Tuesday, September 10, 2013


"This machine, around us, this so called music industry...is such a DEMONIC thing...it SACRIFICES people's lives and their essences, at the drop of a dime..." 

When I was nine-teen and naive, I auditioned for American Idol. I was mesmerized by the power of celebrity. Their captive audiences; the illusion of self-importance...
I wanted not only to breach the velvet rope, I wanted to BE the important person to whom the rope was for. I wanted the approval of the demigods. I thought their opinions mattered in the grand scheme of things. I was under the impression that talent was unique and bravery would get one what they wanted. I thought I could walk into the door as a songwriter, and exit a singer. I thought my story would be accurately translated on screen. I was unaware that I was apart of the herd, being led by the shepherds with contracts and cameras in hand. 

What I wasn't aware of, was that I was a puppet in training. I got a taste of the forbidden fruit of fame. I saw how my image was distorted, I listened to a voice which wasn't mine while my mother watched, red in the face beside me. I remember singing two songs...I recall them urging me to sing a second song, in another way. Anita Baker's Operator; I sabotaged the lyrics, but my tone was great, according to Simon. He liked it, he liked me, but that was NOT televised. A bad rendition of a song by Toni Braxton and harsh critiques...unfortunately were.
Before my audition, I remember being followed by a blonde female reporter with a British accent. She had a camera man in toe. She egged me on and commanded me to act more zesty for the camera. I also remember singing for the executive producer of American Idol who told me that I could sing well, before I got in front of the three demons. (They artificially boost your ego) Staff of the show herded us into a very large room so that we could practice. They made us continuously sing until most of our voices were hoarse. I wondered why some of the contestants were not ushered into that room...This was a microcosm of the industry. They set some up to fail while building others up for GLORY.
My point in all of this, is that I got 15 minutes of fame. A bad audition before a national audience got me on a few television shows, I was even offered reality shows and refused a record deal. (I didn't want one out of pity) I not only met celebrities, I partied with them. I was a relative of a celebrity who never knew I existed, and there I was, partying with her peers. 
I was presented a contract....
I did not sign. 
As you figured out, the 15 minutes is long over. That was...well...years ago. But it didn't HAVE to be over. They said I had what it took, I assumed they meant charisma. Whatever that means... Three men followed me in suits everywhere I went. And everywhere I went, people called me harsh things like FAG and REJECT. I attempted suicide after a nervous breakdown. 
Though I've never officially been apart of it, I know that "The Industry" is a cult. They dumb you down, they break you down. The fast talkers never allow you to forget who made you. In actuality, the talent is God given and has nothing to do with an industry; but tell that to the many puppets and whores of the industry. Beyonce, Kesha, Robin Thicke, Justin Beiber, the list goes on but it's very exclusive. It costs more than a pretty penny to get there. Once you're there, you'll wish you were back down here. Once you're strung up, they can always cut the strings, so you keep on dancing to the beat of their drums. The alternative is a violent fall from grace, and soon, you're scared for your life. 
Chaka Kahn said it best, "it sacrifices people's lives and their essences..."

I recall what my essence was when I walked into a convention center, prepared to put myself on display for producers. I admit, I emitted nothing but a lost soul in search of validation.

I think it's safe to assume that many young artists enter the industry with a similar state of mind as my own was. They are full of talent, immersed in potential, but they need someone to make them famous because they can't do it on their own. But nowadays, anyone can get fame; Just make a YouTube video about the Illuminati or sing a cover of a Rihanna song. However, a lot of artists feel that they need a company of handlers to define to the world what they represent; To color their image and package them. You can get trivial fame on your own, But if you want a star on the Walk of Fame...
Then prepare to die from the withdrawal from it. 

Whitney Houston was worth more dead than alive. Listen to the words of Chaka Kahn. 
"I had a manager tell me once that I was worth more dead than alive"

This woman gave us a testimony on Pierce Morgan and most of yall were asleep while listening to it. 
Pierce brushed over her words, tried to cut her off. Whitney Houston was drained of her essence for sure, she admitted in an interview that she was never what Clive Davis dressed her up to be. The industry drained her of the ability to be herself. Arista made her up as a "Perfect Patty" and it was too much to live up to. Calling her, "The Voice" put further pressure on her to reach for perfection. None of us can ever be able to understand what that PRESSURE was like for her, but it was not an exclusive feeling. 

Remember this from Janet and Michael...Don't let one lyric slip passed you. 

Look at American Idol, it's main purpose is to turn "nobody's" into "Somebody's." That also implies that you are nothing if you don't become mainstream. Why can't artists strive to be in niche markets or be independent? No. You must strive to be an AMERICAN IDOL. Idolized like a God while you obey your handlers behind the scenes. The show's premise is that artists NEED a group of higher ups to MAKE THEM INTO STARS. The show not only deals with their voices, but their images. They transform them into who they want them to be. They control them with fear. Fear of being eliminated. Fear of the strings being cut. Contestants are not even allowed to sing original songs, at least that's how it was when I watched it. They program the masses to the message that, YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE STATUS QUO, sing and behave like the artists who came before you. DO YOU SEE HOW ARETHA FRANKLIN OBEYED? Now she's "RESPECTED" and an American Idol. You will become one, if you do what we say. American Idol has communicated to the young and naive, that the key to success is to OBEY.
They will build you up only to break you down if you don't comply or if another is more useful to them. Fantasia didn't comply or meet their standards. Clive's hard hand moved in and Jennifer Hudson became the star. Fantasia originally auditioned for J Hud's part in Dreamgirls and this wasn't solely about talent. J Hud was willing to give up A LOT for the spotlight. Fantasia, not so much. Her life seemed to spiral out of control and she didn't turn out to be THE AMERICAN IDOL she was crowned. Someone else did. 

