Sunday, January 30, 2011

MUSIC & MAYHEM in Real Housewives of ATL season 3

Season 3 of Real Housewives of Atlanta stood out from previous seasons with new faces; no really, Nene bought a new face! The new housewives were a trip; We got to laugh at celebrity Attorney Phaedra Parks and pity supermodel Cynthia Bailey.
Dwight seemed to be ousted by the housewives, so we THANKFULLY didn't have to be subjected to his painted face and over sized suits as much. The token gay guy was replaced by MISS LAWRENCE who has always been in the show as Sheree's friend/hairstylist but he now has become a fixture this season. The season finale exploded with the debut of his new single, "Closet Freak." As he performed it, I was an instant fan and his new club banger is forever stuck in my head. After watching his performance, I ran to I Tunes.
Sheree and her best friend Lawrence are having a great year. We didn't quite know what Sheree wanted to do with life after money...Oops I mean divorce. But in my opinion, I think she found her calling; ACTRESS! The finale revealed a Broadway Sheree! One of the casting people, a nameless chitlin' circuit actress who probably wanted the role for herself, seemed to hate on Sheree the minute she walked into the audition. She rolled her eyes, pouted her mustache and was way overly dramatic about her underwhelming feelings about Sheree's acting. Apparently her opinion wasn't the only one that mattered since my girl got the part! Quote me on this, WE WILL BE SEEING MUCH MORE OF SHEREE and it won't just be on BRAVO!
Cynthia Bailey never ceased to irk me. She comes across as a weak, emotional train wreck who seeks value of her self in other people, specifically Peter, her now HUSBAND. I was more of a fan of Peter's looks than his position as Cynthia's husband. (Even though she wore a metallic trash bag for a wedding dress and read her vows under dinosaur balls, I loved how the couple seemed genuinely in love at the ceremony) Right up until she grabbed her bouquet, She never seemed happy, the mention of her own wedding made her cry tears of misery, Peter was unemployed and demanding. OK so your man is jobless yet wants to take control of the relationship? WHAT A WEAK BITCH Cynthia is. Who am I to judge though, I don't know them, but like everyone else, I witnessed their awkward relationship on Bravo and I was hoping that Cynthia's gangsta sister and mother didn't give her that marriage license. NOW THAT WAS A G MOVE mom and sis! Tough love at it's most triflin!
Nene got on my damn nerves too. She is one hating ass bitch. As soon as Kim Zolciak gets a bit of fame and tour dates, Nene starts hating. Uh Nene, have you ever heard of Cassie or Ciara? They can't sing worth a lick yet they still have sold millions of records. Originally Nene wanted to be on "Tardy for the Party" and Kim ousted her. See ever since then, Nene has been a bitter bitch. Nene and Kim had the nerve to hate on the strippers at Cynthia's bachelorette party as if bachelorette parties are suppose to have ballerinas. (No ballerinas are reserved for BABY SHOWERS) Didn't Kim & Nene used to be strippers? Yet they look down upon male strippers at the most fitting situation for them to be apart of. And so...Nene got fame and a couple of paychecks with HER OWN name on them so I guess she figures she can divorce Greg. She has no more use for him. That's the real situation on that. Moving right on along...The women on this show don't make any damn sense, Kandi is the only one who says things out of her mouth that makes sense, that is, if you can understand what she's saying. Miss. Lawrence gave a rather accurate impression of her. In short, this season was about the falling stars of Nene and Dwight, the rise of Sheree and Miss Lawrence, the stupidity of a dumb supermodel, the lactating breasts & scandalous mouth of a hot mama Attorney & the horrible business arrangements of Kim and Kandi. I loved season 3 & I look forward to a divorced Cynthia and Nene on season 4.

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