Monday, October 13, 2014


There is something about a man in power, or even on the road to power that drives me wild. Couple that with good looks and you've got yourself a perfect man. When you think of a male politician, a gargoyle with hairy earlobes may come to mind, but here are some sexy exceptions. My God, how could you not vote for these guys? Who cares what their positions are when they look like this! In fact, they'll be put in all kinds of positions if they ring my doorbell campaigning.
Congressman Aaron Schock
Congressman Cock

Aaron Cock is a republican United States Representative for Illinois's 18th Congressional District. Serving since 2009, wait a minute, did I say Aaron Cock? Sorry, I meant Aaron Schock, It's just that cock is a more befitting last name considering that's what I think of when I look at him. I don't know how to pronounce that last name anyway, but COCK I can pronounce. I don't live anywhere near Illinois and I don't follow politics closely, but it's HARD to keep such a fine politician from under my radar.

To think that Congress can possess abs like this, to think a United States Representative, can represent his state with such sexiness on a magazine cover....

He is by far, the sexiest congressman in the history of democracy. That boyish charm, those ripping muscles, his arresting smile, he would be a gay mans dream if he weren't republican!  
However you don't see a lot of "republicans" in white pants and pastel colored belts.....


Chris Bosh is like forget Jason Collins, who is this delicious looking white chocolate Easter bunny?!

Nothing like a congressional surfer! When we get back to the hotel, fill the tub up halfway
OK, so I've spent enough time on Aaron, but he's just so irresistible. Wait, he wants to give us just one more pose. Showing off those hairy armpits
Governor Martin O'Malley
Governor O'Hunky

As a Maryland native, let me just say that Martin O'Malley represents us well! With those huge biceps and guitar in hand, he will be missed by me when his term is over in a few months. He may be 51 years old, but this Maryland governor is one Irish STUD! You can raise my taxes as long as you raise my legs over my head! You're a democrat and while you were my governor, gay marriage was legalized in my state so I can't complain. Too bad I can't marry you.

 Not only are his looks delicious, but his down home personality makes him approachable. He did the Polar Bear Plunge shirtless....YES GAWD! A hunky wet shirtless governor is just what the horny doctor ordered! He also has a band and plays the guitar! There is nothing like a fit older man in power, just makes you want to go to the governors mansion and call him daddy!

How could you not vote for this daddy hunk for President? Rumor has it that he's running and I say we need to follow Obama's sexiness with MORE SEXINESS! He can address the nation shirtless!
Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown
Up against my Brown Skin


Like Batman and Robin, they make one sexy dynamic duo! Maryland is lucky to have Martin O'Malley strutting his muscles around, but extremely blessed to have his Lieutenant Governor, Anthony Brown as well. Originally from New York state, he has graced Maryland with his seductive hazel eyes and endearing smile. His father is from Jamaica so there is a chance that he's got a LARGE constituency. He served in the military and he looks DAMN GOOD in that uniform.


Of course all good politicians have wives, we are waiting for the day when they have husbands, but I wont let a spouse interfere with my fantasy. They have to be aware of how sexy their powerful husbands are. With that being said, let's fantasize about the future governor of Maryland.
A good politician must present himself orally and must do it to the best of his ability. I appreciate how you cannot see any teeth while he orally presents his talking points.
President Barack Obama
 Most Powerful Dick in the World
When Obama first came on the scene I wanted to nibble on his ears and cover his body in coconut oil. He seemed so laid back, calm, cool and collected that it made me want to smoke a joint with him while his strong hands maneuvered their way around my body. I even got a chance to meet him and those hands are magically soft yet firm. I was caught up in the rapture of his handshake and then hypnotized as his other grabbed my left shoulder.

As I became used to seeing him and the first family, he became less of a sex symbol and more of a cute cousin you would have sex with if you found out you were adopted. You really can't fantasize too long about the father of the most beautiful daughters to ever live in the White House. He's a family man and stand up guy. That doesn't mean that I still don't think about him massaging my naked body on a Hawaiian beach.

When I saw a clip of Obama singing Al Green, I melted. The man has a smooth, sensual voice that wasn't hard on the ears. He could serenade fireside all night, I bet he romances Michelle with sweet talk and Barry White records. I just want him to lay his presidential hands all over my male anatomy. There are rumors of Obama being gay. There are stories from a desperate ugly old queen who wishes he could do drugs and suck Obama's dick in the back of a limo. I will say this, if he were gay and at bathhouses, there would be a lot more stories about him. He is just too fine to have only been connected to one old ugly queen.
Congressman Adam Kinzinger
Congressman Adam Dickslinger
Adam Daniel Kinzinger is the type of congressman whose entire name you have to say. He is just that sexy. There is no reason why this man should be so damn good looking. A U.S. Representative for Illinois 16th congressional district, he is of course a republican. I am an independent and the one thing that I can agree with republicans on is good sex. I am bipartisan if you look like Adam Kinzinger the dickslinger.
He's just so freaking adorable with that beautiful smile and boyish charm. I will say that he is not as good looking with his mouth closed, it's as if God intended for him to do a lot of smiling. In his late thirties, he looks no more than twenty five. I like the way he holds that black microphone.

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