Saturday, August 31, 2013


I kiss 
A human face 
but you've lost your humanity...
Our story 
Rolls and bends
I refuse to believe 
"The End"

You've made it clear
I'm not who you want 
before the empty 

You waste 
so much of my time
Yet it's you 
I refuse to lose...

I hope you find 
your paradise
In this world 
of foolish eyes. 

When palms sway 
and it's a beautiful day
You'll think of my cloud;
The silver around the gray. 

My mind's deep
Universe of love
Proof of me 
For you is not enough.
I'm tangible
Feel the push and shove
I'm here like your precious
God above...

I'd drain
Blood from my veins
To keep you from the pain...
You'd never 
do the same
But I keep playing your games.

You beckon me
Your phone rings
And intuitively 
I know you have to go...

You pull me in
Just to stop the flow
I reject the truth
Of what I know.

You can travel
around the world
Gaze up at a millions moons...

You won't
Find another unique
Just a cast of perfect cartoons.

If perfection is what you seek
If smiley faced love
makes you weak
Then I can surely
Never compete

If two hearts 
aren't allowed
To cry

Then how could we
reach higher than the sky?

There must be room to grow
His muscles and Money
Is only a show...

I am 



Every Hour


Butterflies in the chest
While screaming in a fight.

Your fantasy isn't love
You'll never get there
As long as you turn 
Away without a care

The light is under the door
You refuse to knock
Cowering from the possibility
Crawling on the darkened floor

I embrace
A human disgrace
It hurts
While he whispers no.

You've parked illegally 
on my heart
My common sense
Refuses to call a tow.

Hook and chain
Drag him away
Hook and chain
This is my parking space


  1. Nice. I hope you don't mind me asking in the comment section but...well, fuck it; you and I have been real since we've known each other, so I'll ask:
    Was this poem inspired by some long-overdue self-liberation and cut-of-ties from your parents? I had to read it twice to make sure I understood the words (in my perception) but I keep coming back to the same conclusion! If I'm wrong (and I don't mind being wrong) please, forgive me...and tell me what inspired the writing of this great poem.

  2. Umm interesting take on it...but no.
    It's about a boy. lmao

  3. Awesome imagery here my friend... I loved it ;-)