. In lieu of her public disputes with other Black women, Omarosa is so busy fighting with other Black people that she doesn't have time to empower anyone.

Let me take a breath...

As I saw the story unfold again and again on social media, it became more evident that the angry Black woman made another attempt to stay relevant. The death of her famous husband could only keep her in the interview circuit but for so long. She couldn't fake cry with a flawless face of make-up for too much longer. The ice queen had to get racial.

She had to get controversial.

Time for a sound bite on yet another White person's stage.

Wait you forgot who Omarosa is? Let's take a trip down an unpleasant memory lane....

The strong willed Ohio native rose to national fame in 2004 after appearing on NBC's hit television show, "The Apprentice." However before the fame, she was merely a half Nigerian girl with wounds; Injuries which would set the stage for her future persona.
Omarosa Manigault became an eternally, bitter little girl with daddy issues, after her Nigerian father was murdered when she was only seven. I don't mean to sound insensitive but if she were to sit on my couch, I would break down the walls of Jericho and get to the true religion. I would unravel the unsettling outer core which claims liberty, and uncover the inner core that is an ice sculpture of insecurity. This is a life of which the likes of Iyanla Vanzant cannot fix, but I could surely give it a diagnosis. Furthermore, please keep in mind, acquiring wealth the wrong way and holding degrees, does NOT mean your life is together. Is Omarosa happy? It sure doesn't seem that way. Unhappy people should never give anyone else advice on their life. So Bethenny, brush your shoulders off.
Please turn in your robe Omarosa and pass the microphone.

What is hilarious to me, is that she didn't seek success on Oprah Winfrey's show, nor a Shonda Rhimes production or a Black network. No, it was Donald Trumps show from which she made her name. That's right, the White Republican who thinks Obama isn't American and couldn't possibly have been smart enough to excel at Harvard.

Omarosa was picked By Donald Trump and other producers to play the role of the angry Black woman. This is the same show where NeNe Leakes fought with Star Jones and LaToya Jackson, both Black women. Donald Trump, a rumored racist and billionaire, USED and played Omarosa.

What was she used for?

She was the intelligent Black woman that everyone should fear.


Because look at how she behaves. Look at how she manipulated those poor White people in the boardroom.

The subliminal: Imagine an intelligent Black woman with power...

You see a few of the White elite have been fearful of the coloreds and have long believed that the tables are turning. In 2004, Obama was not yet the President, but Trump knew the day would soon come when a Black face would rest on a White House pillow. He wanted to get the world ready for an angry Black woman in the White House. Omarosa is what he thinks Michelle Obama is like behind closed doors; manipulative, bitter and abrasive. Omarosa played right into his hand.

She may be PhD educated, but degrees alone won't earn you respect, especially when you're FIRED from a role as a scheduling correspondent to Al Gore for disruptive behavior. What a mighty bridge to burn.


Her image is a smart bitchy Black woman who can't keep a job. I wonder, What is her purpose? To rant and rave like Ann Coulter? No one will ever hand over their prized puppies to Cruella De Vil.

Omarosa is an Uncle Tom in a dress while pretending to be Angela Davis. She sat her hypocritical ass on Bethenny's couch and discussed White privilege. She shook her head at Bethenny for being "mediocre" and rich.

However, something just doesn't seem right with her making that statement...

Wasn't it Omarosa who approached the ambassador of White privilege for fame and fortune?

Wasn't it she who went to Donald Trump for a platform?

I mean, come on Omarosa, White privilege didn't seem so bad when it signed your checks.

Didn't she want those "Trump checks" like NeNe Leakes?

Pathetic Omarosa. She crossed her legs on yet another White person's stage. A dagger for a tongue and Nigerian hair permed straighter than White Jesus, she whined about her skin color not opening doors for her. All the while, she BOASTED about White people booking her for their shows. Seems to me, that doors HAVE been opened for her, they've just been the wrong ones. She doesn't realize that she's NOT making it better for Black women who want to enter a boardroom. We will get to that later...

Omarosa bobbed her head and flashed her bleached smile, while she bragged about how smart she is and how White people love to interview her....

Yet remember when she didn't appear so happy to be on the Wendy Williams show...

It appears that from Omarosa's perspective, when White people book a Black woman, it's because of her "amazing brand". When it comes to a Black woman booking her, it's because they are trying to throw shade.

It doesn't seem productive to get sassy with a Jewish woman who went on the same show you did, "Celebrity Apprentice" talking about White privilege. I am sure Bethenny has some ancestors who suffered from that White privilege. I am sure she is not the enemy. And by the way, didn't Bethenny get rich from margaritas? Was it the color of her skin that made her develop and market the "Skinny Girl Margarita"? That implies that only White people can brand something and get rich....Has Omarosa heard of Madam C.J. Walker?

