Monday, September 19, 2011

Cut the Strings, BECOME YOURSELF

The devil is a liar, showing you pretty things instead of fire...
All the pretty things, shiny selling wedding rings, models bewitch with Victoria wings, we want the ego the pretty things bring...
But who are you underneath?
With all the glaring pretty things, it's hard to see the colorful auras that illuminate the earth. Your soul is not to be accessorized. You are beautiful, infinite, most high and capable of expressing so much of yourself that its imagery could dazzle the blind, yet many of us humans get so caught up in the physical illusion that we lose ourselves. As children we are told to think about what we want to be when we grow up instead of who we are going to be. What kind of person will you be? Will you be known for your humility or will you be heartless? Instead of filling their minds with fireman's dalmatians and astronauts spaceships, we need to fill their minds with Gandhi's peace.
You see, if these kids grow up wanting to BE something rather than exuding something, then they will end up populating a passionless world like what we have today. Because desolation disguised by pretty things is not prepared for the spirit realm. Behold, an organized effort by the elite to make you envy, sell yourself, fall for that mirage that gives you a false sense of security. The TV screens serenade lies that you can win it all and with it, you can be happy.
But the truth goes unseen. 
In a fast-paced, cosmopolitan, Starbucks latte, world of diamond dreams; many fall victim to the sell spell. Passion is often paralyzed in the debilitating bite of materialism. Every day the same hustle, the same grind and yet you always feel that with the bills, you perpetually fall behind. This is a fear-based world; GOT TO PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE, DISEASES ARE COMING TO GET YOU, VACCINATE NOW! I NEED THE LATEST IPHONE OR I WILL NOT BE UP TO DATE, I MUST GET A GOOD PAYING JOB SO THAT I CAN SPEND MONEY TO IMPRESS OTHERS! IF I DON'T GO TO COLLEGE, I WON'T BE EDUCATED, I WILL BE STUPID AND WORK AT MCDONALDS, THE TERRORISTS ARE COMING! RED ALERT! THE ONLY WAY I CAN HAVE AN ADULT RELATIONSHIP IS BY GETTING MARRIED, IF I DON'T MARRY HIM, HE WILL LEAVE ME!!!...the fear goes on and on as it sends you into tunnel vision. It assures that you will remain in a matrix of lies that keeps billions looking to others instead of looking to the skies. I don't know about you, but I don't want to merely work for a living, I want to LIVE for a living. Instead of living lives of passion, many spend their lives working for the MAN and conforming as someone they are not, a lesser version of the greatness that God created. This is the world we live in, The American Dream extends farther than the Roman Empire, dominating the media and brainwashing the vulnerable. I don't want to come across as someone who insanely drowns themselves in conspiracy theories but the assembly line of bullshit is too glaring to go unnoticed. Fuck theories, this is factual information. Mere observation is only required.
The Pursuit of Happiness

Look at yourself, what are you working toward? Security for the golden years I presume. But why can't today's years be the golden years? Why wait for weekends, vacation time or old age to be so-called happy? Why not live in the NOW? Why do we settle for societal norms? Why not create a new society, especially since most of us are unhappy in this matrix. If you stand up against the way things are, watch how quickly you will be demonized. You'll be called "Crazy" We must stop materialism which contributes to the wide gap of the rich and poor, no middle class in between. We must stop the notion that there are classes, we must reevaluate each other, and see everyone as equal. Why do we have so many homeless in America? A nation that constantly bails out mega corporations with CEO's who profit in the billions while hiring the few. If we are hired, how are we told to spend our earnings? Do you splurge on NEEDS or WANTS? Why do we have third world nations instead of one world, unified and prosperous? It can happen, just a little change; change which Obama will never deliver but something the people can deliver. No government can do it, but we can. RETHINK the world instead of living in it complacent. Capitalism bleeds, yet we keep planting its seeds.

Instead of dressing comfortably with originality we spend top dollar to wear the same designer every one else rocks, and we don't even care about how it was made. We don't even care that the people who made it, will die having been unable to ever purchase the kind of clothes they made for chump change their entire lives. Look, this is not meant to be preachy, but it is meant to make you feel uncomfortable. It is time that someone told you the truth rather than fluff your imaginary pillows. Let me let you in on a secret. A truth that many of the so-called successful people of the world are aware of. EVERYTHING AROUND YOU IS ORCHESTRATED and nothing that you see is real. Your senses have fooled you ever since you were pulled out of the vagina. What is real is emotion; and with enough positive emotion, we can drown out that orchestra and create a new reality that plays beautiful music that doesn't cost a thing. What's real is the places in your dreams at night, your personality and your thoughts. What you think, creates your reality. (See Law of Attraction)

But as of late, reality has been manipulated by the "orchestra" and the rest of humanity's thoughts have been influenced by their music, thus painting the rather unimpressive portrait that is the reality of society. The orchestra doesn't want you to know what is real. (See Bilderberg Group) What is real is love. Love is what will endure you, love is what will be your legacy if you dared to express it at all. Love is eternity. Love is formless, invisible to the naked eye and this a good thing. Because everything that can be seen, lies. You can never feel or look like a million bucks, but you can feel and act like compassion. If the worlds currency was love, and everyone worked hard to achieve love on payday, hugs were exchanged instead of dirty money, if everyone gave out love to receive love, then just imagine how beautiful, peaceful, simple, true this world would be, instead of constantly at war over dirty money currency. We are spiritual Beings in a temporary physical existence that isn't even real in the grand scheme of things. So why spend your life chasing pretty things and pretty people? Spend it growing the spirit that you are, spend it expressing the spirit that you are, spend it LOVING your spirit and the spirits around you and spend your life immersed in PASSION.

The Orchestra
Because when your physical lie dies, what will be left for eternity is the Being that is you. Are you prepared to deal with yourself? On the earth plane, you've spent a lot of time believing that what the mirror reflects, what decorates you, who employs you is who you are. But when this charade is all over, the distractions will cease and you will soon realize that your earthly existence was an identity crisis. Some of us are ahead of the rest, recognizing who you really are is the first step to enlightenment. Keep in mind, that who you are is more than the human brain can comprehend, because we all are infinite beings in an infinite existence. Yet with all this infinity, we get a short period of time to experience this human realm, so while you are in it, focus on the vibrations of who you are. Express yourself, but don't limit it to hipster hairstyles and limited edition shoe wear, dominate that expression with the originality of soul. If people FEEL you, rather than SEE you as you enter a room, then you have mastered self expression. If people only ask you, "where did you get those shoes?" Then you have a lot of work ahead of you. Their first impression should be YOU. Devalue the pretty things. Become yourself.

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