Monday, August 26, 2013

Is Miley Cyrus "ACTING BLACK?"

Back in the nineties, every morning, I'd arrive to the gates of my private school in the passengers side of my mother's Volvo. What's so special about this? Well next to those gates read the words, "Brooklandville Plantation."
That's right, my Black parents sent me to a plantation to get the White mans education. 
LOL I'M JOKING ABOUT THE WHITE MAN PART. I just had to! Plus it rhymed! 
But my parents were indeed Black and my school was once a working plantation; Full of Black slaves and White racists on horseback. Talk about a mind fuck!
It was a predominantly White, Episcopal private school. The first day of classes, I'd always be ecstatic to see a new BROWN FACE in the classroom. (Which was seldom)
I did get a decent education there. (For the tuition my parents paid, I better had)
What the fuck does this have to do with Miley Cyrus? OK I AM GETTING THERE, KEEP READING!

So growing up in a predominantly White, Episcopal private school and then a predominantly White public high school, naturally, most of my friends were White. It just so happened that a lot of them liked Dave Mathews Band, and in some cases, Marilyn Manson. I couldn't help it if they liked snow boarding, lacrosse, Dawson's Creek and all things...well... White! (Again, I am joking. I don't stereotype...but...ummm...yea THEY DID LIKE ALL THESE THINGS AND SO DID I) To me, they didn't like these things because they were White, they liked these things because they brought them joy. And I was Black, or so it appeared as such in the mirror, and I liked these things too.
In high school, there were a few more brown faces, However, they didn't take a liking to my love of Fiona Apple and summers in the mountains. I was called an "OREO" on the second week of school. Black on the outside, White on the inside.  I wore a Kuffi on my locks but apparently I still wasn't "BLACK ENOUGH" for them. According to them, I didn't speak ghetto enough. I didn't use Ebonics. From their perspective, I wanted to BE White. I didn't fit into what they deemed was BLACK, Yet the White students simply saw me as a cool ass dude. They didn't see my color. My Black classmates, did. 
Flash forward to Miley Cyrus "Twerking" on YouTube and wearing a gold grill in her "WE CAN'T STOP" video. What was the initial reaction to her new found ratchet behavior? 
Who did this primarily come from?

These are the same people who no doubt said Tiger Woods thinks he is White because he enjoys White vagina and hangs out at the Country Club. These are the same people who defend President Barack Obama when people say he's not "BLACK ENOUGH" or coin him the infamous "OREO" They constantly contradict themselves and never have a point in their madness. Let's be clear, I am not talking about ALL BLACKS when it comes to these judgments, I am talking about the surprisingly large population of Blacks who think like this. These CERTAIN Blacks, admit that Blacks do not all speak ghetto, yet they hold Miley Cyrus to a "White Standard."
Is her father the "WHITE STANDARD?" 
Is his "Achy Breaky Heart" worthy of a National Association for the Advancement of White People Image Award?
Is this what Whites are suppose to be?
What is "Trying to be Black?" 
Did Black people invent ratchet behavior?
Were Black people responsible for Twerking? They may have invented the dance, but plenty of White people invented things that Black people enjoy; Such as Jumping Jacks, skateboarding (See Lil Wayne) Ring around the Rosey and more. 
If Blacks are a diverse group of people who can not be defined by dance moves, images in the media and vernacular, then why are we equating everything negative to "BEING BLACK?" 
Sure Miley does Molly and Black rappers are the main ones who made the shit popular, but how many White celebrities have died of drug overdoses? Didn't THE BEATLES sing about LSD? 
Blacks aren't the only people doing drugs. Doing drugs doesn't mean one is trying to be Black and for Blacks to say that bullshit is a slap in the face to the march on Washington in which we are currently commemorating. Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. would probably say, "THIS AINT GOT SHIT TO DO WITH RACE! AND EVERY THING TO DO WITH MILEY NOT HAVING ANY HOME TRAINING!" 
Well I am sure he would put it more eloquently than that. 
Britney and her ratchet girls
My point is that, people have made Miley's boney gyrating ass into a race issue. She may have stolen the swag of some of her predecessors like Britney Spears, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and more....(ALL WHITE BITCHES) but she didn't try to steal the skin color of some one else.

Many people of all races have said she has NOTHING to twerk. But I bet if she got ass injections they would be saying, "LOOK, SHE INFLATED HER ASS, SHE'S TRYING TO BE BLACK! SHE'S TRYING TO BE NICKI MINAJ!" Last time I checked, she was still White. Last time I checked, she said she knows she is White on Twitter. Last time I checked, Being White does not come with a rule book. Last time I checked, Twerking never came with a sign that read, "BLACKS ONLY."
I love "CAN'T STOP" and I love her bravery, but I despise her trend following. There's nothing original about what she's doing and it does seem forced to me. What I won't do, is tell her that she can't do it though. She's in her twenties, a grown woman and able to do what makes her happy creatively. (Even though she's being handled and probably doesn't make any of her own "Creative" decisions) I believe she grew up listening to HIP HOP and Disney was a lie. I don't think she's pretending to love the culture, but I do think she is TRYING TOO HARD to be edgy. It does not seem organic. It seemed organic for Gwen Stefani to scream out, "I AINT NO HOLLA BACK GIRL!" plus do a two step next to the rapper Eve. 
It seemed natural for Madonna to VOGUE and the gays didn't say, "SHE THINKS SHE'S A GAY MAN! OFF WITH HER HEAD!" 

But it doesn't seem natural for Miley to ATTEMPT to twerk in latex panties while making awkward stank faces for the cameras. However, it does seem ridiculous that Blacks are screaming about her wanting to be a BLACK WOMAN; Claiming Hannah Montana is ripping them off and calling for her head. Yes I believe Miley loves HIP HOP, she wishes she could twerk, not because she wants to be a Black woman, but because she respects the dance. I don't think all of her antics are necessary or genuine. I think most of it has to do with following the trend of being "URBAN" (Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha) creating shock value to sell records and breaking her Disney persona. Why not just come out with this song, twerk with a little more clothes on *COUGH* BUTT PADDING *COUGH* and actually hire a choreographer? Why not just do a song with a hip hop beat without all of the spectacle-making? 
Thus the music industry of 2013. It's all about creating BUZZ...
Miley should be eating the sandwich that the Black guy ate in her video

All about the shock value...The RACY IMAGES before showcasing any relevant talent which most don't even have these days. Ke$ha? She can't sing or dance yet she's a SUPERSTAR. Anyone can cover themselves in glitter and semen...I DIGRESS.

In conclusion, I wish Black people would stop making everything into an US verses THEM. I've been accused of that in my earlier blogs, but let's face it, institutional racism does exist. (SEE EARLIER BLOGS)
I wish we could just create music and forget about the colors behind it. White people can have soul just like Blacks can, if not more. Jon B can serenade them just like Joe can. Toni Braxton can sing about a Spanish Guitar and J Lo can sing about being from "The Block" (JUST DON'T CALL ANYONE A NIGGA AGAIN) Darius Rucker's Black bald ass can sing Country while Miley Cyrus attempts to Twerk it on a SOUL SINGING WHITE MAN NAMED ROBIN THICKE. It's a colorful world with many voices, Let them mix and enjoy the many interpretations. 

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