Sabotaged Fantasia Burrino attempted suicide. THEY chose J Hud for super stardom

Notice how all of the major iconic stars litter American Idol and other shows like it. They represent the products of the machine. The subliminal, is that you can't sing like yourself, you can't look like yourself, you can't make it on your own, you NEED the machine to make you an IDOL. You want to be a God because you don't need God. All you need is the glory of the fans, God can't get you there, but the MACHINE can. 
And the assembly line has cranked out a lot of fallen angels. Once innocents with big dreams, only to become tabloid subjects of the obscene. 

Whitney Houston was murdered, Britney Spears was programmed and Miley Cyrus was kicked out of the illuminati and is currently deprogramming. 

Is this guy crazy? Oh God, another conspiracy theorist. 

I wish this were crazy talk, but I know people in convenient places. I've seen a few things of my own. I know for certain, this machine that is celebrity; This cult that is industry, is all about CONTROL. What was Janet Jackson's BREAKOUT album? 


And R.I.P. Michael Jackson. 

"It is such a demonic thing, it sacrifices people's lives..."

Before you idolize a celebrity, before you ask your hair stylist to give you that short Beyonce blonde cut, look in the mirror and ask yourself, 

"Am I too being programmed?" 

You see, these celebrities are paid handsomely to influence millions while losing their own minds. 
By the time they are at the top of SoundScan, they've already burned the photo albums and changed their phone numbers. They don't even like music at this point, at least the mainstream chart topping kind, because they know the language. They know the frequencies, and it hurts. 
Left Eye: He got SUPER STARDOM really fast with mediocre music
What I need you to do is think, read between the lines, they used to call it... critical thinking. Something that is a lost art. It's been stolen from us. Mass communications has left us in a mindless desert. We are constantly spoon fed bullshit, we expect information to be planted within us. We want everything fast. We can't read the poetry, we can't investigate the ancient texts of the 20th century...we can only wonder what POSSESSED Miley Cyrus to twerk it on the White man. 
I've looked into the eyes of so-called evil. But I was not afraid. I know Lucifer doesn't exist and my soul could never be bought because it's infinite. Many of these MTV hooked zombies enter these competition shows as THE PREY.
They're preyed upon...
The late Janice Joplin with Clive Davis.......

Just like the legends who started singing in the church but ended up young in a hearse. 
Clive Davis hosted a ritual while Whitney decomposed in the same building. She was asked to come early to the hotel, before most everyone else. She behaved erratically not only because of drugs, but because of fear. They swarmed around her. Pat Houston knew everything. Bobbi Kristina was apart of the ritual...she almost died. The once powerhouse singer, knew she was going to go soon, she gave Brandy a note and told someone close to her that she was about to meet Jesus.

The kicker is that none of these celebrities are Christian. They throw around Jesus to appear humble and innocent. (Following instructions) They sing gospel then go backstage to do a line. Kelly Price prays on television then takes out a straight edge, Vaseline and boots. Beyonce constantly promotes Baphomet symbols, thrusts her vagina like Jezebel, only to feign Bible Belt innocence. But now, the establishment is more daring, more bold. No longer is Heavy Metal the only genre which rejects FAITH, now Kesha sports an upside down cross. Rihanna is a good girl gone bad and Jay Z promotes Aleister Crowley. The truth, is that these people are manufactured. The truth, is that they are so far gone, that they aren't even capable of believing in anything anymore, including Jesus. 

Jesus isn't allowed on American Idol, which is no surprise considering the fact that the industry despises Jesus and religion in general. Kanye West let that cat out of the bag with his "Jesus Walks" hit single.
They want the masses to follow the God of man. They want us all to bow down to Beyonce, (Not that she's a man) and rely on the machine to define our worth.

What people don't realize is that American Idol is the Illuminati's Trojan Horse. It seems like an opportunity outside of the industry itself, a detour, when in actuality, it's worse. It's a direct indoctrination into the core of the machine. They surround the top contestants with handlers immediately. Not long into the competition, the winners are already picked out as well as others who they choose to be big names such as Jennifer Hudson.

"It sacrifices people's lives...."

What happened to Jennifer Hudson's family in Chicago?

We know the industry is dark. We know Madonna said "This industry is sick, healthy people don't come here." We know Fantasia tried to commit suicide along with Nicki Minaj and countless others succeeded. We know of the mysterious deaths and the erratic behaviors. Most of us know it as rumor, as conspiracy theories, but I know it is a truth. I've witnessed the strange handshakes, I've had a friend who attended a mansion party and I've stared into the most evil eyes I've ever seen while on the set of American Idol.

I know a lot of this may seen regurgitated, you've heard it all before, but not from me.
This is just some testimony and a little critical thinking. At this point, I hope you reconsider what you consider an idol, and by that I mean...

I hope you don't idolize anything but God.
If you start there, the rest will follow.

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