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Academy Award winning actress, Halle Berry, allegedly STORMED out of a CBS production meeting recently. The embattled actress reportedly stated that she is "done WHORING for Hollywood..." This report comes after Berry broke her silence on the Oscar diversity controversy by stating:
 "I believed that in that moment, that when I said [in my acceptance speech], 'The door tonight has been opened,' I believed that with every bone in my body that this was going to incite change because this door, this barrier, had been broken. 

"And to sit here almost 15 years later, and knowing that another woman of color has not walked through that door, is heartbreaking," she explained. "It's heartbreaking because I thought that moment was bigger than me. It's heartbreaking to start to think maybe it wasn't bigger than me. Maybe it wasn't. And I so desperately felt like it was." 

Since Berry's win, only three Black women have been nominated for that same award and none of them won. However, this article is not about the Oscars, lets discuss Halle Berry because if she is done with tinsel town, I think it is for the best. It has been said that Berry has been over Hollywood for years. After her Oscar win, her career went the opposite direction and seemed to go downhill. Berry is a sort of an enigma of Hollywood, her career path simply does not make sense to many critics.

After being casted in a string of bad films since her Oscar, Berry ran to television and producing. However, the Sci-Fi so-called thriller, "EXTANT" didn't last but two seasons before being cancelled. Somehow CBS still believes in her star power, as they are working with Berry who is set to executive produce, "Legalease" on the network. The show is about a biracial lawyer who...

Wait, I am already bored. I know you are as well. The minute I read the word "biracial" I fell asleep. Halle has been forcing this poster woman for bitter biracials on us for far too long. The fact that the shows description features the word "biracial" means it must be an integral part of the plot. 

Besides, Viola Davis, or Annalise Keating, is our favorite attorney right now. Davis is dark, nappy headed and angered in six inch heels, sorry Halle, you can't beat that legendary Blackness. We won't tune in for you to try and make us feel sorry for the poor mixed woman, especially when Annalise is surrounded by dead White people! Maybe you should judge Miss America or something.

I kid around and I am a bit harsh on Halle but I miss the good ole days when she was Black and not looking for White folks to validate her.
Thirsty Berry and Warren Beatty in "Bulworth"

Black Hollywood was good for you Halle, remember Boomerang? Remember when you smelled like shit on the set of Jungle Fever? We loved you as a crackhead! I loved when you lost Isaiah and got him back and I loved me some Why do Fools Fall in Love? (Even though Vivica Fox upstaged you in EVERY scene) Sorry not sorry. 

Berry has stated that she went after roles meant for White women, she wanted to break barriers. I understand her efforts, I respect them, I REALLY DO


Her Black films were much better and she was much better in them. The Rich Mans Wife, a role meant for a White woman did nothing for her career. Monsters Ball was meant for a Black woman so maybe she should have spent that time doing a Tyler Perry film. The entire purpose of that film was to get Billy Bob Thorton's penis inside of a Black vagina for an Oscar nod.

Angela Bassett passed on that role for a reason, unlike Halle, she stayed true to roles that best suited her. She wasn't overly concerned with integrating White movies. After all, what does one Black woman in a White produced, directed and casted film really do for anyone? So you flew in the sky and attacked White people with lightning but in the end, they still didn't give STORM a spin-off.

Why? Because she was only casted to meet a quota. Her acting was subpar in the X MEN series and the role was CLEARLY not best suited for her. When the STORM film was not given to her, Halle had a temper tantrum and no one cared. Unfortunately, she was just another nameless Black face in a Halloween costume. That is what the producers wanted her to be in that film, which is why they did not develop your character Halle. Which is why it was never said in the series that Storm was from Africa. 

We knew everything about Rogue  and all those other White women, but Storm, just a high yellow Thunder THOT. 

And I understood her grievances, don't get me wrong, but she knew the game. She signed up for the game when she left Black Hollywood for bikini James Bond and Swordfish desperate titties. And what happened? One of the things she lost in the fire was her career and integrity.

When we think of that Oscar we think of your saggy titties. 

When we think of Angela Bassett we think of a BMW burning and a woman who has no fucks to give. 

We also think of better acting....

But we tend to be more easily impressed with high yellow mixed chicks, especially when they are naked. 

I commend Berry for producing, I did enjoy, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and I appreciate her efforts now, but how many Black people is she employing?



Her upcoming series, "LEGALEASE" as of now, has nothing but White co-stars....

I may not like Tyler Perry's work but what he is doing is employing thousands of Black folk. What he is doing is creating a space for Black people to thrive in a way Tinsel Town won't allow. 

He isn't worried about Oscars...they don't give Oscars to drag queens anyway...He is simply focused on creating Black enterprises. 

Integrating Hollywood doesn't mean to integrate White Hollywood into your pussy sista. 

It has been said that the sex scene in Monsters Ball was REAL. Halle is known to really GET INTO HER CHARACTERS, she wants to be authentic. So she authentically FELT GOOD.

Now she has the Oscar, but she doesn't have respect. Now she has the Oscar, but her best films were the ones before the Oscar. 

Even BAPS was unintentionally GREAT! 

White films like Bond may have afforded her the biggest checks she ever saw, but they were lackluster roles. Her characters not really developed, more like a prop than a star. 

However she was the first Black Bond Girl, and that was a major win if we are looking at integrating Hollywood. 

Halle, it is my recommendation that you come back to Black. You played two thousand characters in CLOUD ATLAS opposite Tom Hanks only for the Box Office to sound like crickets.

Berry plays White Woman in "CLOUD ATLAS"

Your White baby daddies have left you, fought each other and one of them is taking your money. 

White is not better for you girl. White movies, White men, White validation is like a cum shot. The thrill is gone once it busts a nut.....

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