I wouldn't call a woman who used a role on a ratchet reality show as a platform to launch a multi million dollar business, mediocre. OMAROSA, PLEASE HAVE SEVERAL. (SEATS)

You see, This is not an US against THEM situation. You see, the majority of White people are not racist but there is a small faction of the White elite who are. Unfortunately, they hold a lot of power. That power has put people like NeNe Leakes, Omarosa and Tami Roman on television.
Television's loud Black women

You see what Omarosa could be doing, is teaching Blacks how to get rich and build up their communities. Rich White people can walk their shih tzu's in their Jimmy Choo's all they want to, how is that stopping Black people from becoming successful?

Doors may open for many White's because of their lack of melanin but it does not mean that Blacks need to constantly use it as a crutch. When Blacks own their own, they hire coonery producer Tyler Perry to shuck and jive his negroes. When Blacks have had their own networks, (BET) they sell them to White puppet masters. Blacks buy their hair from Koreans and clothes from Europeans so let's put all of this into perspective, and it's sad because Blacks were responsible for many of the greatest inventions in American history. Now all we can do is bitch and moan about White privilege in front of an audience of White people? My whole thing is this, the monopoly of another group cannot cause further oppression if you build up your own group and create competition. But what competition is Omarosa responsible for?

She's only doing the White man's bidding. Calling herself a bitch in her books and taking their checks. She can't have it both ways. She can't raise her fist and call for revolutions while jumping for joy when a White producer calls her. She's not saving lives, she's only preaching the Bitch Gospel.

Her Bitch Switch actually turns off? When?

Girl, you are where you are BECAUSE of a republican White billionaire. For me it's about practicing what you preach. You are a minister, but sadly, like most preachers, it's just a lot of talking and not a lot of walking.

I mean really Omarosa, what is your brand? Like Bethenny said, WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS?

Bethenny gets White women drunk and has a platform, you just talk a lot of shit on other people's platforms.

If it's about being a SMART BLACK WOMAN, then why not focus on developing businesses that employ and enrich other Black people?

What Omarosa said was accurate, I'm not saying she lied, but her DELIVERY and PRACTICES is what will fail her every time.

All these White people will ever see is an angry Black woman. The smart part takes a backseat to the BITCH. You know why?

Because all America sees, is you in constant opposition of some one else. You're not a politician and you're barely a business woman.

You are angry and smart but you have nothing to show for it. Not a fortune 500 company, not your own
talk show and sadly, not your own man.

Degrees do not keep you warm at night when companies fire you before they hire you.

Reality TV fame means nothing if companies don't feel like you are worth a partnership due to your unsavory reputation.

Talking about Black and White relations is pointless when seem to want more from White people and less from Black people.

Omarosa I have a small suggestion.

May be you can...

I don't know...


So that when you come on another talk show, it won't be to just to have a temper tantrum about other people's money or how someone introduced you.

Maybe what you need is an organization that caters to developing Black entrepreneurs and maybe then, you can come to Bethenny and say,

"Look, White privilege has done my people wrong. But today, here is what I have done for these brothas and sistas in the south side of Chicago, East Baltimore and Southwest Atlanta. They now have their own profitable businesses because of the mentoring of my organization."

I get it and I respect it, you have made it through adversity. You are a Black woman who has made a name for herself. You've had nothing but death around you but have invigorated yourself with so much life. You wanted fame and fortune; you deserve it in the right way but I think you're chasing waterfalls honey. You're moving too fast.

I see an insecure woman who uses her degrees as a security blanket. I see a Black woman who believes she's sophisticated because of her education and who wrongfully uses it as a form of intimidation.

I see a river full of ashes. Full of twisted metal, dead bodies and sunken cars. It seems you've burned too many bridges. Now the waters are polluted.

Where do you go from here?

Oprah Winfrey, Thurgood Marshall, Shonda Rhimes, Spike Lee and Benjamin Banneker didn't give a damn about any body's privilege. Maybe these are the examples you should go by Black people, not excuses.

BOOT STRAPS!!! Though I take issue with the subliminal racial themes in SCANDAL (SEE EARLIER BLOGS)

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  1. I really don't follow much about reality TV "stars." But if she's getting her thin slice of the pie, more power to her. But I do agree Bob Johnson should never have sold BET...but then again a few founders of some social media and tech companies cash in for billions also and go riding off into the sunset.