Monday, June 24, 2013




    Without magazine covers 

    You saw my name in lights

    at first sight, my mother. 

    Closed our eyes

    Sidewalks to red carpets

    Awards and black ties.
    Biographies of lies.

    Sneaking on sets

    was as good as it would get

    From the student loan debt

    To resumes that got wet. 

    Bills never paid, 

    on time,

    In fake Gucci shades

    Holding up the drive thru 

    looking for a dime. 

    It was all good

    In that Toyota Corolla. 

    Dreams of Hollywood

    Jealous of Lola 

    Tracy the Liberian Diva

    Our imaginations, 
    Ran wild
    Nobody said our names
    No Destiny's Child. 
    Toyota made our Maybach 
    P. Diddy in the backseat
    Sippin' on Ciroc.

    You sang,
    better than Aretha
    I remember our routine
    We rocked it 
    better than Aaliyah.
    Ms. Shug, Ms. V.I.P.. Krystal B.

    Charming into V.I.P. of every club...
    Up until sunrise 
    Searching for that dub. 
    You were...
    Quite special to me
    Courtrooms & cemetaries,
    You helped me carry 
    I wanted to bury.

    In front of the bar
    We were still stars
    Just in an overheated car.
    Not up to par
    but we laughed through it all
    While tossing nickles in the jar.

    Wherever auditions take us
    The best of us 
    Was Church's Chicken 
    and a shuttle bus.
    First year at Clark Atlanta, 
    Couldn't wait for break
    Good food and Santa.
    But I didn't make it home,
    Tried to end my life
    While mama screamed on the phone.

    She was my ammunition
    To fight the doubt
    I had in my mission.
    And you, 
    Miss go-getter,
    You'll always be my co-star
    My four page letter.

    Before I take this stage
    I reflect on those
    Who burned sage 
    to my rage.
    Camcorder videos
    Dinners of Cheerios
    You kept me laughing
    Even through the blows.

    You were my real days
    My summer cookouts,
    My let me count the ways.
    My they'd go
    and you'd stay.

    can't stand the east coast
    Thank you 
    when I make that toast

    I miss it all
    Getting crunk 
    From windows to walls


    Hospital band and your hand
    Marching bands 
    Delaware sand
    Stuffed animals 
    Serving as the fans.

    It all did us good.
    Welcome to Hollywood
    Ms. Shug 
    You and I 
    Hailing 745's in the hood
    You and I
    Gone Hollywood. 

    I dreamed big, EARLY


  1. hahah awww :) those were the best of times....miss those days!!! i dont wanna grow up man :(

  2. Awwww tear drop moment.... very touching

  3. Please don't shoot the puppy! I love you babe! (angel face)