Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conspicuous Consumption: BLACKS Bewitched by Celebrity Materialism

KANYE WEST is an arrogant, rich, Illuminati sorcerer, who is using his fame and money to glorify himself religiously & to lead the masses to brain bankruptcy. He paid $200K for a solid 18K gold watch that no doubt has his ugly face displayed on it in DIAMONDS. West may think that diamonds are forever but they really aren't. West nor anyone else on this earth, cannot take diamonds with themselves in death.

West isn't the only sorcerer bewitching billions of blacks into an LSD-like dependency on materialism. The hallucination of happiness has injected itself into the veins of our youth from nation to nation due to Usher, Jay Z & the plethora of others who are machines for the CEO greeds.

Blacks aren't the only materialists? Not all blacks are materialists you say? TRUE but who are the biggest consumers in America? Blacks. Whose music videos typically worship materialism? BLACKS (HIP HOP) Who owns the Hip Hop industry? WHITES. Who owns the major retail? WHITES.


Oh but wait!!! Jay Z has own profitable clothing line, "ROCAWEAR"
But who does Rocawear report to and make richer?


Who is the head of Iconix?

Neil Cole.

What race is he?


Who does Rocawear market to?

Blacks and those who want to be black.


It infuriates me that our people have been so successfully brainwashed, not all of us, but enough of us to create a race in debt and behind the white race economically.
Before you focus on a car to transport your family, you focus on the chrome rims to decorate it. You focus on tinted windows instead of a paid Geico bill.

What happens to a people that are constantly bombarded with media messages of materialism and stereotypes that are commonly delivered by our own people?


The media has an idea of what makes a good nigger

A good friend is someone who doesn't snitch, a good car is one with candy paint and 24 inch rims, a good watch is not one that simply tells time so that you can read it, but is one that costs thousands of dollars and lights the night sky. A good nigger is one who calls themselves a "nigga"

True Religion jeans are appropriately named because this new religion is that of materialism. We worship the retail giants while acting as if the clothing is FOR US BY US. We act as if we are individuals while we wear the same sagging $250 dollar jeans that Tyrone spent his rent money on.

Currently, people of all races, step over homeless people in the street, refuse them spare change as they wear the new craze, "HOMELESS JEANS" that are made to look cheap and dirty but which cost over 400 dollars. Usher and Jay Z, two major sorcerers for the Illuminati, are glamorizing these overpriced jeans which real homeless people would never seek to get because they've worn a pair of 20 dollar jeans that look the same as the 400 dollar ones. The unfortunate people who made the jeans got paid 2 bucks to make them while the 400 dollar profit goes to the puppet masters in pants suits and Rolex'es.

The bullshit is overflowing our coffee mugs, every morning, the first thing we see on TV is what we don't have, transformed into what we want to have. The sell spell continues, black people are the targets. Told subliminally not to shop at Target, it's too corny and not expensive enough. The whites can get the discount, while we get the mark up.
We need to wake up and see what we are worth. We are worth something decent rather than something that is costly. We are worth more than a pair of 200 dollar Nike's.

Lebron James, Michael Jordan and the rest of the hoop dream sorcerers have made black young men as obsessed with shoes as women. My God brother almost killed himself in an auto accident trying to get the latest basketball shoe craze last Christmas. Woke up at 4am and ended up in the ER. Our basketball culture has created a materialism and stereotypical obsession with the NIGGAS BALLING ASSOCIATION.

Just like Jay Z, Lebron James is a sorcerer for the Illuminati slave masters. Bewitching young black men into spending mama's money on a pair of shoes that dictate what black men are good at; "Hoop Dreams." We know we are good at running a nation, developing peanut butter products and designing the nations capital; but what the media messages imply is that we are only good at throwing balls and making bastards with our balls.

Be an individual rather than a walking advertisement for CEO heads who use your brain bankruptcy to cash in.

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